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Chapter 13: Bar fights, late nights.

We were rudely broken from our little oasis when angry voices erupted from the direction of the pool tables.
Caleb growled, resting his forehead on mine for a second before releasing me and stalking over to where Reid was up in Aarons face, Tyler at his elbow, laughing.
"You cheated!" Aaron was screaming, irate.
"How?" Reid asked facetiously.
"I don't know, but that shot was impossible" Aaron was turning almost purple with rage. To be fair he did have a point though. If I had read the situation right, and I suspect I had, Reid had used his Sabrina skills to cheat at pool.

Totally mature.

Reid just laughed in Aarons face, and that quickly lead to pushing and shoving, which equally quickly lead to a guy with a baseball bat "suggesting" they leave the bar immediately.

Aaron and his friends were out of there in seconds, the taillights of their car just clearing the parking lot as Caleb and Pogue shoved Reid outside forcibly.
"Get my jacket?" Caleb asked me, his focus firmly on Reid, who was swearing violently at Aaron's car. I nodded and slipped back inside. It took roughly a minute and a half to find Caleb's black leather jacket, which was hanging over the back of a stool.

By the time I returned outside and found the boys they were standing in a close group, with Caleb and Reid right in each others faces, and Kate tucked slightly behind Pogue.
I walked up to Caleb's side and slipped my hand into his. I looked up and something caught my eye
"Reid, what is that in your hair?" I asked, reaching up and brushing some of his hair back, collecting the glittery piece from there."Glass?" I asked, well busted up laughing, except Reid who put his head down and shook like a dog, showering shards all over.
"Let's get out of here" Caleb suggested, twining his fingers through mine and tugging me off towards his car. I smiled sheepishly at the guys and Kate, saying a quick bye before following him keenly.

With his fantastic car, and apparent disregard for posted speed limits, Caleb got us to the Academy in no time at all, pulling up and parking outside the dorm building.
"Thanks for taking me with you today" I said, nervously trying to fill the silence in the car.
"Thanks for coming" He replied, turning sideways in his seat so he was facing me more.
His hand rose slowly and he tucked a stray piece of hair behind my ear before gently cupping my face and tilting it up. He paused for a second, unleashing one of his killer smiles then leant in and kissed me.

It was a good kiss. No, strike that it was a fantastic kiss. One of those kisses you feel right to your toes. I sighed happily against his lips and my hands drifted up to twine in his hair, the feeling of the soft strands another sensation to add to the overwhelming list of lips, tongues and intoxicating breath.

Eventually though, the need to breathe impinged on our oasis and the kiss was broken. I rested my head on his shoulder for a second, as he hugged me to him as much as our awkward position in the car would allow.
"Good day" I whispered, almost unthinkingly.
I felt Caleb smile where his cheek was pressed to mine.
"Very good day!" he confirmed.

We broke apart and Caleb got out of the car, quickly coming around to my side and opening the door for me, offering me a hand to help me out.
I slid out of the car, and Caleb used my momentum to pull me into another kiss, quicker this time, but equally fiery.
"I'd better go before someone comes out" he reluctantly said, his arms encircling my waist. I nodded mutely, not really knowing what else to say.

Caleb kissed me one more time.
"I'll see you tomorrow." He promised.
"Oh yeah, school!" I exclaimed, equal parts pleased to know I would see him soon and dreading meeting the remainder of the student body. Caleb must have picked up on some of my nerves.
"It'll be fine Jade. Spencer's not that bad" Caleb reassured.
I smiled and rested my head against his chest for a second, relishing the hug.
"If you say so" I reluctantly agreed. Caleb chuckled and used one long finger to tilt my head up again.
"I do" he confirmed and kissed me again.

Who knows how long we would have stayed there, in our own little world, if the roar of Pogue's motorbike hadn't interrupted. Pogue stopped just behind Caleb's car and let Kate off, stowing her helmet and kissing her quickly, while Caleb and I exchanged quick goodnights.

Kate bounded over to me as I watched Caleb jump into his car and drive off, waving.
"Oh my God!" she exclaimed grabbing onto one of my arms with both of hers.
"You were kissing Caleb!"
I nodded dumbly. She squealed and took off towards our room, while I trailed behind her, bemused.

We reached our room and she plonked down on her bed, pulling me down beside her and rummaging in her bedside table for a second, coming up with a bag of chips.

"Now, tell me everything!" She trilled.