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Every day he sat by her bedside. Every. Single. Day. He would wake up early, put in a few hours at the bureau, then sit with her and hold her hand, and he hated himself every second of it. He hated the beeping of the heart machine; he hated the nurses coming in to check on her, or more to check on him, to make sure that he wasn't wasting away with her. The truth was, he was wasting away, knowing what he did to her.

He relived it every day that he saw her. They were trying to catch the bad guy in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. They were in the middle of a very sticky situation, the killer had his gun trained on Bones, and he was Booth's only priority. He had all of his attention focused on one point, not knowing that the accomplice was standing around the corner with a gun. Booth fired one shot into the killer's leg, bringing him down. Both breathed a sigh of relief.

When he was cuffing the killer, the accomplice jumped out from behind the wall with a gun. Two shots rang out, tearing through Brennan's stomach. Her blood spattered over the side of his face, as he looked up in shock. Almost in slow motion she fell to the ground and began to bleed out. Her warm blood gushed over his hands as he carried her out to his car, his face quickly fading to white. He did all he could to get her to the hospital in time.

When he finally got her to the hospital, his head was spinning. They rushed her into surgery for 6 hours to remove the bullets and repair the damage, when the doctors finally emerged; all he heard was "major blood loss" and "a coma". He just stared back at the doctor, knowing that if he had been paying more attention, he could have saved her from this. He was the reason that she was lying in a hospital bed, pale with IV's in her arm and heart machines constantly beeping. He was the reason that after 2 weeks, when he looked at her, he saw a shadow of the woman she used to be, and that made him sick to even think about.

So every day he would come and hold her hand, and talk to her. He told her that he would always be there and that he was sorry about what happened. He told her about the squints, and how she just had to get better because they needed her so much. Then he would place a kiss on her forehead, gently squeeze her hand and leave.

Today however, after telling her that he was sorry and how the squints needed her, he sat back down. He sat in silence for a few minutes, thinking, her hand in his. He quietly began

"Bones, I know that this was my fault, and that you shouldn't be here right now. I am so sorry. But you just make me so angry. Why did you have to come along? I told you to stay in the car, but you just couldn't. You wouldn't just listen to me for once! You shouldn't have been there in the first place! You got hurt, just like I always feared you would, but it hurt more than I ever thought it would. I can't stand sitting here and just hoping that you'll get better, Bones. I just can't sit here and see you like this. This isn't you. I need the Temperance Brennan that will call me an alpha male and insult my religion. I need the woman that always yells at me for rushing her, and who steals my French fries. I need the woman that despite the fact that she doesn't want children, is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen when she is playing with my son. I need the woman that…that I fell in love with. I love you, Bones. So I need you to get better. For me."

He sat in silence for a few more minutes before he got up to leave, like usual. He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and squeezed her hand, somehow letting her know that he was here for her. Today, however, was different. Today, she squeezed back.