The ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree but to hold hands. -Alexandra Penney

Life is too short so kiss slowly
Love deeply forgive quickly and
Forget the past, just not what it taught you...

When you were born, you cried and everyone smiled. Live your life so that when you die, everyone cries and you're the only one smiling

To understand your parents' love, you must raise children yourself.

One of life's greatest mysteries is how the boy who wasn't good enough to marry your daughter can be the father of the smartest grandchild in the world…

Ronald Billus Weasley and Hermione Jane (Granger) Weasley:

-They were young when they got married and young when they had their first child. Not many people truly expected them to make it all the way.

Ron's brothers witnessed the fighting when they were younger and somewhat suspected hidden feelings but could never imagine their relationship going all the way to marriage. They were proven wrong as they watched their little brother marry the girl he loved.

Their friends from Hogwarts knew their relationship would happen all along. The hidden tension between the two was seen by everyone who knew them but, because of the fighting and their age, no one ever expected them to have a family. All of their friends were more than surprised to see them have a child and raising her in California.

Ron and Hermione knew from the start of their relationship that it was forever. When they got married it was official and when they had their first child it just became even more permanent.

-She was born on October 31st and the day they brought her home, Willa Elizabeth Weasley, and made it through their first night as terrified twenty-year-old new parents they fell even more in love. They were there for each other even sleep deprived and irritated.

The next three years of their lives were full of new experiences. They were raising a baby who was becoming a little girl. Willa was the perfect mix of the two of them. She was always curious about everything just like Hermione but the adventurous manner she used as she explored her curiosities was just like Ron. She always had someone read her a book…but she hated to have to listen to books about boring things. The thing that was all her own: her imagination.

The three of them were quite the little family. Everything was perfect…

-It came as another shock. They hadn't been expecting it but they took the life-changing experience into their lives and it became another blessing. He was born on August 10th.

Nolan Xavier Weasley looked just like Ron. His Weasley Blues and ginger hair were obvious signs that he was a Weasley. Even at a month old, he had an enchanting laugh that people couldn't help smile over.

They went from three to four. The transition wasn't very smooth but it was incredible to have another addition to their family. They now had both a son and a daughter and Willa had a little brother.

Hermione knew raising a son would be difficult – especially if he was anything like his father – but Nolan Xavier was such an amazing little person. She had laughed when Ron said Willa wasn't dating until she was thirty but she never wanted some woman to swoop in and take Nolan away from her. He was her baby boy.

Ron loved having another guy in the house. Nolan was a laugher and anything that Ron did, Nolan laughed at. Ron knew that he wanted to be good friends with his son as he got older. He wanted Nolan to look up to him and aspire to be him. Nolan looked like him already and only time would tell if Nolan Xavier was truly like his father.

-The third one came just as much of a surprise as the first two. On December 22nd they became a family of five. One daughter and two sons…and that was how it would stay. Three children was the perfect amount.

Ryen Michael was the perfect little addition to their family. As Willa was getting older, Nolan had a new playmate…even though it meant more trouble-making.

Hermione was glad to find that Ryen was a calmer baby than Willa or Nolan. He was very attentive when she read to him and he picked things up very quickly. He was a bright baby and Hermione loved watching him learn new things.

Ron knew that Ryen was going to take after his mother. He had her eyes, her hair, and her brains…even though he was a baby it wasn't hard to see. Ron had high hopes that Ryen would be the one with the good head on his shoulders and maybe be Nolan's voice of reason and keep Willa from letting her adventures get the best of her.

All three of their children had very distinctive personalities that Hermione and Ron loved. It was incredible to watch the little people that they created, grow.

-Hermione wanted to give her children what she didn't have growing up. Hermione wanted her children to have a big family where there was always someone to turn to. She wanted her children to see her as their mother and their friend. She didn't have anyone growing up and her parents weren't exactly the friend type. She wanted her children to grow up differently than she did.

Ron wanted his children to have the childhood that he had. He loved that he could give them everything they wanted unlike when he was younger but he knew that his best childhood memories were just running around outside with his brothers and Ginny and making up games. He wanted his kids to have those kinds of memories. Ron wanted his children to be loved as much as he was growing up. He knew how much his mother cared (even if it sometimes came in the form of nagging) for him and his siblings and how much their father worked to give his children what they wanted.

-They were busy people with busy lives. They had children and careers but every Wednesday night they would walk down to the beach and talk while the kids played at Becki and Paul's. She would lace her fingers through his and they would walk. Sometimes they would talk about work or the kids but most of the time it was about them and how they were feeling at that moment.

Whenever possible they would meet at their favorite restaurant and have their lunch dates. This was where they pretended they were still dating and they were carefree teenagers. They went back to work with smiles on their faces, knowing that they truly loved the person that they were with.

Saturday night was date night no matter what. Whether they were in the middle of a fight or visiting a different country. They always made time for each other. It had been an ongoing tradition since their second child was born. Sometimes it would be just curling up on the couch and watching a movie while the kids slept upstairs or other times they would get all dressed up and go dancing. It was their time together.

The times when they just spent time together made them realize how nice it was to have someone who loved them that much, always around.

-None of their children had been planned but they had all been blessings in Ron and Hermione's lives. Their first child was the biggest surprise of their lives…the fourth child was almost as surprising. They were almost thirty and figured that they were done with kids. Then came the surprising news from the Healer at Hermione's regularly scheduled appointment. They were two months along with their fourth child.

Ten years after their first child, they were having their fourth. It was an adjustment that they had to get used to. They created another room on the second floor next door to them and then had to tell the other children that there would be a new addition to their family.

The night of her thirtieth birthday, Hermione sat on the balcony outside of her room. Her hand rested on her five month pregnant bump and she sighed. She was thirty and wasn't sure if she was really ready to be a mother to a newborn baby again. She had always felt this worry through the first three pregnancies and this time it was worse.

The same night, Ron closed the door of Nolan and Ryen's attic bedroom and trailed back down the stairs to check on Willa. He shut her door and went to down to the living room to get the birthday present he had been saving for Hermione. He paused after grabbing the necklace from his briefcase. He fell onto the couch and stared into the pile of toys in the living room. He was afraid of going through everything all over again just as he had been through every pregnancy.

-Four months later on January 4th they welcomed Brenna Rose Weasley into the world. Her prink face and chocolate brown eyes made both of them smile and cry. She was one of four of the most beautiful babies in the world.

Ron held her into his arms, tears dripped down his long nose and he smiled. "You look just like your mother," he told her. "But I think you'll have my hair." He smiled as she stared up at him, watching him. "You've got the greatest mum in the world and you can ask your brothers and sister but I think I'm a decent dad." He smiled at her and then passed her along to Hermione while he hurried to go get the other children.

Hermione held her daughter in her arms and smiled. "Your Daddy is a great guy. Don't worry. He's a little goofy but you'll love him. And he'll probably tell you that you can't date until your thirty but he just loves you a lot. We've got your room set up and you'll feel right at home. You're a lucky little girl, Brenna, you've got two big brothers and a big sister." Hermione smiled and kissed her daughter's head.

Willa, Nolan, and Ryen hurried into the room to see their new little sister. They loved her right away. Willa began telling her about adventures that they would have when she could walk and Nolan started to tell her jokes. Ryen brought a picture book with him to read to her. Ron held Hermione's hand and squeezed it. Brenna fit into their family perfectly and they couldn't wait to discover Bren's personality and watch her grow into a little girl.

-They kept it to themselves but secretly they were glad that Willa was born after September 1st. It meant that they had more time with her before she left for Hogwarts. They wanted her to go off and have her own real adventures (not as adventurous as the ones that they had) but it was hard for them to let her go.

The day finally came when they had to bring her to King's Cross station. They spent the night before at the Burrow. Willa and Bren shared Ginny's old room and Nolan and Ryen shared Fred and George's old room. Ron and Hermione stayed in Ron's former room, just like old times with Quidditch posters zooming around the room. (It sort of looked like Nolan's half of the room at their house in California.)

They laid awake for most of the night. They didn't say anything. Ron held Hermione and Hermione rested her head against Ron's chest. Neither of them could imagine Willa gone for months.

They put on brave faces as they drove to King's Cross Station but inside they were a mess. Bren shouted out words and giggled while Nolan tried to tell jokes to lighten the mood. Ryen was sniffling in the back with his nose in a book and Willa was staring out the window, looking a little frightened.

They finally made it. Hermione lost it as she said goodbye. Ron tried to keep his composure but it was difficult. They watched her go down the line and it got worse. Finally they watched as she walked off with Lily. She turned back once, looking like a scared little girl. Hermione broke and Ron had to comfort her. They knew that she would be coming back a brave little girl.

-The day that Nolan left was just as difficult as the day that Willa left. It was only two years after Willa left and it felt like they were loosing their children one by one. Nolan put on a brave face for his parents. He tried to pretend that he wasn't afraid of going off on his own.

"You're a smart boy." Hermione told him as she hugged him. "Just study and do your work. You've got a strong Gryffindor name. Nolan means noble. I know you'll do well." She couldn't help but cry as he hugged her back, he seemed a little bit afraid of letting go. She kissed his forehead and saw her brave son, trying to keep himself from crying.

"Nervous?" Ron asked his son. He watched Nolan shake his head but it was obvious that Nolan was very nervous. "You'll be fine." Ron assured him. He gave his oldest son a hug. "For your Mum's sake, don't get in too much trouble. She's already worried that you've got some big prank for the welcome feast." Ron smiled as he watched Nolan reach into his pocket for some part of his prank. He laughed through the sadness and let Nolan move on to Ryen and Bren.

Ron held Hermione in his arms as they watched Nolan walk off with Willa. Nolan looked back. He looked innocent and afraid but they knew that he was as noble as his name meant and he would do fine.

-The third time around was no easier than the first or second. Ryen was a good kid. They weren't worried about him. Ryen hated to get in trouble and always did what he was told but they would still miss him terribly.

Masking her feelings, Hermione teased him about Felicity Lupin. Most people saw her in Ryen but when Fee was brought up, all Hermione could see was Ron when he was eleven and stubborn. She smiled and pulled him in for a hug. A few tears slipped down her face while she tried to be strong for her youngest son.

Ron laughed at the Ryen and Felicity joke. He could remember his time at Hogwarts when he and Hermione were the same way and it made him feel sad. He felt that his children were growing up too soon, especially Ryen who was already like a mini-adult. Ron hugged his son and had to bite into his cheek to keep calm when Ryen told him to keep the Gazette staff in line until he got back.

Hermione told Ron that they shouldn't have to worry about Ryen but it was hard not to worry about any of their children. Fee ran over and threw her arms around Ryen. Ron and Hermione couldn't help but smile and watch their two oldest children lead Ryen on his was to independence.

-Ron had always told his daughters that they were not allowed to date until they were thirty. He knew it was a silly and unfair rule that would soon be broken. He was never quite prepared for it though. He was taken off guard when Willa broke her news not so gently.

"Dad you know Zacharis Smith's son right?" Willa asked. She sat at the counter, looking anywhere but his eyes.

Ron complemented the guy's writing style and then quickly questioned why Willa brought the topic up.

She looked a little fearful as she responded, "because we've been hanging out a lot." Ron tensed up. He had a feeling this wasn't just hanging out that little prat was doing with his daughter. "In fact, Mrs. Smith invited us over for brunch on Saturday which would be like early, early breakfast for us."

Ron knew but he had to hear it from her. "Why?" he asked.

"Well, we've sort of been dating and his mum thought that we should all get together." His heart stopped. His baby girl, his first child, his little Munchkin was dating…and it was a Smith.

He didn't know what to say so he began pacing and everyone in the house was watching him. Finally he found the words that would come out in a reasonable decibel. "I need to meet this kid," he informed her. "I mean, again. I need to approve of him before we have any brunch. And I'm not sure he'll meet my standards."

Hermione was relieved that Ron took the news easier than she thought he would. Hermione knew because Willa told her the previous day. Willa had also come to her when she was fifteen after her first kiss. Hermione loved that her daughter could come to her with things like this when Hermione could never have gone to her own mother with the same problem.

Hermione was relieved when Ron approved of Elijah. Ron was relieved that Eli seemed to have turned out nothing like his father. Ron was still glad to hear from Nolan and Ryen that they weren't so sure about "the punk who's trying to steal our sister". He was glad that someone disapproved.

-It was hard to let each one of their children go, even if it was only for a few months till they came back for break. The hardest was to let their last child go. One was off on her own, one was almost finished with school, and another was taking advanced classes ready to leave school. Bren was their last child who they would go through this sad experience with.

Except, Bren wasn't sad. She was excited to go to Hogwarts (not the leaving California part) and have adventures like her sister and brothers before her. Ron and Hermione had always been the ones to reassure their children that everything would be ok. Now, Bren was promising Ron that she would be back in a few months and squeezing Hermione's hand to comfort her. This was something that they loved about Bren but they also worried about her because of it. Bren was brave and always willing to trying something new. She was their little daredevil and as much as they were glad that they would know she wasn't sitting on the Hogwarts Express terrified, they were worried about the trouble she would get into because of it.

Ron and Hermione were a mess as they said goodbye to her. As soon as Bren turned away, Hermione sobbed into Ron's shoulder. Their last baby was gone.

Going home was difficult as it had been over twenty one years that they had had the house to themselves. Sure, there were those times when all the kids were at their friends or at the grandparents but this was different. It would be months before they would have some of their children back in the house.

Hermione wasn't quite sure what to do without a mess to clean up or special dinners to cook because Nolan and Bren were vegetarians but Willa and Ryen weren't. Hermione now came home to make dinner only for two and she only had to clean up after herself and Ron.

Ron didn't know what to do when he got home from work without his children to keep him busy. There was no one who wanted him to play catch with the Quaffle or go over articles for the Gazette. He now had a only a wife at home…he couldn't even remember far enough back when they had their own apartment together.

Somehow they managed to comfort each other. After the first two weeks, they began getting used to life as a couple again. One night they would rent a movie and spend the night in, another they would have friends over and Ron would grill, other week nights they would work late and come home to just fall asleep together, some nights they would even go out, and on weekends they would take drives to the beach or shopping or visit their Willa and Nolan in England…sometimes they even stopped at Hogwarts to check in on their youngest two.

It took time but they were finally used to being a married couple again.

-Everyone knew that it would happen from the first fight – except for Ryen and Fee. Ron and Hermione saw some of themselves in the kids. The arguments about unimportant little things that only mattered to them and the need to "one-up" the other brought back memories. Ryen and Fee had their own unique and individual personalities but they bickered and fought just like his parents before them.

Ryen and Fee were much more stubborn than Ron and Hermione or it could have been that they knew each other their entire lives. Whatever the reason, it took so long for the relationship to finally happen that after a while people began to doubt that it would happen.

Finally on a weekend visit to Hogwarts, Ron and Hermione were more than surprised to find their son's hand interlocked with Fee's. Hermione got the story from Fee, Ron got the story from Ryen, and they both got to hear it from Bren's perspective.

"Mum, I think they're gunna make it." Bren said as she walked her parents to the grounds of Hogwarts. "The way that they look at each other it's like the way that you and daddy look at each other."

And because their twelve-year-old daughter could spot it, they knew it really would last forever.

-It was Ron's forty-fourth birthday party and (upon his request) everyone made a big deal out of it for him, including Nolan who brought his mystery girl to the party. Everyone speculated who the girl might be. Ryen kept his mouth shut but listened with some amusement while everyone else guessed.

Finally Nolan showed up. His hand was interlocked with a pretty blond girl. She had warm brown eyes and a friendly smile…that's why no one recognized her at first. Then it came to them. Willa realized it first.

"Gemma Malfoy?" She looked embarrassed after she spoke.

Hermione noticed the apprehension on Nolan's face. As surprised as she was, she forced her mouth into a smile. "So you're the girl who can make my son smile like that." Hermione said. She watched Nolan's reaction. He smiled at his mother. Hermione even went a step further as to hug Gemma and invite her into the kitchen for something to drink. She loosened Gemma up by getting her to talk about all of Nolan's annoying habits. Honestly, Gemma was a good person and Hermione liked her no matter what her last name was.

Ron was in shock when Willa uncovered who Nolan's "Mystery Girl" was. He had gotten over the fact that it was the past that they dated but now they were back together. Ron was glad when Hermione stepped forward and took charge of the situation. He was in total shock. When she returned from the kitchen, Ron knew that for Nolan, he would have to make an effort to talk to her. He kept his distance until they got into a serious discussion about Quidditch. She was a Tornado's fan but Ron was still impressed that there was a girl somewhere who he could talk to about Quidditch besides his sister or his daughters. She wasn't Draco or Pansy in the least, she was ok, Ron decided.

-Willa was twenty-five when she had her daughter. Ron and Hermione, as much of a blessing that Willa was in their lives, were ecstatic that she hadn't had a baby or got married right out of Hogwarts. They really hadn't even imagined her relationship with Eli lasting that long. She always seemed like one who wouldn't settle down right away.

But after the first year it appeared to be true love…until six years later when their suspicions came to light and they were over. The way that they acted towards each other even though they had broken up prior to the life-altering news showed that they truly were meant to be. He was always there for her at the slightest problem and she pretended that she could do it all on her own but there was a part of her that loved every time that he showed up to help or fell asleep on her couch because it got so late.

Finley Faith Smith-Weasley brought both Ron and Hermione to tears. She was their first grandchild. She was perfect in every way. She looked just like her mother but with blond hair already growing in on her perfect little head. Her bright blue eyes were one of the Weasley trademarks, making sure that no one would ever doubt that she was a Weasley.

The morning after Finley's birth day, Ron and Hermione headed into Willa's hospital room with balloons, flowers, and teddy bears only surprised to find Willa asleep on the bed with Eli laying next to her. Their hands were interlocked. Ron and Hermione didn't need any explanation. They had already known that Finley was an amazing little girl who had inadvertently brought her parents back together.

-While their oldest child was a new parent, their youngest child was making a name for herself at Hogwarts. It wasn't uncommon for Ron and Hermione to get a letter home claiming that Bren had done something that she really shouldn't have. Her excuse was always "it was a dare, I had to do it". Bren was racking up the detentions…almost nearing Nolan's record high amount.

It was a Tuesday when they received a letter from an owl with the Hogwarts emblem on it. Hermione braced herself to see what Bren had done next but was surprised as she read on. The letter from McGonagall explained how Bren had begun an animal hospital after an illness had spread through parts of the forbidden forest and Bren recognized the symptoms. She helped Professor Sprout blend the medicine and then during a meeting with McGonagall she proposed her own animal hospital by Hagrid's to take care of the animals of Hogwarts.

As soon as Hermione put the letter down, smiling, her phone rang and an excited Bren began happily telling her the detailed version of what happened. When Ron got home, Hermione shared the good news with him. They were both more than happy that Bren had found something to put all of her extra energy into…that wasn't going to get her in trouble.

-Their second child was their first child to get married. Gemma Narcissa Malfoy did something to their son that made him smile often with that slightly glazed over "I'm in love" look in his eyes. Nolan just claimed he was a better person because of Gemma but Ron and Hermione knew that she just brought out the best in him.

Hermione bawled during the ceremony, watching her first son marry the girl he loved, made her incredibly happy. Ron smiled happily as he watched the union, since he was very proud of his son. Pansy Malfoy sat straight with her lips pursed and watched her daughter marry a half-blood. Draco Malfoy did not approve of his daughter's husband but, different from his father (who had disowned Gemma upon hearing the news) he walked her down the aisle and kept his thoughts to himself.

The in-laws didn't quite know how to act towards each other. Ryen made a silly best man speech that made Ron and Hermione laugh but Draco and Pansy frown with disapproval. Gemma gave in and chose emerald and silver as the theme for the bridal party that pleased her parents but Ron chose to come wearing gold and red.

The families clashed but, for the sake of the occasion, there were no major fights. This was, probably one of the only times where they would be in the same room at the same time.

-Ryen proposed to Fee on his twenty-first birthday. Ron knew about it ahead of time but Hermione screamed with joy when she got the phone call from an overly ecstatic Fee who was moving her things into Ryen's apartment. Hermione was mad that Ryen or Ron hadn't told her but she got over it quickly. She was happy that her baby boy was engaged.

They planned a long engagement and Ron and Hermione were ok with that.
They had just gone through the stress of one of their son's weddings and they figured that a long engagement living with each other would do them good.

During the long engagement Ron and Hermione reminisced about their past and their wedding, while also looking forward to more grandchildren to join Finley in running around their house.

They also realized how fast their lives and their children's lives were moving. It felt like they blinked and their oldest had a child, their second was married, the third was engaged, and the youngest was in Hogwarts.

-It was March first and Ron and Hermione had just woken up, preparing to celebrate Ron's birthday. He had a smile on his face and a list of things that they would do. Until the phone rang and his smile got bigger.

"She's going to have the baby on my birthday!" he exclaimed, hurrying to the closet where he had stashed all of the baby gifts. Hermione was happily going on about her second grandchild and they hurried to London.

It was a long wait…Ron got worried that the baby would be born on March second. Finally Nolan entered the waiting room with a little blue bundle in his arms. It was eleven fifty-two.

"Dad," Nolan started. "This is Topher. Topher Ronald Weasley."

Ron took Topher Ronald into his arms and smiled at his first grandson. Tears dripped onto Topher's blanket but Ron just smiled and claimed that he was the best birthday present ever.

Hermione got to hold him next. She kissed his forehead and noted how much Topher looked like his father…and how much trouble that Topher would be, just like his daddy.

Both Ron and Hermione were excited to see Nolan go through everything that they went through with him. They figured that "now you see what we went through" would become a common phrase as Topher grew up.

-They never really thought it would ever happen. In fact, they figured that Willa and Eli would stay together forever without ever actually tying the knot. It seemed to be a fear of Willa's, actually wearing the ring and being forced into commitment. But it happened.

They were at the ShoreHouse when Willa called and informed them that she and Eli were getting married at a hall in London in two weeks.

Hermione was beyond happy. She loved weddings….especially when she got to watch her babies get married! She was having a blast helping Tonks and Fee plan Ryen and Fee's wedding.

Willa didn't want anything big. She just wanted to say her vows and then celebrate the union with her family, Eli's family, and their close friends. Hermione was ok with not planning an extravagant wedding…she preferred simple, herself. The part that she enjoyed most was taking Willa, Finley, and Bren shopping for their dresses (at the Ginny Potter store…all three locations). Hermione cried that day as she donned her dress on the wedding day. Her first little girl was getting married.

Ron had always liked Eli but when it came to the guy actually marrying his daughter, he felt that he had to properly speak to him about the situation. While the girls went dress shopping, Ron took Eli, Nolan, and Ryen to a Quidditch game. Ron calmly spoke to Eli about taking care of his daughter and granddaughter while Nolan and Ryen threatened Eli with all the magic they had. Ron tried to be strong as he escorted his first baby girl down the aisle on her wedding day. The only time he lost it and a few tears slipped out was when he danced with her at the reception. She had grown so fast. He made Bren promise that she would never get married.

-It was doubtful that the day would come when they would see Bren graduate. She seemed to have a bit of her Aunt Ginny in her – passionate about what she loved to the point where she would leave school to fulfill her dreams. But she walked across the stage as her name was called, wearing her red and gold cap and gown over the pale yellow sundress she bought with Hermione over the weekend. She smiled, stuck out her tongue and held up her pointer finger and pinky finger to the audience. Bren had graduated.

Hermione feared for her daughter a little bit. Bren seemed afraid and weary about her future of independence but Hermione knew she would be fine…Bren was just a little too free-spirited and daring and that was what worried Hermione. She watched Bren as she sat back in her seat next to Tabby and sighed. Her baby girl was going to have to experience the ups and downs of life, all on her own. All Hermione could do was be there when Bren hit the downs.

Ron smiled sadly while watching his little girl, his little Bumble B, graduate. He was very proud of Bren but he really wanted her to be his little Bumble B forever. He missed the days when she would run out to meet him when he got home from work, and drag him to the mini-Quidditch pitch down the road so they could play until Hermione called them in for dinner. He missed when she would write home from Hogwarts and tell him all about her care of magical creatures lessons or all the witty (and a little rude) things she said to Snape and Trelawney. He was going to miss Bren not being a child but he knew that if she had to grow up, he was proud of the woman that she had become.

-Ryen and Fee had waited three years to get married after having known each other their entire lives and being destined for each other. Finally it was time for "officialize" their relationship and make it permanent…well as permanent as it could get. The event had been planned down to the last detail including what color the flower girl's (Finley's) nail polish would be and the color of the lace that would be around the pillow, holding the wedding rings that the ring bearer (Noah, Penny and Lex's son) would be carrying. Being that Fee was a perfectionist and had high hopes for her wedding to go smoothly, it was the parents' job to make sure that everything went as planned while the bride and groom got ready.

Ron entered the room where Ryen was waiting for the service to begin. Ryen was pacing…just as Nolan had been before his wedding and Ron had been before his. Ron felt that it was necessary to speak to both of his sons before they got married. When he thought back to his wedding day and remembered his father coming to talk to him and making him feel better before he took a big step. Now he knew he wanted his sons to look back on their wedding days and do the same for their sons.

"Nervous?" Ron asked. Ryen was never one to hide his feelings well. "This is a big step." Ron noted.

"Yeah. It is…" Ryen trailed off, looking down at his wedding attire. "Dad, is it going to be different once we're married? I mean, we aren't changing lifestyles, she's just changing her name…but part of me feels like it's all going to change." Ryen looked up at Ron, looking afraid of the answer.

"Ry, I'm not going to lie, it is going to change." Ryen looked afraid. "…but for the better." Ron quickly finished. "Being married will change everything. There's having a family and buying a house…you'll have a lot of decisions to make together and bills to pay together. There are going to be difficult times but all of the good times will make everything worth it." Ron never usually spoke about love and marriage like that. It made Ryen smile and a little surer that he was ready to get married.

Hermione cried, just as she had when Nolan and Willa got married. Life seemed to be moving at lightning speed because now her youngest son was getting married. She watched Ron go to speak to Ryen, as he had done when Nolan got married. She smiled to herself and went to check on the bridesmaids, Willa, Bren, Penny, and Tabby. She could picture later on tonight, when she and Ron were lying in bed. She would ask him to tell her what he talked to Ryen about. He wouldn't tell her but she could feel safe that Ryen was not scared before his wedding.

-Their house in San Clemente had always been full. Even when Bren left for school, the children who were out of school were always back for visits and they brought friends. Once Ryen got out of school, he moved not too far away from where he grew up. He and his friends were always at the house, playing Ron's videogames and having Hermione cook for them. Then their children began to have children and the house was fuller than before. Finley loved being in California, visiting Grammy 'Mione and Grandpa Ron and Topher was just like his father, he loved to cause trouble when he visited.

Ron and Hermione loved that they always had family in their house but there were those few times when they could appreciate moments to themselves. They loved walking down to the beach almost every night to watch the sunset or having their Saturday nights every week, or even just meeting for lunch on occasion. Those were the times when they could just be with each other and really get the one on one time that they needed to keep their relationship going strong.

-The day that Bren showed up at their house for dinner and announced that she had quit her job at the animal healer's and would start her own practice, was one of the days when they were most proud of her. Ron told Bren the story of how he had come to start the Gazette – not the modified version he had told everyone that left out parts but the entire story. He started from the meeting with the Prophet Editor and the story about Uncle Harry. He even told her about how he had given up on everything and considered becoming a Maintenance Man. Then he told her how it was Hermione and Bren's aunt and uncles who had given him the motivation to start what has become an international success.

"I'm proud of you Bumble B. You never once thought about giving up because something you love let you down." Ron said. Bren smiled, not because Ron just told her that not many people – especially not Willa, Nolan, or Ryen knew the whole story but because her dad had given her the confidence that she had been loosing slowly since she had stormed out of the office with a box of her things.

Hermione sent Ron to the store to get Bren's favorite dessert to celebrate and as soon as he left, Hermione turned to Bren and smiled.

"He's really proud of you, you know and I am too. It takes a lot of guts to stand up for something that isn't right. You are your father's daughter, baby girl and that is something to be grateful for."

Hermione watched as Bren smiled and started discussing the plans that she and Ron had made for her practice. She was brought back to Ron's eighteenth birthday so long ago when he had the same gleam in his eye and spoke about the budding Gazette.

-Willa and Eli lived in the city of London with a beautiful, almost four-year-old when they bestowed Ron and Hermione with a wonderful gift, a second grandchild. Emersyn Hope Smith-Weasley (Emmy) looked exactly like her mother, Weasley Blues and all.

Now that Willa and Eli had more than one child and were married, people took it upon themselves to tell the newlyweds that they should move to the suburbs. Nana Ann was very serious about trying to convince Willa. Daily she would send clippings from the paper of houses for sale in her area. Susan and Zacharis constantly reminded Eli that after his brother Evan was born, they quickly moved to a suburb.

Ron and Hermione laughed when Susan and Zacharis tried to get them to convince Willa and Eli. They knew their daughter and knew how much Willa loved the city. Nothing would make that girl move from London and take her daughters from the city and Eli seemed to love the city too.

-Holden Nikolas was born and according to Hermione, he looked exactly like Ryen did when he was born. Holden was born with the Weasley Blues and his head was bald. He would soon be able to change his appearance at will but in his normal look, he looked just like Ryen with a bit of Fee mixed in.

Ron loved having a fourth grandchild. It was one more grandchild to spoil and another grandchild that was almost guaranteed to be the successor of the Gazette. He held Holden Weasley in his arms (when Ryen actually let go) and promised Holden that he could come to Grandpa and Grammy's house whenever his parents were being too strict.

Hermione promised Holden that he had two very good parents that loved him, an uncle that loved him, two aunts that loved him, two cousins that loved him, and two grandparents that would spoil him. She held onto him and smiled as she watched her son and his wife who were in love. Their love had produced her beautiful grandson.

-Six months after their fourth grandchild was born, they were blessed with another. Nolan and Gemma had another son. Xavier Ryen Weasley was born. He too had red Weasley hair like his brother but instead of the dark brown eyes that Topher had, Xavier had bright Weasley Blues. Xavier looked exactly like Nolan and Ron. This was something that the in-laws were not too happy about. They had secretly hoped that Gemma wouldn't have any children so that Malfoys and Weasleys would not be tied by blood but when Gemma had her children, they could do nothing but put away a large sum of money for Topher and Xavier just as they had for Ella and Tristan's children. They purchased gifts and sent them to the hospital as well as made a point to visit at their home, out of respect for their daughter and grandsons.

Ron and Hermione could have put a large sum of money in the bank and sent plenty of gifts but they preferred to be there. Actually at the hospital, Ron was able to calm Nolan down about raising two children and Hermione could sit by Gemma's side and help her through giving birth while Nolan sat on the other side. Ron and Hermione preferred to be there for physical support opposed to the other grandparents who sat in the background on their fancy chairs and offered money.

-Ron and Hermione were thankful every time their children had a child that their children were older than they were. They loved each and every one of their children and never once regretted them but Ron and Hermione wanted their children to fulfill any dreams they had before they started families.

It was a little hard to accept when Bren discovered she was pregnant at only twenty-three but they supported their youngest baby through every step of her pregnancy. Hermione went with her to all of her doctor's appointments and helped Willa, Tabby, Ruby, Harlow, Grier, and Sasha plan the baby/wedding shower. Ron bought a mini Gazette t-shirt that everyone wore on casual Fridays (and all of his grandchildren had) and he walked Bren down the aisle when she was six months along.

Bren was happy and although her relationship seemed to be moving a little too quickly, Ron and Hermione let go of any doubts they had when their grandson was born. Aden Jakob was the most adorable baby (just like all of his cousins were). After seeing their grandson AJ with his parents, Hermione and Ron put their faith in Bren and TJ's relationship and welcomed their new grandson into the world.

-Hermione sat at the table in her backyard as she waited for everyone to arrive. This was the spot that she had sat in umpteen times throughout the course of her time in California. She found it a comfortable place to write her books or grade papers, a comfortable place to stargaze with Ron or talk to him about anything on her mind, a comfortable place to sit and watch her children play and now a comfortable place to sit and watch her grandchildren play.

Ron exited through the sliding glass door to the house. He was carrying two cups of iced tea in his hands. He placed them down and sat next to his wife of almost forty years. She smiled at him and kissed his cheek, a gesture that could still make him smile. She was beautiful. Her chestnut brown hair was let down over her shoulders and her warm eyes looked happy and excited. She wore a simple black sweater over a white top and a pair of denim capris and her bare feet rested on the chair next to her.

He began to speak and she listened as he spoke with passion about something that was important to him, the Gazette and everything it had become. She smiled more and watched his facial expressions. His ginger hair was beginning to get noticeably lighter on the top but she would never tell him that. The passion in his eyes brought out the blue in his Weasley Blues and his tanned arms moved around as he gestured while he spoke. He wore a simple pair of khaki shorts and an orange Chudley Cannons t-shirt, dressed casually for an average Sunday.

She responded to the statement he made and he sat back, satisfied that his story was followed.

It was quiet but just for a moment. There was distinctive popping and the "floosh" of the fireplace. The sliding door slid open and their children and their families all piled through the door with their significant others in tow.

Willa was smiling. Her straight brown hair fell above her shoulders and her Weasley Blues were shining with joy. She was tall with an average figure (that she worked very hard to keep it from looking like she was turning thirty-eh hem something). She wore a black skirt and a black and white top. She had on flip-flops that she quickly discarded in the grass. Willa Elizabeth Weasley was a popular author who wrote about fantasy worlds where the magic was not only limited to wands. She worked part-time at R and H Books while she worked on her next novel. Willa's hand was laced with Eli's hand and they both looked happy.

Eli's blond hair was covered mostly by a Cannon's cap that he wore very often when he wasn't working. His green eyes were looking at Willa and he wore a smile on his face. He had on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, his casual weekend attire for when he wasn't working. Eli worked for a Wizard broadcast station in London where he worked on the WESPN station.

Finley Faith and Emersyn Hope hurried to hug Grammy 'Mione and Grandpa Ron. Finley was thirteen with a wonderful personality that made people smile whenever she was around. She began to tell Ron and Hermione about something that happened at Hogwarts. Hermione smiled when she saw excitement in Finley's Weasley Blues as she spoke about the Herald; it reminded her of Ron's eyes. Finley's blond hair was pulled back into two braids and she wore a white top with a patterned skirt and flip-flops. She smiled as she spoke about how Uncle Ryen was going to take her to work with him and then finally gave her sister a chance to speak.

Emmy was nine going on thirty-nine. She spoke like an adult and tried to act like an adult as much as possible. Emmy had dreams of working as an Animal Healer just like Auntie Brenna. Emmy had her curly brown hair pulled back in a high ponytail. Her Weasley Blues were looking all around the yard as she said hello to all of her cousins. She wore a white sundress and she had platform flip-flops – it was her way of being more adult.

Nolan had already begun cracking jokes. His messy red hair looked as if Gemma had tried to tame it slightly but Nolan had his father's hair that wouldn't go down. He stood tall wearing a pair of jeans and a Cannon's t-shirt. Nolan had progressed from being a writer at Merlin's Pants to an editor who wrote a funny column, loved by everyone. Nolan laughed and put an arm around Gemma.

Gemma was looking up at him with her warm brown eyes. Her blond hair was pulled into a loose ponytail and she was smiling. She wore a denim skirt with a brown top. Gemma's café had become a popular place for writers. It wasn't uncommon to see Gazette writers or novelists to be seen in her café. Gemma turned to her children and reprimanded them for being loud.

Topher Ronald was eleven, a first year at Hogwarts (a Gryffindor). He was not as much trouble as Nolan was as a child but Topher caused his share of trouble. He had a fascination with History of Magic that Nolan swore Topher got that from Grammy 'Mione because Nolan hated History of Magic. Topher looked just like Nolan, down to the freckles that covered his nose but he had his mother's eyes. He wore a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt.

Xavier Ryen was seven. He preferred not to cause any trouble unlike his older brother. Xavier was very interested in Quidditch. He preferred to watch, play, or read about Quidditch. The Chudley Cannons were his team and he hoped to one day play for the team as Keeper (his dream was to turn the team around and lead them to a winning streak). Xavier looked just like Ron when he was a kid – tall, ginger hair, and the Weasley Blues. He had on his Quidditch hat, Quidditch t-shirt, and a pair of shorts.

Zayden Arthur was the most like Nolan out of his brothers. He was only five and the troublemaker of the family. He preferred to prank his cousins as opposed to his brothers because his brothers would probably beat him up if he dared to prank them. Zade had the mischievous Weasley Blues just like his father but he had his mother's blond hair. He had plans on following in the footsteps of his Daddy. He wanted to be just like him. Sometimes, Gemma would find him trying to write out his funny jokes on the computer like Nolan does. Zade had on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt advertising his favorite show.

Ryen was in a conversation with Fee. He was smiling as he watched her start to get irritated with him. Ryen's brown hair was cut short and still, gelled down to keep it neat. Since he was six and wanted to go to work, he had always tried to keep his hair as neat as possible. His chocolate brown eyes looked lovingly at Fee as he tried to assure her that there was nothing to be upset about. He wore a pair of khaki shorts and a simple gray Gazette t-shirt. Ryen was the Copy Editor, inline to become the Editor-in-Chief of the Southern California branch of the International Gazette.

Fee's face softened and she smiled at Ryen. She had let her brown hair down from her tight bun for the day. She wore a white top and a flowy blue skirt. Fee worked five days a week as the photography editor for the Gazette and still managed to spend as much time with her family as possible. Hermione, Willa, Gemma, and Bren claimed her to be Super Mom. She wrapped her arms around Ryen and then greeted Bren.

Holden Nikolas was seven. He had his father's eyes, and that was the feature he rarely changed. Currently he had jet black hair with red streaks for fun. He wore a red t-shirt and shorts. Holden had dreams of becoming an Auror like Grandma Tonks but since he couldn't do magic until he was eleven, he focused on the studying part of becoming an Auror.

Andromeda Lynn was five. She looked very much like her mother but she loved changing her look very often. Currently she had long blond hair that fell down her back in curls and her eyes were a bright pink. She wore a pink dress that matched her eyes. Andee was nothing like her parents. She did not do well with organization and punctuality. She was very unique and individual. At five years old, she already had shown her talent for unique painting.

Lennon Zackary was four. He was the spitting image of Grandpa Remus when he chose not to alter his look. He had the light brown hair and hazel eyes but his personality was just like his dad. He was already trying to start reading and he had a little bit of Auntie Willa in him when he would make up his own stories to tell his little brother and parents. Lennon was wearing the same Gazette shirt as his dad with a pair of shorts.

Atticus Orion was only one and a half. He was crawling around the yard exploring. His features changed frequently because he was still getting used to his powers. At the moment his hair was blue green and his eyes were orange. He was a very curious baby who always was exploring the world around him. Even at just a year and a half old he seemed to enjoy causing trouble. He had a little bit of Uncle Nolan in him.

Bren lifted her youngest child out of TJ's arms. She smiled at him and he kissed her. They had been together for eight years and it was obvious that they were meant to be. Bren's ginger hair was pulled back in a braid. She wore a pale yellow sundress and flip-flops which she kicked off her feet immediately. Bren's practice was doing well – she had a special wall dedicated to pictures of patients and letters from her patients' owners. All of the other doctors in her practice were very big on being accommodating and caring to the patients. Bren also spent a good deal of time at home with her children, TJ, and Atlas.

TJ smiled at Brenna as she carried their one-year-old to see Ron and Hermione. He had his dark hair combed neatly but due to the wind it was beginning to get messy. He wore a simple pair of shorts and a t-shirt. TJ taught Charms a few days a week at SCWC and when he wasn't teaching he took on the job of trying to keep Bren's practice organized since she was against doing it herself. He also liked taking his sons to play or watch Quidditch.

Aden Jakob was five. Being exposed to many different kinds of animals his entire life, AJ loved animals. He had a pet dog named Wolf, a fish named Shark, and a cat named Lion. AJ loved helping out at his mom's practice and he also loved when Grandpa Ron and Grammy 'Mione would take him to the zoo. He had Bren's ginger hair but he got his father's green eyes. He wore a Cannon's shirt, supporting the team that most of the entire family loved.

Tal Wyatt was three. He was the spitting image of his father. His interests included Quidditch and his toys. His toy broom from Grandpa Trey was his favorite toy. He also found himself in trouble often. He was starting to become more and more of a trouble maker. He was slightly influenced by his Uncle Nolan and his cousin Zayden. Tal wore a pair of shorts and the same shirt as his older brother.

Rylee Jane was one. She was resting in Ron's arms and giggling loudly. Ron claimed that she looked just like Hermione's baby pictures. Rylee giggled again and everyone smiled. She sure knew how to eat up the attention. She was an adorable baby with a bright future ahead of her with whatever she wanted to do. Rylee had on a pale blue sundress and a matching headband covering her curly brown hair. She called for her "Mama!" and Bren picked her up and she giggled again.

Hermione surveyed the scene. Finley and Emmy were playing with Rocky, Ron's chocolate Labrador and trying to figure out how to get their parents to let them get a dog; Ron, Ryen, and Fee were talking about the Gazette as usual; Willa and Bren were talking and laughing with Gemma; Eli, TJ, Nolan, and Xavier were discussing Quidditch; Topher was letting Zayden chase him around the yard; Andee, Lennon, and Tal had begun some sort of game; and Atticus and Rylee were crawling around the yard. They had all come for the biweekly family visit. Hermione smiled as Gemma pulled her into their conversation.

Ron looked over and locked eyes with Hermione. They both smiled at each other and the look in their eyes meant the same thing.

If any of their children saw, they would know it was their "I love you and we're really lucky because we're so happy" look.