Seven hours and already she's aware of just how much her life has changed

Seven hours and already she's aware of just how much her life has changed. There's a French maitre de at the restaurant they stop at for dinner. He speaks to the waiter briefly before they're seated and she can't understand a word he says. Lost in translation, or lack thereof.

Fifteen days and she's gotten reacquainted with time in the linear sense. She's had to get used to wearing a watch again. Keeping an eye on the clock on the mantelpiece. Setting an alarm at night because she can no longer simply sleep as long as she needs and declare it morning when she wakes.

Showers don't have unlimited hot water, food in the fridge goes bad and she has to remember to turn the lights off when she leaves the room. She's learning the basics of life all over again.

She's got a new identity now. Too complicated for Pete and Jacqueline Tyler to suddenly have a full grown daughter. No, Rose Smith now (When Mickey asked if she chose the surname because it's his, she'd smiled weakly and never answered). When she slips and says Rose Tyler she grins sheepishly and tells people she thinks of the Tyler's as family. Sad life that poor Rose Smith's had. Raised by a single mum, left home with the greatest man she'd ever known and then she'd lost him. All alone so the Tyler's took her in. She cringes when she thinks of how closely it resembles the facts.

Eight weeks and she realizes that she can't continue eating all the chips she wants without the whole running for your life bit to burn it off.

Six months gone by and she hasn't had a shag in just as long. Although, upon further reflection, that's one thing that hasn't changed. When... Strike that, because she's still learning to be realistic, if she sees him again she'll have to chew him out for all that hesitation that got them nowhere.

Work is... Well, work. Folding hoodies at Henrick's or tracking aliens for Torchwood. No matter where you go, the initial excitement ends and all you're stuck with is that place you have to go to every weekday.

One year on and a vacation is nice. Real nice in fact. A beautiful, tranquil beach without the harsh winds and morose overtones of a last goodbye. She gets a call after being there for two days and welcomes to excuse to leave it all behind. She's tired of just sitting and waiting. Nothing in this life will compare to the one she once knew. It's time to become that person she lost so long ago. Time for change.

"Is it ready?" she asks, staring at the device. They warn her that it's untested. Reminder that at the very least it might not work, and at the worst it'll kill her. Scenarios are gone over. She could be stranded on the other side. If only they knew how stranded she already is. She skips goodbye, deciding long ago that they're over rated. They flip the switch and she disappears.