This is something I wrote last night, and then performed on youtube, bahahaha. So yeah...

It's to the tune of "Part of Your World" from the little mermaid. Most effective if you sing it. Or you could just watch me doing it on YT by searching words like: lolly, twilight, lexicon, fan girl, fanpire, twihard, part of your world... et cetera. Or you could just follow the link on my profile page...heh.

I had fun with it. Hope you do too! And don't take it seriously, lol. It's just a little parody at the core of every Twilight Fan Girl on the planet.

This is my first ever piece in the Twilight section! Yay for me!

Love Lolls.


Look at my boyf.
Isn't he sweet?
At first glance it seems
Like my life is complete.
Wouldn't you think no one else could compete with that.

Look at his butt, check out his chest
He don't stuff with his jocks with socks, I'll attest
Looking right at him, you think...
You beat top that.

But as you know I'm a fangirl.
So I need a little something more.
Then I read about Bella and Edward...
It's not fair...
Why's he with her?
Bella's a whoooooore...

I wanna be...where the vampires are.
So then I can have my crack at Cullen.
But first I have to smell like Bella...
You know.

With stupid human feet, you don't get too far.
Vampiric strength's required for running super fast,
And jumping through the trees like a
What's the word?

I know that I, am a retard
But I am the world's most devoted Twi-hard
I want me some fangs
Wish I could bang
Edward Culleeeenn...

Who would I kill, if I could feel, my Eddy's tight ass
What would I pay, to have my way, with Edward Cull'
Bella's so dull, Bella's so bland
She don't understand my love for her boyfriend.
Stupid human
Need a new plan
To make her dead

I'm ready to go where no fan girl's gone
I've watched NoMoreMarbles, and the Twilight Lexicon.
Why's Bella a wimp, and why does she,
What's the word...?

She's such a schmuck
Don't I deserve, to give Edward Cullen a great big old perv?

Not just to read...
Wish I could be...
A fanpire...