Title: His Lullaby (well yeah, the title's lame. I can't think of anything better)

Author: a1y-puff

Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Characters: Tezuka/Fuji

Prompt: #14. Sing

Genre: I insist it's friendship nods

Word Count: 482

Rating: G

Summary: Fuji liked to hum, and Tezuka didn't mind.

Warnings: err… none, I guess, except this was written while having diarrhea…

Disclaimer: PoT belongs to Konomi-sensei. Tezuka and Fuji belong to each other. Prompt belongs to "50scenes". Only the plot is mine xp

A/N: It looks like I'm really fond of friendship/implied TezuFuji these days XD

Anyway this is a birthday present for elanielyn in LJ.

His Lullaby

Fuji liked to hum. Tezuka had known this since they started sharing an apartment once they entered University (it was Fuji's idea to share a room, and Tezuka didn't see any harm to do so, as things would be cheaper that way). And since then, he had heard Fuji hummed a lot. He would hum while showering, he would hum while cooking, and he would hum whenever both of them had nothing to talk about.

Tezuka wouldn't say he liked Fuji's humming. He would just say it didn't bother him. After all, Fuji's voice wasn't bad. Instead, it was kind of soothing, and he didn't mind listening to the voice when he was studying. At times, it lessened his migraines, though he wouldn't admit that to his friend.

One day, he caught a cold. Fuji told him it must've been because he was lacking of sleep and had too much assignments and the cold did him good to at least get some rest, so he forced Tezuka to stay in bed, at last. Tezuka wanted to argue, that he needed to go to campus, he needed to finish some assignments and he needed to… well, do lots of things. But Fuji just smiled at him; eyes opened and simply said, "You will rest today. I'll help you with things once you get better."

The statement was final, and Tezuka couldn't find anymore way, nor the strength to argue, so he gave in.

That day, Fuji skipped his classes and despite Tezuka's resistance, he took care of his former captain, for he found it amusing to see Tezuka seemed so vulnerable under his care. And when he stated that with an amused smirk, Tezuka murmured that he wished he was still Fuji's captain so he could order the tensai twenty laps around the building.

Fuji laughed as he slapped the wet towel onto his friend's forehead, earning him a glare and Fuji was sure Tezuka was going to have his payback; that is if he could make any.

Fuji just patted his head, telling him to sleep. But as much as Tezuka wanted to comply, he was feeling restless. He wasn't used of being sick. His head felt heavy and he felt like there was a trapped heat inside his body. The discomfort he felt made it difficult to fall asleep.

But then Fuji sang. It wasn't a mere hum this time, but the tensai was actually singing. He knew not of the song; probably some latest J-pop that he hardly paid attention to. Although he didn't know what song the tensai was singing, he found the song was pretty good. Or maybe it was Fuji's melodious voice that made it sounds soothing, just like a sweet lullaby to his ears. As he was wondering about those trivial things, his eyes started to feel heavy.

Fuji's voice had finally lulled him into sleep.


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