Author's Note

This is a collection of responses to the 100 Situations challenge (see the LiveJournal called 100-situations). I am using Table #2 for Earth 2, general series.

Make It Go Away (prompt: disease), 597 words, Devon/Danziger, rated K. So this is what Devon looks like when she wakes up in the morning. It's not what he expected.

Normal Biological Functions (prompt: bathroom), 840 words, rated K. Using the trees was fine when they were moving. It's not such a good idea at Winter Camp.

Slow Turn (prompt: delirious), 553 words, Julia/Alonzo, rated K. How many times will he have to say it before she believes him?

Leaf Season (prompt: autumn), 1,258 words, rated K+. Eben keeps a secret.

Treasure (prompt: river), 894 words, Morgan/Bess, rated K. Morgan finds gold.

Out of Hibernation (prompt: sunset), 709 words, rated K. Devon's original estimate for the transit time to New Pacifica keeps inching upward.

In All Fairness (prompt: relief), 628 words, a hint of Devon/Danziger, rated K. Why does Walman always fall asleep on watch?

Perpetual Memory (prompt: silence), 667 words, rated K. Yale had hoped never to hear silence again. He never thought he'd come to crave it.

New Pictures (prompt: night), 759 words, Julia/Alonzo, rated K. Some of G889's differences aren't found on the planet.

Unwelcome Answers (prompt: cry), 1,241 words, Devon/Danziger, rated K+. True has questions, but she's not sure she'll like the answers.

Called Out (prompt: fair), 773 words, rated K. Alonzo cheats at cards.

Tag (prompt: allergy), 723 words, rated K. Julia finds a message where she doesn't expect one. (Special note: the original 591-word version was posted on October 7, 2008. This revised version was posted on October 13.)

Final Words (prompt: death), 560 words, rated K+. Sometimes the best words are words already said.

Memory Games (prompt: table), 1,057 words, rated K. Table games are sometimes more than boards and playing pieces.

Peace Without Quiet (prompt: early), 761 words, rated K. Alonzo realizes there's been a change.

Relativity (prompt: criminal), 824 words, rated K. Just what is the difference between right and wrong on Planet G889?