Izumi: Yoshitaka!! HELP ME!! KYAAAAA!!

Yoshitaka: Izumi!!

MItsuki: Onee-chan!!

Izumi: MASTER!! Mitsuki!!


Yoshitaka: Urgh! What kind of dream is that?? Why it is so realistic and why

someone want to take Izumi away? Whatever is just a dream!

As usual, Yoshitaka will go inside the bathroom to brush his teeth, wash his face and suddenly…. GYAAAAAAAA!!

Yoshitaka: What the hell!!

He run as fast as a cheetah toward the scream. The scream come from the living room. WHAT!!

Yoshitaka: What the hell you are doing here and why you are hugging Izumi

and Mitsuki! Idiot Yuki!

Izumi: You know this cute guy?? (blushing)

Mitsuki: Hehehe….

Yuki: I am cu….te…… CUTE!! I mean.. I am! The cutest guy in Tokyo!!

Yoshitaka: What?? His cute?? I am more cuter than him! Right Izumi.

Izumi: No you are NOT but you are HENTAI!! (Hentai pervert)

Yuki: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Oh my god! Hahahahahahaha

Yoshitaka: Urgh!!

Mitsuki: Master should you ask him to let go of us ??

Yoshitaka: YUKI!! Let go of them at ONCE!! Before I give u a PUNCH!!

Yuki: Ooooooooo… I am so scared! Not…. OK OK! I will let go your special


Yoshitaka: Give me 1000000000 reason why are you here!

Izumi: Whoah! Stop the drama! Anyway who are you, YUKI??

To be Continued……………………….

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