Author's Note

This is a collection of responses to the 100 Situations challenge (see the LiveJournal called 100-situations). I am using Table #4 for Firefly, general series. Most of these are set post-BDM.

Back Where She Belongs (prompt: phobia), 808 words, rated K. A late-night encounter forces Kaylee to face her demon from "Objects in Space."

Hooked (prompt: addict), 300 words, Mal/Inara, rated K+. She did it on purpose, and it snared him.

Mice Don't Dance (prompt: dance), 734 words, rated K. Inara has a suggestion that River can use.

Movement (prompt: sing), 474 words, rated K. They're moving, and it's in the right direction.

Cruising Speed (prompt: cruise), 1,041 words, rated K. Speed can lead to boredom, and a bored pilot is a dangerous pilot.

Saying Too Much (prompt: careen), 692 words, Mal/Inara, rated K. Inara tells Mal why she left the ship.

Believing in Dreams (prompt: psychic), 1,315 words, rated K. Sometimes, fakes can be real.

Battle Fatigue (prompt: insomniac), 1,111 words, rated K+. It was one of the reasons he hadn't joined up during the war.

Dirt and Sunshine (prompt: bath), 859 words, rated K. Introspection isn't Zoƫ's way, but neither is the idea of living dirtside. After an experience like Miranda, it can help to stop and re-evaluate.

Dominant Indicator (prompt: homo), 614 words, rated K. After DNA analysis reveals something about Jayne's father, River and Simon to consider the nature of fatherhood itself.

A Few Surprises (prompt: coma), 516 words, Simon/Kaylee, rated K. An interlude in the cockpit leads to a couple of discoveries.

Living for Herself (prompt: suicide), 592 words, rated K+. Sometimes you can't keep thinking. Sometimes you just have to act.

Necessary Nightmares (prompt: treason), 841 words, rated K. It's funny, how they always end up in an Alliance-friendly bar come U-Day. But it's not funny to see who almost starts the fight this time.

Bad Deal (prompt: loyal), 766 words, rated K+. Jayne isn't loyal to anything except himself, his family, and money. No matter what others might think.

Triptych (prompt: miracle), 1,956 words, rated K+. Mal isn't surprised when the pendant falls into his hands after the day he's had, but he's not sure it's time to put it back on either.