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"Guys we can't just take important papers. There under lockdown, especially something this important." Neji said in his usual stoic monk voice.

"Wells I mean it can't be that hard. I'm pretty sure the guards just need a little persuasion.." Sakura said……Oh beeotch Please. She is just wanting to whore her self out…not that it takes much…hehehe.

"That we'll get from else where…" Sasuke cut her off, haha she looked disappointed.

"Sounds like a plan man."


Okay so here we are..12am. Getting ready to break some laws. Hells yeah. I know this is illegal in Japan and Canada, but screw that, this is a crisis! Crisis I repeat! Teme and Neji are doing a check of supplies, this mission was gonna go smoothly…

"Flashlight?" Sasuke started, going down the list.




"Emo clothes from your closet?" I had to put that in there.

"Che---. Wanna die loser?"



"Check-a-reck-o" Hells yeah I totally took over Neji's job.

"Dobe! Did you even check the bag!"

"I said check a reck o!"

"Why are do we still talk to this fag again?" Neji rubbed his temples. I swear that's all the bastard does! Rubbing your head isn't gonna solve things son. No sire.

Before Sasuke could say something mean, I interrupted that soon to be brawl. Hell Yeah. I dominate this get up.

"Because divorce is such a hassle birdy-chan."


Fuck. I see pink….and BLONDE!

The loud blonde female burst through my new door….

"So I hear I gotta mission!" Ino huffed acting like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders.

"Yo! Yamanaka! Inside voice dammit!" Sasuke yelled. Yeah yelled fool! He is not a happy little cub scout. Ha! That reminds me of that one time I was at the airport. And there was this huge shit load of cub scouts, they were like 18 years old man, but what ever. Anyways I guess I accidentally followed them and boarded their plane too. Yikes I know right? Next thing I knew I was back with Jiriya. This was when I was eight or something…Hey! Their badges things were shiny!

"Yo U-chi-ha ," It was totally unnecessary of her to break down his name like that. " F.Y.I

I wasn't talking to you. Alrighty?"

Yeaah man. You can see some bad blood here. Ino used to be mad woman status obsessed with teme. And he basically told her as is, in front of a lot of people 'I don't like you, and never will'. That may be a slight issue between the two…more than slight cuz hell! Was she pissed! It was something like world war three at our school. And it was pretty harsh for Sakura cuz she really like the bastard too and she had to pick sides and stuff…she sided with Sasuke…they haven't been the best of friends since. But I mean I guess it was a good choice cuz eventually they started going out and now its been what….almost a year. Shit dawg. That's forever. But I guess cool for him.

"FYI? Are you fer real woman? That's so elementary." Haha I don't like her either, had to say something to her. What now. Razzle Mc Dazzle me… bitch.

She rolled her eyes, psh. "Look. I was ASKED here. Treat your guests with respect."

"Yeah I will when I have a guest."

"Well I've never!"

I snorted. Man. "That's the biggest load of bull I've ever heard in my life."

"(Insert scoff)" I swear that's all that chick ever does.

I feel for Shikamaru dude. I have no freakin' idea how he can deal with this mad woman all day. I think its been hmm…..maybe three or four months? Long ass time.

"Ino" Neji finally speaks…damn monk status… "We all appreciate your help but right now were just making sure we have everything."

That mediator Neji is. What a good kid. His momma must be proud…well you get the idea.

Sasuke and Sakura are off in there little corner… again.

No no you sickos! They're not doing the nasty, er anythan like that. He just seems pretty darn pissed. And boy he's never pissed when he talks to Sakura. Except for that one time at the water park and they got into this huge fight, then she went off with the lifeguard and then Sasuke kicked that guys ass. It was pretty epic. He should've learned to guard his own life first ya know what I mean?

So its been about 20 minutes now, all the shits packed and stacked away. 12:20 on the dot. We're on time….fer once. This is pretty much a record for us. We're always late. So then we head out. Sas-o and Nej said we couldn't drive there…so yup you guessed it, we walked. Like the guys and I didn't mind it. It wasn't that far anyways. But the girls….ughh. They bitched and moaned about the whole deal. Not cool man. And we were kinda tried cuz we forgot to take our extra dose of Vitamin C. (Caffeine). Neji even lost his cool on our expedition. No joke. He just told them as is, which translates into "Shut the HELL up." yeah monk-o-funk lost it man. But they were so surprised they haven't complained since, which is exactly six minutes and twenty three seconds ago. I know my watch is the . PSH. No it is not digital.

So we FINALLY arrived at Hinata's house. Which is Neji's house too. But he lives in the guest house….I always tell him he can crash at my place, or Sasuke's cuz it's the same thing. But no. He's all I have to stay home, weirdo much? Like Sasuke's offered me and stuff, but hey I got this whole get up, and Jiriya said I wasn't allowed to sell it, so I gotta live there right? And Sasuke, well he's just not allowed to sell that shin-dig cuz uhm I guess its like supposed to be kept in the family…and Sasuke's the only one left…y'all know his story already. So were here, at Hinata's big ass house. Dude this place is friggin creepy at night. Its like one of those houses you see in those horror movies that end up going horrible wrong.

Hate transition chappies…..but yeah. Sorry its so short! I PROMISE I'll update. In less then two weeks. Maybe one. Not sure…

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