Michiru held her breath when she saw Harukas car speeding around the corner at vicious speed

Michiru held her breath when she saw Harukas car speeding around the corner at vicious speed. "She's way too fast!" Hotaru cried out at Michirus left. Michiru shook her head. "No, she isn't, Hotaru. After all, she's racing. And about to win." Although Haruka and Michiru knew each other for almost a year now, it was the first time that Michiru watched one of Harukas races. And she was scared out of her wits about her companion. When Haruka drifted around a curve, the heck of her car sheered out for a moment, and Michiru almost had a heart attack. "You're right." She then told Hotaru. "Haruka is driving too fast." "I don't want to see." Came Hotarus muffled voice. Michiru looked down in surprise, only to see that her adopted daughter pressed her rucksack against her face. Michiru giggled before returning her attention to the race. She just looked in the right time to see Haruka speeding over the finish line, of course as the winner. The blonde brought her car to a stop and got out, grinning over her triumph. She took off her helmet and waved over to the screaming girls. "Marry me!" could be heard, and Michiru shook her head. "If they only knew…" A slight smile appeared on the aqua haired girls face. She watched how Haruka received her trophy and her gold medal, and how the second and the third driver splashed her with champagne. However, Michiru didn't miss the slight angry look on the second driver's face, and suddenly she got worried about Haruka. The driver looked at the blonde with sheer hate in his dark eyes.

"Another one." Haruka said while putting the trophy on the shelf where already twelve others stood. Michiru smiled at her best friend and teased her: "We'll need a bigger shelf if you keep winning like that." Haruka just shrugged. "Than we'll buy one. I've got enough money, you know." Michiru sighed. "That was a joke, Haruka. Come on, gimme a smile!" Haruka grinned at her partner and vanished into the bathroom.

At the same time, Harukas biggest opponent, an american driver named Trevor Jackson, sat in his apartment and brooded over his enemy. "Damn that Tenoh guy", he angrily thought to himself while staring at a racing magazine that had Haruka on it's cover, smiling into the camera. "I just want to win the next race. If I don't, my contract won't be renewed anymore, and I'll be jobless." Suddenly, blinded with rage, Trevor grabbed the magazine and ripped it in two. He smashed the remaining parts of the magazine on his desk and screamed at it: "Why don't you just die, stupid asshole!" "Why don't you just kill him?" a voice in Trevor's head suddenly said. Trevor looked around hectically. "Who's there?" he asked fearfully. "You can't see me, Trevor. But that's not important. Just do as I tell you and kill the Tenoh guy." "But I can't  kill him!" Trevor shouted. "I'll be locked up!" "Than at least beat him half dead, so he won't be able to drive the next race." The voice suggested. Trevor considered this for a moment. "Okay", he then said. "I'll do it." And with that, he went into his bedroom and searched through his dresser, until he found heavy brass knuckles. Trevor smiled when he put them into his pocket and left his apartment.

"Haruka, darling, can you get the mail?" Michiru asked sweetly, her voice dripping with sugar. Haruka just sighed; if Michiru looked at her like that, she never was able to deny her something. "Sure." The blonde racer now said, grabbing the key to her and Michirus mailbox. "I'll be right back." And with that, Haruka left the apartment.

Trevor reached the house where Haruka's apartment was and entered it, trying to avoid all noises. Suddenly he heard heavy footsteps marching down the stairs, and a deep, husky voice hummed a tune. "I'm so lucky!" Trevor thought to himself. "It's Haruka!" He reached into his pocket and pulled out the brass knuckles, adjusting them to his right hand. Trevor put on a dark mask that only left his eyes visible and hid in the dark spot between mailboxes and the door to the cellar. Haruka came down the stairs, softly humming to herself, and unlocked her mailbox. Suddenly a very soft noise came from behind. Haruka spun around fast, but still not fast enough. A masked guy smashed his fist into her stomach, knocking the air out of her. Before Haruka could scream, he kicked her in the abdomen. Haruka fell to her knees gasping for air, knowing that the beating just started. And she was right. The unknown attacker hit her with his fists, the brass knuckles he wore digging deep into her cheeks, breaking teeth and her nose. Haruka wanted to scream for help, but before she even had been able to get enough air into her lungs, her attacker kicked her into the ribs. Haruka could hear them break; it sounded as if a frozen twig breaks under the weight of snow and ice. Haruka gasped when stinging pain ran through her lungs, and blood oozed from the corner of her mouth. Her attacker grabbed her collar and pulled her up until they were eye to eye. He looked at her for a moment before smashing the back of her head against the mailboxes. Haruka sank to the floor in a bloody heap, coughing and wincing. Her attacker just grinned before spitting on her, then he calmly walked away, leaving Haruka on the floor.

"What is taking her so long?" Michiru wondered. "Maybe I should send Hotaru to check on her." The aqua haired girl said aloud. "HOTARU!" she then yelled. "Yes Michiru-Mama?" the girl asked while skipping into the kitchen, where Michiru was making dinner. "Be so nice and look for you Haruka-papa, okay? She should be at the mailboxes." "Sure, mama!" With that, Hotaru dashed out of the apartment and down the stairs. Michiru went back to cooking, but she didn't cook long. Suddenly Hotaru burst into the kitchen, screaming and crying for her Michiru-mama. "Oh my God!" Michiru called out. "Hotaru, what happened?" "Haruka-papa…someone hurt her…" the girl cried. Michiru dropped everything she held and rushed down the stairs, only to find Haruka lying on the floor next to the mailboxes. "Haruka!" the sea senshi cried out, kneeling down next to her wounded friend. "What happened?" Haruka just coughed and shook her head. Michiru advised her adopted daughter to call an ambulance while pulling Haruka's head into her lap, gently stroking the bloody face of her friend. They stayed like that until the ambulance came.