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Title: The Ties That Bind

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Summary/ Warning: Dom/ Sub, HGRW, PPBZ, RLSB, LVBL …and of course HPSS.

Chapter 1: Setting the Stage


"Conversational thoughts"

Private thoughts, shared memories

It was a Friday in the middle of November, beautiful weather out side, hardly a cloud in the sky, and yet they were here; in the dungeons, stuck in potions… with the Slytherins. A bloody perfect start to a perfect day.

The Potions Lab was the same as always, filed with the heavily intoxicating scent of diverse spices and herbs, and dimly lit to keep the ingredients from spoiling. There was no sound in the room other than the scratching of quills as students jotted down the recipe for the Potion, and when they had all finished, Professor Snape rose from his chair.

"Today you will be attempting-" Snape sneered, looked around the room with undisguised scorn- "to make the Subdo Revilio Potion. The Headmaster, in his infinite wisdom, has decreed that you are to be made to take the potion once you have completed it." He paused for a short second, a sneer curling his lips as he watched the Seventh Years. "The Headmaster also wishes you to know that every Seventh Year before you has taken this potion, and that every one after you will, as well. It is a Government sanctioned, required potion."

His disgust was evident in his eyes as they swept the classroom. "Now I assume that you are wondering what this potion does- those of you who cannot understand Old Latin*." His sneer translated into a full blown scowl, and those closest to him leaned away from the frightening expression. "It tells you who you are most… compatible with… for lack of a better term." Snape swept down the center aisle, glaring at the students who dared to make eye contact with him. "In the troubled past of the Wizarding World, our forebears decided that they would make this potion to ensure the survival of our kind, once it became obvious that we were slowly, but surely, dying out."

Snape's disgust at the idiots who had made that decision was evident in every line of his body, and he turned abruptly and began to make his way back to the front of the classroom.

"But what our ancestors did not realise when they concocted this potion were the effects that would only become obvious after taking the potion." Snape's gradually voice fell into the natural cadence of a teacher, and most of the students found themselves paying attention to this newer version of a Snape Lecture. "What was meant only to be a potion to determine the best possible candidate as mate to a specific individual was instead a Bond-potion."

Snape surveyed the class with a raised brow and a sneer as the more studious of the children caught the implications of his statement. "They tried to alter the potion- and succeeded, in a limited way. Yet the World Wizarding Governments of the time had already written the potion into their charters, and aside from changing the smallest ingredients, the Potion Masters of the time could do nothing else to it."

He paced at the front of the classroom slowly, letting the knowledge sink into their little brains, letting them understand what the Headmaster wanted of them. Those with the knowledge of Bond-Potions- Purebloods and some few of the Gryffindors- would be agonizing over this as he spoke, wondering what was going to happen to them when they took this potion. The others were merely watching him with distant eyes, trying to understand what was wrong with the things he had been saying. Snape suppressed a snort, and continued his lecture.

"What Muggles now call Dominant/submissive relationships stemmed from the use of this potion- those Witches and Wizards who were uneasy with their relationships left the Wizarding World and entered the Muggle one, and left their imprint on it. Though of course the Muggles cannot comprehend a relationship such as the one Wizards have." His sneer was instinctual, echoed by his Slytherins, and bristling his Gryffindors.

"Now, some of you have heard of 'Doms' and 'Subs' before, I gather. And I suppose that there will be those among you who insist upon using these childish labels." A scowl distorted Snape's face once more as he contemplated the repulsive children before him. "If you must, the Headmaster has stated that such… terms… are to be allowed, though I will not tolerate them in this class. This potion may be disgusting to many of you-" and his glare at one half of the room more than indicated who he was referring to- "but it has been a Wizarding Tradition for over fifteen thousand years, and you will respect it as such while you are in my classroom."

With a sharp glare, Snape finished his speech and frowned approvingly down on his Slytherins. They, at least, knew what they were doing, how to do it, and what it was properly called.

He narrowed his eyes and swept the inhabitants of the room with piercing glare. It was obvious that he doubted the ability of certain students to correctly make such a complicated potion. Or, rather, make it with out poisoning themselves. He sneered at the seventh years in front of him.

"Do not worry, children. You will not be forced to partner with the one that it says you are compatible with- if any of you are. The potion lasts for only fifteen minutes, and you may not see your… mate… here in that short time frame." He glanced around the room, and added, "More's the pity."

Snape looked around the room at his Seventh Year students with contempt in his gaze as they stared up at him, frozen under his sneering mask.

"Weasley!" he barked, and had to hide the smile that sprang to life as the red-headed thorn in his side jerked upright and looked at him with wide eyes.

"Y-y-yes, Professor Snape?" the boy stuttered, earning him sneers and snickers from the Slytherins.

Snape allowed a small smirk to grace his face, aware of the impact that the expression would have on the teen. And, indeed, the boy gulped audibly and started shaking.

"The next time I catch you staring at Ms. Granger in class, Mr. Weasley-" he infused as much sarcasm as was humanly possible into his voice, and felt a warm surge of triumph swell in his chest as both students started and blushed- "It will be detention for a week." The horrified expressions on the faces of two of his three most hated students made him add, "With Filch."

After the rather satisfying humiliation of two-thirds of the Golden Trio, he went on to explain the potion ingredients thoroughly, as though they had the intelligence level of a giant. After lecturing them on the importance of making this potion accurately- he assured them that it was so easy a three year old could do it- he explained the effects of the potion.

"If you are a dominant, you will see your skin turn green. If you are a submissive, your skin will appear to turn blue. No one but yourselves will see your color, if you are worried about it. The next phase of the potion is that it shows you who your 'perfect match' is. If you are a dominant, your mate will seem to have glowing green skin. If you are a submissive, your mate will have glowing blue skin. Questions?" As he had expected, no one raised their hands.

"Good. Begin." Once the students had begun, he added, "Your homework assignment will be three feet of parchment concerning the duties of both the submissive and the dominant. Because some of you will no doubt take your relationship seriously, the Headmaster has decided that you should know the duties, responsibilities, and abilities of both halves of the relationship. Due next class."

Fifty minutes later, and after multiple explosions, most of the potions were ready. Snape sneered at the assembled students, saying "I find it fascinating that with all those… fireworks… we've witnessed-" and here he slanted a glare at Neville- "that all of your potions are somewhat correct."

Snape stood in front of the class and crossed his arms, hiding the sick fear growing inside of him with a malicious glee at the thought of what awaited the students.

"Drink one tablespoon of your potion. Now." He watched as the class swallowed the horrible tasting concoction, purposefully keeping his eyes off one student. He'd taken this potion before, and his mate was in this class, and he'd be damned if he was going to spend the rest of his life chained to a student.

Harry let his teacher's deep voice wash over him as he tuned out the lecture. It was relaxing to zone out and just listen to the sound of Snape's voice, and Harry did it often. Not that he let anyone know. The thought that anyone, other than Hermione, knew he had a crush on the greasy old git tortured him and made him ill with anxiety. He was almost glad she knew, though, since they had gotten closer since she'd found out.

But of course, no one else would ever think that- and if they had he would have made sure they could never think again he was so scared of someone finding out- so he felt safe enough to pretend like he was just spacing out.

The deep voice of his Professor resonated inside of him, the sound striking something deep within his body and coalescing into what he generally referred to as 'the sick and twisted' sense of safety he got when he was in the Potions Room.

Harry listened to his teacher's voice, noting in surprise that Snape seemed to be upset about something- and how could I tell?- as he fell into a slight doze, not even pretending to pay attention anymore. A half- remembered dream from last night was making itself known, and Harry let it form, wanting to remember what had woken him up rock- hard.

Vague flashes of pale skin and entwined limbs filled his mind, and Harry snorted softly to himself. It's a good thing I never write down my true dreams for Trelawney- she'd have a heart attack. Harry settled down into his chair, letting his eyes slide shut as he called the dream to the forefront of his mind.

He was tossing in his sleep, caught in the grip of a nightmare and a thin shadow slid into the room. Harry sat up with a gasp when burning hands brushed his ribs, and watched warily as the shadow straddled him. Harry let his body fall back onto the bed, and the shadow moved with him, forming the impression of a pale torso and lean ivory arms.

The man slid his hands under Harry's head and lifted the boys face to his, pressing soft lips against open, willing ones. The kiss became heated, and Harry writhed under the arousing pressure of the other man as pale hands ghosted over his body, tweaking his nipples, feathering over his abdomen, making Harry as hard as he'd never been before.

Harry felt the other man's erection pressing against his own and strained to meet him through the sheets, thrusting his hips in a silent plea for more as his mouth was ravaged. The man's pelvis lifted as he moved the sheets out from under his body, lowering his hips slowly, drawing out the meeting of their rigid cocks and Harry jutted his hips up, desperate for contact-

He jerked upright as Hermione's elbow became acquainted with his ribs. Again. Scowling, he rubbed his side as he started making the stupid potion.

"What's this do, 'Mione?" he asked, hoping she wasn't so pissed with him for dazing out that she refused to answer. Though she seemed upset about something, she shrugged it off and told him.

"The potion tells you if you're a sub or a dom, and who your natural partner is. Green is dom, blue is sub. Your partner will glow the same color as you."

Harry nodded at the short answer, and went back to preparing his potion, slightly ticked that he hadn't gotten to the good part. But maybe that was a good thing, since Harry really didn't want to tell Professor Snape that he'd fallen asleep during his lecture just to have a wet- dream to the sound of his voice. He was sure Snape would make him stand in front of the class to do it, and then deduct about fifty points from Gryffindor every time he saw Harry for the rest of the year because Harry was 'propositioning a teacher with his eyes' or some such nonsense.

Finally most of them were done, and Snape told them to swallow a teaspoon full of the stuff. He picked up the spoon gingerly- he really was horrible at Potions- and was sure he would poison himself, and swallowed. Immediately his gag reflex kicked into high gear.

"Gah! That's horrible." He complained to Hermione, who looked like she was about to throw up. After a few moments, Harry turned to Hermione and asked, "How long is it supposed to take before it starts working?"

"I don't know," was his answer, and he was about to say something when he noticed that his skin was starting to glow a pale emerald green. He turned to Hermione, noticing that she seemed to be fixated on her skin. "It worked for you didn't it?"

She nodded, then turned to him with bright eyes and said "I'm a dom! What are you?"

He grinned back at her. "Same here, love. How do we find our mates?"

Hermione looked at him like he had three heads. "They're the only ones who you can see glowing, dummy." She aimed a smack at his head, and he ducked, laughing at her.

"Alright, alright!"

He started to look around the room, looking for a green that matched his now vibrant, pulsing emerald skin. He caught a glimpse of color at the front of the room, and craned his head to see around Neville, who was looking alternately at his hands and the slouched and pissy figure of Malfoy in somewhat sick amazement. He laughed at the obvious implications of Neville's amusing actions, and shook his head as he once again searched the room for that vague hint of color. Zabini was staring at Parkinson in horror, and the Queen of Slytherin had an evil smirk on her face. Poor Zabini, he thought, and continued searching for his partner.

'Shit', was Harry's next thought, and the following one was 'Merlin, I hope mine is a guy.' It would be horrible to have to explain to the girl "Oh, no, I won't be your mate. Why not? Well, you see… I'm gay." Yeah, that'd go over like a lead balloon. Bloody git seems to be hiding from me'

He vaguely saw Ron looking at Hermione in amazement, and Hermione looking at him like she'd just won the lottery. 'Good for her,' he thought. Harry glanced down at his skin and noticed that the color was fading slightly. He frowned, and recalled suddenly that he hadn't seen Snape anywhere since he had told them to drink the foul tasting liquid.

The class period ended as Harry was still searching for his mate. Because he had been concentrating on finding his ever- elusive partner, he had not had the chance to clean up, so he was stuck in the class for another couple minutes as he put everything away.

He glanced around, then, reassured that Snape wasn't there, swished his wand over his cauldron, passed it over his vials, and put it away hurriedly before Snape came back in to see why someone was still in his classroom. As he placed the last of the little bottles on the shelf, he noticed that his skin was still emitting a pale green glow, and sighed.

Maybe once I get out into the hallway I'll find him or her. He heard the door to the Potion Masters office open, and glanced up instantly as Snape walked into the room. Huh, funny, he looks a bit green to me.

It took a second before his own thought made an impression on his brain, and he dropped his bag as he turned to stare at his teacher. He is!

Snape frowned when he saw a student was still in the room, and opened his mouth to tell whoever it was off when the teen dropped his bag and leaned forward, mouth hanging open and eyes wide as he stared at the Professor.

'Fuck,' was all Snape could think of as he saw Harry Potter's incredulous expression.

With a glare as evil and threatening as he could make it, Snape gestured to the door furiously, demanding with his eyes that Potter leave now.

Today was not his day, it seemed, as Potter's mouth said, "You're my sub?" Snape gritted his teeth. This was not going to be easy. And now that he had to speak to the annoying pest… he hissed under his breath, then intensified his glare and answered the boy.

"I am many things, Mr. Potter," he spat, "but your plaything is not one of them. Nothing is going to come from this foolish idea, and you will leave me alone. Get out."

Harry grabbed his bag and ran. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my GOD! He slammed into Hermione where she was waiting for him, and instead of letting her rebound off of him he pulled her close and slipped into a dark corner, ignoring the looks Ron was giving him.

"I know who my sub is." He said before she could do more than open her mouth to protest his actions. She hesitated, still clearly wanting to give him a piece of her mind, then took in his expression and her mouth snapped shut.

"Well? Who is it?" Her concerned expression was too much for Harry, and he groaned as his bag fell out of his suddenly numb hands.

"I'm so fucked." He muttered eloquently, staying silent for a few moments before his head dropped onto her shoulder. "Snape."

Hermione's eyes widened. "Oh, Harry, I- that's- Merlin's Beard, Harry, that's- well, bloody hell." Harry nodded agreement and sighed as Hermione's arms came up and wrapped around his waist.

After the much- needed hug, Harry pulled back and rested his head back against the wall, covering his face in his hands.

"I'm so fucked." He repeated, and dragged his hands down his face as he stared at Hermione. She nodded, eyes going wide as she realized what this meant- for everyone.

"Well, it will work out, Harry." She sighed, and added, "We just need to figure out what to do." His friend's calm statement was all it took for Harry to start breathing again.

He picked up his bag and hers in one hand, and escorted her out of the hidden niche as he said "I'll do his stupid essay, and I'll try forget I saw anything out of the ordinary, right?" He shrugged, and Hermione patted his shoulder before going back to Ron, hopefully to calm his temper.

Harry watched them for a moment, then turned away, his eyes taking in the rest of the crowd as he tried to process what had happened to him in such a short period of time. This year was going to be… interesting.

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