Author's note: This is set at the very end of the first season (obviously). Watching the episode, this moment during the fight scene caught my attention. Hope you enjoy it.


Watching Hood fight, recognizing the desperation and rage and excruciating sorrow that whispered through every movement, every sweep of his sword, every step and dodge, Gisbourne grasped that something was wrong.

Hood was killing, and that could mean only one thing.

The slim light-haired man dispatched two more opponents with a few precise, forceful slashes. For a fleeting instant, there was a lull in the battle; Hood glanced up, directly at Gisbourne.

Their gazes locked. Hood's expression was rigid, tightly controlled. Only his eyes spoke, dark and eloquent with anguish.

They told Gisbourne what he already knew, what he had hoped could not be: The woman we love is dead. She is gone.

He felt a chasm rip his heart open and, for one moment, the two rivals understood one another perfectly, sharing the same ache, the same misery, the same memories of the same woman.

Gisbourne sensed the seething intensity of Hood's anger—It is your fault, those eyes accused—and knew that he was guilty. Compelled to speak, to offer something to Hood and to himself, Gisbourne drew breath. Before he could begin, though, an arrow careened past his head; when he looked back at Hood, the connection was broken, the flash of understanding dissipated, and they were once again enemies.