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A/N: My first story, so feel free to critize me. I wanted a pairing other then the almighty ShizNat, so I came up with this.

Pairing: Yoko/Midori


It reminded me of you. Wrapped me in its strong rays and held me close. And often brought a strange sense of calm. As memories of you would come to mind, and bring a small smile to my lips. Thinking of you and your antics, you never did realize just how reckless your behavior was did you, Midori.

Ever since we met at University we've been so close. You being a drunken fool over half the time (with me right along with you). It amazes me how you (we) didn't get kicked out of all those bars back then (and now).

Though for all your ditzyness a true genius lies beneath. One with an odd passion of sorts in history (and alcohol). You'd drag me to all these museums with you and your eyes would shine. Also when you mentioned your professor.

Though for some reason the warmth fades and the calm is broken when my thoughts drift to him. But your smiling face brings it back, the calm slowly restored. For some reason I couldn't bring myself to like the professor. (jealousy)

It was reasonable for a (close)friend to worry about you liking some over twice your age (17 my ass). Though when you came back from your trip with the Professor during Spring Break something was amiss.

You were happy and still full of energy. But... your warmth was gone. That spark you carried with you, reduced to a small ember. You were here, but... not. I remember asking you and your reply, "As you can see I'm not all here". Such an odd thing to say.

Though you slowly got better and your warmth returned to you. It was nice to see you get your spark (passion) back. This trip was different from all the other ones from when I waited for you to come back (to me).

I never could tell what you were doing or thinking. Sometimes I'd muse things over about you in the nurses office. Just I am now sitting at my windowsill in my room. My concentration breaks as strong lithe arms wrap around my waist.

"Your thinking to much again, Yoko," you mutter sleepily into my ear. A smile curves my lips as I clutch your arms. Caught in the act once again thinking of this dreamlike reality. Where I get my prize, Sugiara Midiri.

"How is it that you'll sleep through over five alarm bells, but as soon as I get out of bed you wake up," I question. I shift to look at your bedhead as you get your half asleep body (with hangover) to function properly. "Hmmmm?"

"Just come to bed already," you grumble. While you may have lost your spark you found another in me, and mine in you. So we burn nice and bright (and drunkenly) together.

Now I don't have to wait quite so much for you to come back, since now you've settled down somewhat (as much as she can anyway). Even if she still claims to be seventeen (as if).

While it may be cold else where, we will still have out warmth.