Lt. Harry Potter – SG-1

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Chapter 1: The Paradox

Potter Manor – 1999

"Harry what are you doing?"

The owner of the voice watched as her husband slowly waved his wand and left hand together in a pattern too intricate to follow.

After five minutes of weaving, there was a command issued from his throat. One that was harsh and guttural, yet at the same time soothing musical and gentle.

A paradox, something he was hoping to create, yet at the same time prevent, using the small envelope that was the focus of his concentration.

A flash of light, yet at the same time it was dark -another paradox- the very thing he was trying to prevent yet create.

The envelope was gone.

Harry Potter turned around, his face the young face of nineteen –his eyes reflecting the age of over a hundred. Yet another paradox, Ginny Potter thought briefly before focusing once more on her husband.

His trademark half-smile caught her and she smiled back, a distant part of her mind noticing that Harry himself, his magic, his essence and being in and of itself was a paradox.

"Don't worry Ginny." His soft voice smiling at her, "Everything will be fine. I just gave someone who had no choice, a choice."

Cheyenne Mountain – 1986

"Colonel!" the voice calling sounded urgent and excited, as well as slightly fearful.

Colonel Jack O' Neill stopped and turned around to see Major Kawalski running towards him with an urgent look on his face.

"NASA reports seeing a strange flash of... well they didn't know what it was but scans showed that the energy signature is similar to the seven rings Ra used for transportation. Satellite footage shows that it happened in a car, the car crashed. Three people are dead and one survivor –a six year old."

Jack raised an eyebrow, "and? We're concerned for a six year old?" his expression clearly showed that he thought there was no danger, despite the scans results. "I can't see us doing anything. Besides it was probably a coincidence."

"Sir," Kawalski said slowly, hesitating. "The kid was completely unharmed, Sir. Not a scratch on him."

Jack sighed conceding the point, "Where did this happen exactly?"

Scene Break

"I'm sorry sir; you want me to lead a team to London England! So that we could kidnap a child of age SIX!!"

"Colonel" General West said sharply. "Your orders are clear, now I know you want to go back into retirement but you are the only one who had experience fighting Ra. You and your team are to go find the boy at the Charring Cross Hospital, determine the threat and if necessary bring him in, or the last option… Put him down there. I will see if I can avoid a full out war, now, Go!"

London, England – 1 Hour Earlier

Harry Potter age six sighed as his Uncle Vernon started ranting again while they were driving down Charring Cross Road.

He wished his Uncle would shut up, he was getting a feeling that something was going to happen, and he needed quiet to think about it.

Suddenly there was a flash, a screech of tires, Vernon bellowing, Dudley crying and a tremendous crash. When all was quiet, the car was on its side, flames licking the hood of the car.

Vernon was slumped over the wheel, his neck twisted in an unnatural angle, blood was pouring from his head.

Vernon Dursley was dead.

Harry's mind blanked out, refusing to see what was in front of him. Slowly, mechanically he turned his head to look at his mother's sister.

A piece of glass lodged two inches into her throat helped clue him in to the fact that she was dead.

A floating envelope mercifully distracted him from the sight of his dead aunt, a part of his mind wondered about how an envelope can float, but the other part was still blank.

The envelope was strange, aside from the fact it was floating obviously, it seemed to have some weird energy coming off of it. It was also extremely heavy for an envelope.

Opening it up, Harry took out a piece of paper. Paper that was old, yellow and scratchy; on it was written note in a curly script that Harry could barely read at age six.

You're A Wizard Harry.

Use the knowledge well.

Knowledge suddenly flooded his brain as he felt power course through his veins. Such power that is was leaking off him the way a light bulb leaks light.

His eyes were glowing emerald green with power and knowledge. His brain overloading, Harry James Potter blacked out the back of his mind finally registering his dead cousin Dudley, right next to him.

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