Hey everyone a new story for you! Well I just thought of this and thought it would be fun. This is a Narhina SasuSaku and NejiTen fic. If there is any other pairing, I will add to the list ok.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

You're a WHAT?

"A virgin you heard me." Naruto Uzamaki stated easily as he brushed a hand through his vibrant blond locks.

"Dobe, were 17 how can you not be laid." Sasuke Uchiha questioned with a hint of mockery while flipping his raven bangs out of his face.

The usually stoic Neji couldn't help but snigger at the revelation. "Hm, to think I had too much faith in you."

Naruto jumped up from out of his chair, "Don't tell me you've all been laid!"

The stoic guys looked at each other, "We have, along with all the other guys at school. Even LEE has been laid."

"LEE?" Naruto shouted in Sasuke's ears completely disbelieving the fact that Rock Lee, the freakiest guy in their grade had been laid before him!

"Shut. Up. Dobe." Sasuke seethed as he grabbed Naruto by his school uniform tie and pushed him away.

A perfect smirk formed on Sasukes' lips. Neji raised an eyebrow as if silently asking him to speak. "Dobe, you have to get laid in 20 days."

"NANI?" The blond screeched again. "But isn't that prom?"

Neji chucked lightly at Sasuke's plan, the Uchiha was still as sharp as ever. "Exactly, meaning if you don't get laid in 20 days then…"

Sasuke looked over his shoulders and then narrowed his eyes at Naruto, "you don't, THEN you have to become our servant for a month and be Tsunade's masseuse. Tsunade was there 50 year old headmaster who looked about 20 and was a former wrestler. When she had massages, the masseuse usually broke there fingers on one or more occasions.

Naruto gaped at the bet, "And what's in it for me"

"Nothing just the satisfaction of being laid." Sasuke replied carelessly as he loosened his shirt collar.

Naruto POV

Ok so you're probably wondering what the heck right? Well Sasuke and I go way back! Were best friends actually even though we fight a lot…it's just that Sasuke-teme likes his space. We met up with Neji in our first year of high school. Funny thing actually Sasuke beat him up on the 1st day because of this "disagreement" they had but now were all besties. So here's my story, I never met my parents, in fact they supposedly died before I was born, but I was raised by my god father, Jiriya, the king of all perverts. Which was turned out to be a benefit for me. Especially in my senior year, which is this year. See Jiriya writes these porno books, which my math teacher is obsessed with. I wouldn't call it bribing. It'd be more fair trade, see I'd give him the newest edition and he gives me some (tons) of extra credit points. Math has never been a strong subject for me, but if I don't pass I won't inherit anything my parents left me, and from what I know they're billionaires. But of course not richer then Sasuke or Neji. Sasuke now, there's a funny story. Pretty messed up if you ask me. So his older brother Itachi, Sasuke's idol at one point in his life, killed his entire family. Crazy right? But don't worry there's no killer on the loose, he was executed a long time ago. Sasuke just shuts everyone away now. What an angsty little boy he is. Neji on the other hand was raised by his uncle 'cuz his father died in the army. His uncle is seriously uptight about chilling Wednesdays. He needs a drink. No joke.

So how we got the "you're a virgin" thing. That's where it gets a little interesting. Ok so we just back from the typical day of school, being harassed by Sasuke's fan-girls, and loaded with homework, people these days, don't they know its chilling Wednesday? Well were here chilling at Sasuke's bachelor crib. Living alone has its benefits. The talk to virginity was brought up 'cuz that horny little boy Sasuke was talking about his girlfriend Sakura. Polar opposites trust me. She has pink hair, and Sasuke just told us its natural. Jeez, like going down there on a girl should be discussed. And people say he's stoic. NOT true. So anyways, I said you actually went down there and he was all insert hair flip "yeaahh…."

And then I was all what? "Im a virgin."

Then they were all liiike "youre a what."

So as you know now, Im Naruto Uzamaki, and I have 20 days to lose my virginity.