Ok, so I'm still a little unsure how to write the sex scene so I'm doing what I do best – procrastinating. Thanks for all the support, I'll figure it out soon. xx

Edward stalked out of the car; the dead-stillness of the Australian night hung around him, making the words in his head louder. Marian's word. Leave me alone. I never want to see you ever again. They bounced around his mind like a squash game. Bang. Bang. Leave me alone. Bang.

It was all too familiar. The words, the look on her face, the feeling in his stomach. When he first left for Alice Springs two years ago, when Marian still lived in Canberra and when Kate was still alive, the same thing had happened. Marian had refused to talk to him. He would call, he would email, text, but he never received a reply. His only daughter, his little girl, wouldn't talk to him. Bang.

But the bang was familiar in another way too. Kate. His wife. Beautiful, strong, brilliant Kate, so like her daughter. So cold now in her grave that he hadn't visited yet. It didn't feel right accepting all the condolences from friends and co-workers. Technically, he wasn't a widow. He and Kate were separating. Divorcing. He'd signed the papers and would've sent them off that week if he hadn't received that phone call. Kate didn't want to speak to him either. She hated talking to him, he could hear it in her voice, but she had to. Had to update him on their daughter, on the mortgage and family friends.

Kate was so much stronger than he was. He'd run. He'd abandoned them to do what he wanted to do. She stayed. She worked full time and took care of Marian. And she'd done a bloody good job. Marian was her exact double if not a little more impulsive. But he'd promised himself he would take care of her that was why he'd brought in Robin. A friend for her, a guide, a protector. A perfect formula. But he'd never entered teenage hormones into the equation.

And now here he was, at twelve thirty at night, at Robin's house looking for his daughter. He's been banging for a while now and was toying with the idea of breaking down the door when it finally opened. The light from the foyer was bright and harsh to his eyes and it took him a moment to make out the figures in front of him. Both were disheveled and both were pissed.

'Edward,' his daughter spoke, breaking the silence '….You should leave'.

'Marian' Edward's voice sounded weird to him. Uncertain. Contrite.

'You have work early tomorrow and it's late. You should leave' Marian's voice was controlled but both men could hear the fury behind it.

Edward sighed; he was going to have to grovel. He took a step towards her, 'Look, I know this-'

'She asked you to leave' Robin said, standing in front of Marian. He was about Edward's height and well trained. Edward looked at him then at Marian's half hidden form. Both were disheveled, their clothes crinkled….

The fury that came over Edward was fast and intense. The image of Robin on top of his daughter hit him. Bang. His hand was raised and brought down with extreme force towards Robin. But it was blocked. His other hand thrusted upwards but blocked again.

'Edward!' Marian yelled.

Distracted, Edward looked at his daughter and felt two hands shove him sharply backwards. He stumbled to regain his balance. Edward looked at Robin; the boys jaw was rigid, his posture straight and was standing in front of Robin. Edwards' furry erupted a second time, now at his young protégée' who he'd trained and mentored and who was now using that advice against him.

Robin's voice was cold and hard. 'I think you should leave'. And then he slammed the door. Bang.


Robin knew it was a bad idea to open the door to Edward. He'd just wanted to ignore the knocking and continue undressing Marian but he stupidly acted otherwise. He'd been worried about Marian loosing it at her father when he'd never considered Edward's reaction.

He'd recognized the understanding in her father's eyes, seen the danger. Acting instinctively, he'd blocked Marian from any possible danger and then all he'd seen was that hand raised towards him. He'd deflected the punch but another came. His training, Edward's training, taught him to precipitate the second blow, which he did followed by pushing Edward backwards. The old man wasn't too rusty and he'd recovered. Not that it mattered. All that mattered was that Marian had just seen him half beat-up her father. He hoped she'd understand and hoped she'd let him kiss her. But first he needed Edward gone.

'I think you should leave' Robin said then rudely closed the door in his face. He paused before turning to see how Marian was. 'I'm sorry' he said automatically.

'Are you?' Marian asked her face unreadable. 'Sorry I mean, are you sorry?'

Robin thought it over, thinking it was definitely a trick question. But Marian was waiting, her face blank. He was suddenly very aware that he'd only known her a week or so and didn't yet know all of her expressions. Not that it mattered. From what he'd heard from Edward, it was impossible to tell what she was thinking. 'Ahhhh…..' was he? Was he sorry? He didn't mean to, but given the chance again, would he act differently? No. Not if Marian was there and Edward was as pissed as he looked. 'No. I'm not'.

A grin spread across her lips and he let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. 'Good. Me neither' she giggled and opened her arms for him and Robin was in them instantly. He kissed her neck, feeling her body shake with her giggles. He moved his arms down to her wait and lifted her to his level. Her giggles slowly subsided and he was staring at him shyly. 'Thank you'.

'For what?' Robin asked, setting her back onto the floor.

'I dunno' He'd never seen her so uncertain before. 'Just…thanks.'

'I should have let you talk' Robin said. 'I mean, after my rather spectacular pep talk before, I'm sure you were preparing to rip him a new one'

'No' Marian shook her head. 'I really wasn't. I wanted to…but I saw him and the words were gone'.

She sighed heavily looking back at the door.

'Maybe you should close your eyes'.

'What?' she laughed.

'If when you see him you get tongue tied – so you should close your eyes' Robin laughed. 'Ok that was pretty awful'

'Wasn't it?' Marian teased. 'I should try that. Close my eyes for unpleasant things. I wonder how I'd do in maths test without sight?'

'Terribly' Robin said.

'Hmm well that's probably an improvement from my normal math grades' Marian moaned. 'Oh, speaking of which didn't you have a math's assignment with John and Much'.

'I'm hoping they've managed to fail successfully without my input' Robin shrugged. 'What was I supposed to do? Let my crying girlfriend walk away with that plate of muffins?'

Marian was unexpectedly hugging him, her arms around his waist, holding herself close. '…I like being your girlfriend'.

'And I like you being my girlfriend' Robin countered. With her body so close against him, thoughts of what they'd been doing before Edward came flickered back into his mind. Her creamy thighs below him, her moist wet lips crawling over his chest, her hands knotted in his hair. It wasn't until Marian pulled away blushing that realized he's gotten a little too excited. 'Shit. Sorry'

'It's ok' Marian was bright red, probably just like he was. 'Oh um, oh my god, I should go to bed. Spare bedroom?' Marian pointed up the stairs.

'Yeah' he nodded, so totally and completely beyond embarrassed.

'Ok' Marian nodded, trying to look anywhere apart from his jeans. 'Night'.

'Night' he nodded, listening to her footsteps ascending the stairs.


Marian flung open the spare bedroom door, threw herself in and closed it. She couldn't stop her blushing but she couldn't stop her grinning either. She'd done that. The thought of anyone finding her attractive was amazing. But then the way Robin had been looking at her and touching her, she knew she'd turned him on. More that…she liked it. She liked having this ability, this power over him. But then she remembered how she'd felt up against him and realized he had the exact same effect. Her breathing was heavy and she was hot all over. She legs were wobbly, like they couldn't hold her body weight and her mouth was wet, wanting Robin.

She heard Robin's steps coming upstairs then down the hall to his room. She had thought she'd be spending her night in there. Her breathing accelerated and she had to press her body against the door so she didn't collapse. Robin had protected her, housed her, comforted her, loved her. He loved her. The smile just wouldn't leave her lips. So did she. And she wanted him to know it. 'Hey Robin?'

'…Yeah?' his voice came from his room.

'….' Marian giggled to herself. 'I love you'.

There was silence and then. 'I love you too'.

Marian giggled again. 'Hey Robin….?'

'Yeah?' the reply was instant this time.

'Night' she blew a kiss at the door.

'Night' he answered. 'Sweet dreams'

'They will be. I'll be dreaming of you' Marian giggled.

Robin laughed. 'That was really corny Maiden'

'Yeah I know. But you still love me' Marian smiled triumphantly.

'Marian…' she heard him groan. 'Go to sleep before I come in there and make you'

'Like to see you try' Marian laughed.

'Don't tempt me' he threatened.

'Sorry, I know I tempt you so badly without even trying' Marian teased.

He groaned again. 'Like you don't want me as bad as I do you'.

Marian felt her pulse quicken again. 'Robin I think we should sleep before I get into more trouble.'

'Good idea' was his response. '…I'll trouble you tomorrow'.

'Looking forward to it' She grinned and threw herself onto the bed, grinning madly, picturing Robin down the hall.