Japanese Vacation

Chapter 28 –

The Ball

Hermione stood carefully stood from the vanity and stepped away, both hands rising to gently pat her hair. It was very similar to what she'd done with it for the Yule ball, but, instead of it just being a French twist, she'd added ringlets that fell from the top of it. She'd only needed one of the clips to hold it in place. Two strands framed her face, also falling in ringlets.

She nodded to the mirror once, grabbed the bag she had transfigured, and left the room to find Nekozawa.

Nekozawa was standing at the bottom of the stairs adjusting a piece on his suit, almost looking like a prince with his light blond hair. Tonight he would go with out his wig, though he still had to hear his cloak, perhaps a lighter one considering the occasion. He looked up when he heard Hermione begin to walk down and could not seem to look away. Is that really Granger-chan? She looks amazing.

Hermione froze a moment at the top of the stairs. He looks like a prince from those stories mum used to tell me, she thought, a light blush staining her cheeks at her thoughts as she made her way down the stairs. For a moment, she felt a little like Cinderella.

"You look amazing," Hermione told him when she reached the bottom.

Nekozawa straitened up a bit and smiled. "Not half as amazing as you do, Granger-chan." Suddenly his words caught up with him and he blushed a bit. He extended his hand. "Shall we be going then?"

Hermione's blush deepened, making it visible, as she nodded and took his arm. Her grip was light, but obviously there. It was also obvious that she had done this before.

Nekozawa lead her out to the car, on the way grabbing a light cloak; smiling as they walked.

Harry leaned against one of the pillars, slightly slouched, hoping that nobody would recognize him, or pay any attention to him. His eyes however, continued to scan the Ballroom. Draco was currently dancing with one of the ladies in attendance, Haruhi was dancing with a girl that was probably one of her customers, and the Hitachiin twins sat off to the side, entertaining several women.

Draco led his girl off the dance floor, then, just before he left her, he bowed and kissed her hand.

Hikaru and Kaoru finished speaking with the ladies and walked over to Draco, turning him back to the dance floor. "Do you mind?"

"Helping poor Haruhi-chan out?"

As they pointed her out she was moving to walk back to a table, only to be stopped and asked to dance once more. Her kind side kicking in she nodded and began to dance with what was her fourth girl in a matter of ten minuets.

Draco raised an eyebrow. "Are you wanting me to interrupt them?" he asked, confused as to what they wanted him to do.

The twins nodded pushing him out to the floor slightly. "She needs a break."

Draco rolled his eyes, but approached the two dancing figures. He tapped Haruhi on the shoulder, then, waiting until he had both of their attentions, said,

"Excuse me, Fujioka-kun, but would you mind if I finished the dance with her? I've been wanting to for some time now, but haven't found myself free." He smiled charmingly at the girl Haruhi had been dancing with.

Haruhi looked at Draco and gave him a grateful smile. "Oh of course go ahead." Backing up she let him take over, quickly stepping out of the dancing area and looking over at Draco.

The blond returned her smile, before giving a small bow to the girl, and beginning to lead her through the dance. "I hope you aren't too upset?" he asked.

The girl only blushed a deep red and shook her head.

Draco mentally smirked. Muggles were so easy.

Satisfied, the twins walked over to Harry, leaning on the pillar next to him. "What's wrong Harry-neko?"

"Enjoying the party?"

If possible, Harry seemed to shrink farther into himself. "I'm here under protest," he told them. "I told you that I don't do fancy. I'd rather not make a fool of myself.

Hikaru shrugged as Kaoru looked over at Harry.

"It's not that bad, no ones forcing you to dance or anything."

Harry shrugged a little, before shifting, and pulling on the tux. "I have never worn anything this uncomfortable," he grumbled.

The twins both smiled at Harry. "Well ours are comfortable, you should have had us make you one."

Harry kind of shrugged. "It wasn't my choice who made it," he said, glancing around. His eyes stopped at the entry. "Hermione's here," he said.

Nekozawa lead Hermione up the stairs to the ballroom and smiled as the doors were opened for them.

"Oh, wow," Hermione breathed when they entered the ballroom.

Haruhi, the twins, Kyouya, and the entirety of the ballroom turned to look at Hermione and Nekozawa.

The twins whistled. "She looks nice."

"Nekozawa doesn't look so bad under his cloak either." The two looked at each other and shrugged.

Harry nodded a little. "Hermione's always cleaned up nice. She looks better than last year." Then, his eyes traveled over to Nekozawa and he nodded. "Too bad he has to wear the cloak."

Hermione froze for a moment upon noticing that everyone's eyes were on them, but she hid it well. Something similar had happened when she went to the Yule ball with Krum after all. Her grip did tighten on Nekozawa's arm, however.

Nekozawa gripped Hermione's hand reassuringly and took the first step forward.

Hermione followed. Of course, with it being that, or tripping, it wasn't that hard of a decision.

"Oh, there's Harry," Hermione said, smiling in his direction.

Harry waved back.

Nekozawa nodded and looked down at her. "Would you like to go over there?"

Hermione glanced up at him and nodded. "That would be nice. He seems a little uncomfortable."

Nekozawa nodded and walked over to the others, a slow enough pace that Hermione wouldn't trip as well as a warning before hand.

Hermione smiled slightly, tightening her grip on his arm in thanks.

"Hey, Harry," Hermione said when they got close enough. "Hikaru-kun, Kaoru-kun."

"Hey, 'Mione," Harry said. "You look amazing."

Hermione smiled slightly. "Thanks."

Nekozawa nodded to each of them in turn.

Hikaru and Kaoru both smiled at Hermione. "Hey Granger-chan, you really do look gorgeous."

Hermione raised an eyebrow at them, not impressed. "And I'm sure you say that to every girl you see here." Though she smiled slightly, to lessen the harshness of her words.

Harry laughed slightly, nodding back at Nekozawa.

Kaoru pouted. "But we mean it with you; you're not a customer we have to please." Hikaru nodded wrapping an arm around his brother.

Nekozawa laughed a bit at both Hermione's words and the way Kaoru looked when he pouted.

Hermione laughed slightly.

Finally, Draco finished the dance, and led his off the dance floor, repeating the bow and kiss he'd given the previous one.

As soon as she was gone, Haruhi approached and smiled at Draco. "Thanks for interrupting."

Draco shrugged. "You looked like you needed a rest."

Never let it be said that a Slytherin didn't take credit even when it wasn't technically theirs.

Haruhi nodded looking over to where Harry and the twins were. "Who is that with Nekozawa-sempai? Is that Granger-chan?"

Draco glanced over and nodded. "Yeah. I'd forgotten how well she cleaned up."

Haruhi nodded.

Draco frowned glancing over at the orchestra. "That's odd," He said.

Haruhi looked at Draco. "What's that? Have you never heard an orchestra before?" Her eyes held a look of disbelief as she gazed between him and the orchestra.

Draco snorted slightly. "No, that's the song that opened the Yule Ball last year."

Haruhi made a small 'o' shape with her mouth. "Oh, sorry." She laughed a bit at her own remark

Meanwhile, Hermione's eyes were lighting up. She looked at Harry, her eyes pleading. "Harry . . ."

Harry winced. "but, 'Mione . . ."

"but you're the only one who can,"

Harry whined a little, closing his eyes. "Your date?"

Hermione glanced up at Nekozawa. "Is it alright if I danced with Harry?"

Nekozawa nodded, letting her arm go carefully. "Not a problem at all, I'll just go sit down." He smiled at Hermione.

Hermione nodded, raising an eyebrow at Harry, who slumped. He stepped forward and took her arm, nodding once to Nekozawa, and led her to the dance floor. He hated this dance. "We just have to make sure we don't run into anybody," Harry told her.

Hermione nodded slightly as they both got into the starting position.

Draco shook his head slightly before his eyes fell on Harry and Hermione. Then, as they started dancing, his eyes widened. "They aren't!"

Haruhi looked at the dance floor as well. "What? Oh Granger-chan and Potter-kun are dancing together." She smiled seeing them.

Draco shook his head just as Harry shifted his hands to her waist and lifted Granger, turning them both around.

"That's the dance that goes with the song," he told her.

Haruhi smiled, "If it weren't for the fact that the twins are so attached to Potter-kun I'd say that those two looked good together." She laughed a bit as she looked around to watch the other people dance.

Draco blinked. "I doubt Potter will ever realize anything."

Haruhi nodded in agreement.

"It's hard to do this with your dress," Harry told Hermione as he set her back down. "There's no friction."

Hermione winced slightly. "Hadn't thought of that."

Harry pulled Hermione around, careful not to go so fast that she tripped.

"This is harder to do in a dress," Hermione said. "I much prefer the robes."

Harry nodded. "Me too."

Then he lifted her once more.

The rest of the dance floor stopped to watch the two, though Harry was too caught up in trying to remember all the steps to notice that they were being watched, and Hermione was not about to say anything. Finally, the song came to a close, and Harry bowed over her hand as Hermione curtsied back. When they rose, he froze, finally noticing all the people staring at him.

Almost immediately after the song ended and the two did their bows the entire Ballroom burst out in applause.

Harry flushed a deep red, as he seemed to shrink back in on himself. Hermione smiled slightly and took his arm, urging him to lead her off. He needed no further encouragement to take her back to Nekozawa.

"Thanks, Harry," Hermione said.

Harry shrugged. "I remembered more than I thought I did."

Hikaru and Kaoru smiled at Harry. "And you said you couldn't dance."

Nekozawa laughed a bit listening to the others.

"That is the one dance I can do," Harry said. "And it doesn't work with anything other than that song. And I'm probably the second worst guy at it in all of Hogwarts."

The two laughed a bit and patted his shoulder before Hikaru was asked to dance and had to leave.

Soon the orchestra began to play a new song, one man seeming to be off key. Where he stood with Haruhi, Draco twitched.

Haruhi looked at Draco for a moment. "What is it?"

Draco made to answer, but winced, one hand actually rising to his ear as he glanced over at the orchestra. After a moment, he was able to pinpoint who it was, and stormed over to him. Thankfully, it was someone on the end, as Draco practically ripped the Violin from his hands, and started tuning it.

The man stood. "Excuse me! What do you think your doing?"

Haruhi ran up to Draco.

Meanwhile the rest of the orchestra kept playing as instructed though many of them were watching the blond teen.

"Tuning . . . you're bloody instrument," Draco told him between notes. "You are off . . . key." Finally, he handed it back. "Learn how to listen to your instrument. There are several warnings that it gives off before it actually goes out of tune."

Of course, they were all magical, but Draco couldn't mention that.

The man looked confused then shocked as he took it back and caught up with the others.

"That was pretty good Malfoy-kun." Haruhi laughed a bit as she stepped away from the orchestra. Do you play often?"

Draco shook his head. "Not anymore," he said. "But I used to. My instructor was a perfectionist."

Haruhi nodded. "Why'd you decided to stop?"

"I started Hogwarts," Draco shrugged. "I didn't have enough room to pack it, and I was too busy during the summer."

Haruhi nodded. "You could always pick it up again while you're here if you'd like." She shrugged as she moved to sit in a chair.

Draco nodded. "I suppose I could. I'd have to get a hold of a Violin though."

Harry blinked over at Draco, then turned to Kaoru. "Did he just interrupt the orchestra to fix a violin?"

Kaoru laughed while nodding. "Looks like it."

Harry nodded. "Okay. Good to know that I'm not imagining things."

"E-excuse me?"

Harry turned to the girl.

"You're Potter-san, right?"

Harry nodded.

"Can I dance with you?"

Harry bit back a groan and nodded, holding out his arm for her to take.

Kaoru waved to Harry as he had to walk off.


Hermione calmly patted Harry's back as he slumped down next to her. The dance was over and, since he'd danced with her, there was very rarely one that Harry had not been asked to join. Granted none of the others had been quite as well done, but he'd done very well.

"I think they're waiting for you Harry," Hermione.

Harry groaned. "I don't want to move."

Hikaru and Kaoru finished saying good-bye to a few girls before walking over and plopping down in seats next to Harry. "Well that was a busy ball." Hikaru yawned.

"I am so tired…" Haruhi murmured as she came back from escorting a girl to her limo.

Harry groaned in agreement. Earning him another pat from Hermione. And, it would have been very believable, if it weren't obvious that she was holding back a grin.

Draco shrugged. :"It wasn't that different from some of the dances my parents have hosted."

Haruhi could only look over at her companion with a tired glance. "Easy for you, I'm not used to these kinds of things."

Kaoru yawned and leaned his head on the pillar his chair sat by while Hikaru simply yawned.

Hermione yawned as well, one of her hands rising to cover her mouth. Then, she reached down to pick up her bag, and pulled out a watch that just didn't go with the dress. It was after midnight.

"We should be getting home though," Hermione said. "We've got school tomorrow."

The others all nodded and soon Kyouya and Tamaki along with Huni and Mori were walking up.

"Hi everyone!" Huni waved from his perch on Mori's shoulders.

Hermione smiled and nodded back.

Harry raised his head. "Hey," he said, before letting it fall back to the table. He was going to be so sore in the morning.

The others sat down along with the other group.

"Well looks like another successful night." Tamaki smiled still as energetic as ever.

Harry lifted his head, and glared at the older teen, wondering if there was anything he could do to de-energize the blond, whereas Fred and George blinked at the blond, wondering where he got his extra energy, and where they could get some. Draco and Hermione just shook their heads.

Kyouya sighed shaking his head as he listened to Tamaki.

"Well guess it's time to go." Haruhi stood up unsteadily as she yawned.

Harry stood and stretched. "I would agree," Harry said as he lowered his arms.

Hermione nodded. "My feet are killing me, so getting back would be good idea."

Draco, Fred, and George all agreed as well and began to lead the way out.

They all walked down the hall, Huni on Mori's shoulders talking about the cake that was at the ball which made many of the hosts to puke. Meanwhile the twins walked next to Harry rubbing their eyes.

Tamaki was talking to Kyouya while Haruhi walked quietly next to Draco.

The only one who didn't seem too tired but also wasn't hyper was Nekozawa who had removed his cloak and had it draped over his left arm, walking on Hermione's left.

They got out of the building, and were most of the way to where their vehicles would be when the air was filled with popping.

Draco's eyes widened and he immediately backed up and went for cover.

Harry, Fred, and George dug into inner pockets, pulling out their wands, readying them.

Hermione had to dig into her bag to retrieve her wand, but she, too, was ready before anything happened.

Huni jumped up off Mori's shoulders as he heard gunshot-like sounds while the others all became very much awake.

The first of the death eaters to attack was Fenrir, and he, seeing little Huni, dived for the small youth, sadistic pleasure shining in his eyes.

Several other curses were shot from various Death Eaters, which all of the Hogwarts students avoided. Hermione shoved Nekozawa out of the way of a particularly nasty Dark curse.

Mori quickly stepped in front of Huni, grabbing Fenrir by the collar of his shirt and his pant leg and flipping him over.

Fenrir landed with a stunned 'oomph' before snarling and launching himself at the tall dark haired human. He would regret that before the night was through.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Harry turned in time to see the green light aimed at him and quickly dived, hoping that no one was behind him.

"Don't get hit by the green light!" Harry shouted.

At the same time, Lucius was shouting as well. "We're to capture him, not kill him!"

The twins nodded as they both dodged a set of curses.

Nekozawa recognized the blond man's voice and jumped up, standing in front of him he pulled back his hand and punched him square in the face. "That's for Hermione-chan and yes she is a lady!" He snarled.

Lucius' head snapped back, both hands rising to his nose. "You bloody muggle," he snarled.

Mori caught the man as they fell to the ground and began to roll, each one wanting to beat up the other.

Hunni gave Fenrir a kick for Mori before dodging a spell from a woman.

Bellatrix, catching sight of the Hermione decided to have some fun, since she wasn't allowed to kill the boy.


Hermione went down with a scream.

Harry turned to Hermione's screams, and rage filtered into his eyes when he saw Bellatrix. "Incendeo!" he yelled.

The spell caught her robes on fire, and she had to end the spell to deal with it.

Nekozawa dived down to kneel next to Hermione, wrapping his arms around her. "Are you ok Hermione-chan?" His eyes filled with worry at the sight of her.

Hermione, shaking a little, nodded, sitting up. "I am." Her eyes closed a moment. "I didn't know it hurt so much." she whispered.

Nekozawa nodded listening to Hermione and rubbed her back a bit.

As one, both Carrows noticed Harry move away from the mudblood and smirked. As one, they raised their wands and cast the cruciatus. He went down without a sound.

Yaxley cast a curse at the Weasley twins, but missed them, and got both of their attentions on him.

Kyouya stepped up to a blond woman death eater with a dark look to his eyes.

The blond woman smirked at him. "I take it the muggle wants to play?" her tone was mocking as a smirk planted itself on her lips.

Kyouya continued to glare at the woman as he stepped forward ready to slap her, only to soon have Tamaki clinging to his arm.

"No Kyouya-kun! We exist to bring fortune to women, you can't attack her!"

Narcissa blinked at the blond boy, who looked so much like a Malfoy. A small smile graced her lips.

"Such a worthy ambition," she purred. "I think I'll spare you."

Kyouya shook his head. "This is no woman Tamaki, she is not respectable enough to be called such. Attacking innocent teenagers." His eyes flashed as did his glasses as he gave her his own dark smirk.

Narcissa all but growled at him. "And what would a muggle know of respectability?" she pointed her wand at him.

Hermione shook her head slightly, and struggled to her feet. "I've got to help."

Nekozawa stood and dived avoiding another blast.

Finally, a scream tore itself from Harry's throat as he writhed on the ground.

Hikaru and Kaoru looked at Harry as they dodged a few more spells from Bellatrix and jumped at the Carrows. "Hey."

"You're hurting our Harry-neko." Kaoru growled as they both pulled their fists back and punched them.

"Don't you even think about doing that again." They both began to kick and shake the two.

Harry curled in on himself momentarily when the pain vanished before moving to sit up, despite his body telling him not to. He was already starting to shake, but he'd deal with it later. There was a battle going on at the moment. He spared enough time to see that Hikaru and Kaoru had his attackers well enough in hand before moving on.

Pettigrew held his wand lightly, looking around and wondering whom he should attack. He wasn't even sure why his lord had wanted him to come.

Hunni ran up to Pettigrew going into a fighting stance ready to attack.

Pettigrew blinked at the blond child a moment, before deciding that it was an easy win, and that no one would accuse him of doing nothing. "Crucio,"

Hunni quickly dodged and flipped backwards away from the other, only to run forward and punch him in the gut.

Pettigrew made a pained noise as he stumbled back. He blinked at the child. The kid was fast. Why did that always happen to him? With a whimper, Pettigrew turned into a rat and fled.

Hunni tilted hi head. "Potter-chan! He turned into a rat!"

Harry stopped and turned to Hunni as the older teens words sunk in. "Pettigrew," he breathed. "Don't let him get away if you can help it." Harry told him, knowing that Hunni would have better luck catching him than he would.

Hunni nodded as he ran after the small rodent and grabbed him by the tail. "Gotch ya."

Pettigrew squirmed, twisting around to bit the child.

Hunni yelped as he was bit before dropping the rat. "Ow!" His hand flew to his mouth as he sucked on the bleeding wound.

Pettigrew landed and wasted no time in running, completely ignoring the child.

Kyouya quickly reached out and grabbed Narcissa's wand and looked her in the eye. "I know it's rude to point sticks at people." Then there was a sudden snap.

The entire fight seemed to stop as every wizard turned to Kyouya, Tamaki, and Narcissa.

After a silent moment, Narcissa screamed as she stumbled back, only half of her wand in her hand. One of her hands rose to her chest in horror, then there was a pop, and she was gone.

"Imperio!" Lucius yelled, his wand pointed at Kyouya.

Tamaki dove in front of Kyouya. "No!" Soon Tamaki was standing up straight and looking at Kyouya with a dead look in his eyes.

"Tamaki?" Kyouya stepped back, actually afraid of the look to his classmate a long time friend.

Haruhi grabbed a hold of Tamaki's arm. "Tamaki-sempai! Stop! That's Kyouya!"

Tamaki looked down at Haruhi and threw her off his arm.

Harry, hearing first the spell, then Haruhi, turned with a sinking feeling. As he watched Tamaki throw off Haruhi, his suspicions were confirmed. Rushing over, and ignoring the increase in his shaking, he yelled. "Patrificus Totalus!"

It was the only spell he could think of that wouldn't hurt the blond.

Haruhi looked up as she watched Tamaki fell forward landing in Kyouya's arms as the dark haired boy caught him.

Harry quickly made his way towards them, but was stopped when Mori and Fenrir suddenly rolled by fighting, neither of them managing to stay on top for long. He paused, watching them roll by with a confused frown. "I'll deal with that later," he muttered, continuing on to Kyouya and Haruhi.

"He wasn't in control of his actions," Harry told them, trying to stave off any feelings of betrayal.

Almost immediately after he shoved Haruhi out of the way of a cutting curse, getting hit in the process, though he only winced a little.

Haruhi fell over and looked at Harry. "Are you ok?"

Kyouya seemed oblivious to what was happening around him as he held his petrified friend.

Harry nodded slightly, "I'm fine, just a scratch, you?" somehow managing to keep the pain out of his voice.

Haruhi nodded. "I'm ok."

Harry nodded, turning to Kyouya. "Lie him down, I need to see if the spell was taken off."

Kyouya complied and set Tamaki down still shaking a bit.

Hunni looked around and saw Lucius, jumping in front of him he glared. "What'd you do to Tama-chan?"

Lucius raised an eyebrow. "Nothing that concerns little muggle brats," he said, pointing his wand at the child.

Hunni glared at the wand. "Kyouya-chan was right, it's rude to point sticks at people." He did just as the younger boy did and snapped the blonds' wand. "And never drop your guard, no matter how young looking your opponent."

Lucius snarled and dived at the child, his hands extended as he went for his throat.

Hunni quickly grabbed Lucius and flipped him, making him fly into Fenrir, who had finally pinned Mori with a satisfied growl. As the tall, silent teen felt Fenrir loosen his hold, he gave the man a swift kick in the groin and flipped him off of him.

Fenrir howled as he was kneed, but quickly recovered and stood. Lucius was not so lucky.

Mori quickly stood ready to fight again as he felt blood drip down his chin from a split lip.

Bellatrix, once again without an opponent, grinned as she found the Potter boy again. "Imperio!"

Harry stiffened momentarily, his gaze blanking, much like Tamaki's had. A moment later, he blinked, his vision clearing. Haruhi paled at the sight of Harry's eyes for a moment then calmed down when they returned to normal.

He turned. "Stupefy!" Bellatrix easily dodged.

More popping had the Death Eaters quickly retreating. Fenrir was about to attack again, but Lucius' grip on his arm stopped him. "Fenrir, let's go," Lucius shouted.

Fenrir snarled, but smirked at Mori. He would be back. It had been a while since he'd found anyone worthy to be in his pack.

Hermione paled when she heard Fenrir's name and hurried over to Mori as soon as the Death Eaters were gone. "Are you alright?" she asked, worry lacing her voice. "Did he bite you, or scratch you?"

Mori blinked at Hermione then shook his head, whipping some blood from his chin.

Hermione visibly relaxed. "Good." she said. Around them, the others relaxed.

Harry, seeing that they were Aurors, kneeled down beside Tamaki and stared into the teen's eyes. As soon as he saw that they'd cleared up, Harry released him from the body bind.

Tamaki shifted as he sat up and blinked, suddenly he flung his arms around Kyouya. Harry quickly sat back to avoid Tamaki as he sat up.

"Kyouya-kun! I'm so sorry!"

"What is going on here?" One of the Auror's demanded.

Harry quickly stood once more, ignoring the pain that shot through him as he did so.

"We were attacked," Harry said. "We did the best we could do to defend ourselves and our friends."

The man frowned. "And why were you all attacked."

Meanwhile, the other Aurors were moving among the other students, making sure they were all right.

Kaoru clung to Hikaru while Haruhi stood up.

The head Auror glanced around. "They don't seem very surprised to have been in the middle of a magic fight."

Harry shook his head. "No, sir."

"They know then?"

Harry nodded shakily. "Yes, sir."

The man sighed. "Prepare to Obliviate," he said.

"You can't!" Hermione yelled.

The man turned to her. "Why not?"

"Because . . ." she hesitated. "They're family."

The man raised an eyebrow. "They are?"

Nekozawa stood and made his way to Hermione. "Are you alright Hermione-chan?"

Hermione nodded, turning from the Auror. "Yes, I . . ." she blinked, realizing what he had called her, and smiled slightly. "I am."

Nekozawa sighed before looking at the man and then at Hermione.

Kaoru and Hikaru made there way over to help Fred and George up, who accepted it with a smile.

"Excuse me!" the man snapped, gaining everyone's attention once more. "Just how are you all related?"

"They're our cousins!" Fred and George said, wrapping an arm around Hikaru and Kaoru, who then nodded, giving their best innocent look to the aurors.

Draco cleared his throat slightly as he finally made an appearance, satisfied that the Death Eaters were now gone.

Harry glanced over at him. "They're my cousins as well," Harry said, motioning to Haruhi and Kyouya.

The man raised an eyebrow.

Hunni ran up and glomped Draco. "Are you ok brother?" He understood what was happening and was ready to play along.

Tamaki let go of Kyouya and turned to Draco. "Be careful Hunni, Draco's still in pain." He patted Draco on the head giving him a look.

"I'm fine," Draco said, before turning to the head auror. "I'm afraid my mother would have a fit if I brought them home without their memories."

The Auror raised an eyebrow, obviously not believing them. "And these two?" he asked, motioning to Nekozawa and Mori.

Thinking quickly, Hermione threaded an arm through Nekozawa's. "He's my boyfriend, and if I want to tell him I'm a witch, then I very well have that right."

Nekozawa blushed.

The man blinked. "And that one?" he motioned toward Mori.

"My brother." Hermione said, without thinking. To which, Mori nodded, gently patting Hermione on the head.

Hermione barely resisted the urge to blink up at Mori, sure that that would convince them that this was all a hoax.

"And your names?"


"And George,"

"Weasley," Fred and George said.

"This is Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin," they continued.

Draco kind of froze. He couldn't take his name if he was now 'brothers' with muggles.

Thankfully, someone else figured that out as well.

"This is Draco Suoh." Tamaki smiled placing an arm around the shorter blonds shoulders while Hunni lessened his grip.

Kyouya looked at Harry for a moment, "I am Fujioka Kyouya, and my brother Fujioka Haruhi." He knew his name would be too well known even in the wizarding world, so long as they paid any attention to the muggle world.

"This is Morinozuka Takashi," hermione said, knowing by now that the older teen wouldn't say anything. "I'm . . . Morinozuka Hermione," and that just sounded off. "And this is Nekozawa Umehito."

Nekozawa tightened his grip a bit before shaking his head, becoming very drowsy.

The man nodded, and turned to Harry.

Harry took a deep breath, looked the man in the eyes and said. "Potter Harry."

The change was instantaneous, causing the rest of the group looked at Harry and the Auror.

The auror straightened, eyes widening. "Potter-sama?" his eyes made the customary jumped to Harry's forehead.

From across the area, the other aurors turned to face them, but none of them said anything.

"That's right," Harry said.

"Well then," the man said. "our apologies for the misunderstanding."

He turned to face the other aurors. "Well, what are you waiting for? They can't have left the continent yet. Get going!"

"Hai!" they responded, popping out.

The head auror turned back to Harry. "We'll do our best to catch them, Potter-sama," he said, giving a small bow before popping out as well.

After returning from helping the Weasley twins, Hikaru and Kaoru walked to Harry. Tamaki and Kyouya were not far behind. Tamaki was still clinging to the smaller dark haired teen's arm.

"Potter-sama?" Kyouya looked at the shorter boy.

Nekozawa gave Hermione a small look before looking ahead at Harry, a faint blush still on his cheeks.

Harry glanced up at Kyouya, frowning. "I don't think I'm a -sama," he said, glancing toward Draco.

Draco shrugged. "How should I know? I was never taught about the Potter line."

Hermione released Nekozawa. "I think it has to do with being the Boy-Who-Lived."

Kyouya looked from Harry to Hermione, raising an elegant eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

"Boy-Who-Lived?" Hikaru tilted his head.

Hunni and Mori stood watching the group. Mori tilted his head and observed, something was off.

"Uh," Harry sighed. "You know that green light that I told you to avoid? Well, it's known as the killing curse. If it hits you, you're dead. No second chances, no help; it's over.

"Well . . . I survived it."

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