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Chapter 1 – Slice of Home

The sun was very high in the sky when C.C. finally felt like rolling out of dreamland. Scratching her neck lazily, the green-haired girl looked about the bedroom, wondering where she was and whose house she broke into this time.

It took a few seconds for her to finally remember the ever-handsome Lelouch - who had once again locked her in the room no doubt. She really should find out about the room's lock combination (without the room's owner knowing of course) since he gets awfully paranoid about his sister or maid finding her in his room.

Throwing off the covers, C.C. sat on the messy bed for a while, wondering what she could do today. She had spent all of yesterday digging about Lelouch's room so that whenever the youth finally decided to wage war over his bed, she would have plenty of blackmail material readily available as ammunition.

The day before that had been mainly sleeping and playing on the computer until Lelouch dragged himself in from school and hogged all the electronic devices for whatever Black Knights-related work he did all the time.

Running a hand through her hair, C.C. felt a smile tug at the corner of her lips. If she ran out of things to do inside the bedroom, then what choice does she have but to venture outside the bedroom?

Crawling out of bed, she went for the locked door and extracted a few of Nunnally's hairpins from its hiding place in the bookshelf along the way.

Automatic sliding doors like the ones installed in this house usually have a manual opening lock somewhere just in case of power failure or other emergencies. C.C. took one long look at the door and prayed the hairpins would be enough to pick the lock.

Quiet as a thief and just as quick, she got the bedroom door unlocked and was soon prancing noiselessly down the hallway, completely ignoring the fact that she's running around with only one of Lelouch's white shirts on over her underwear.

She could hear the maid bustling about in the kitchen and knew for a fact that the siblings don't return until much later, thus with that knowledge in hand she started to peeking and often exploring all the rooms that she passed.

The first go took her to the bathroom and having been in there often enough, C.C. skipped it out of her exploration and went her merry way down the hall again.

It took two goes to find Nunnally's room and after that, five minutes to locate photo albums.

Lelouch never allowed others on to the knowledge that he's a Britannian Prince so photos of his past were rare and mostly inside private royal galleries. Obviously, Nunnally must have hidden a few from her brother's eyes if those that C.C. was currently flipping through were any proof.

She flipped through the photos with her usual expressionless face and her body sprawled out on Nunnally's floor after deeming herself too lazy to climb onto the bed. Once she had satisfied her curiosity enough, she carefully placed the albums back into place and started finding something else to do in the princess's room.

The maid's sudden inactivity in the kitchen alerted her first before the footsteps in the hallway and without a second thought, the witch dropped the teddy she was playing with, dove straight for her host's sister's bed and rolled herself underneath. She had just about managed to pull the dangling bed covers down before the maid opened the door.

Ten minutes later, C.C. silently rolled her golden eyes as the maid continued to clean the room. She silently wondered if how the woman would react if she crawled out now and more importantly how Lelouch would react if the maid found her.

Not that she would feel guilty about it, in fact just the opposite – she adores making the poor lad suffer from her little mess-ups. The bonus would be that nothing else is harmed in the process except for Lelouch's pride and dignity, both of which he has much too much of.

It seems like she would be here for quite a while so C.C. wriggled in her spot under the bed slightly, grabbed a forgotten teddy of Nunnally's and made herself comfortable with it as a pillow.

It took only one minute before she was asleep again after only one hour since she woke up.

It was past six when Lelouch got home to the smell of dinner cooking on the stove and Nunnally wheeling down the hall from her bedroom with a puzzled frown across her delicate features.

Lelouch was about to question upon the frown but was cut short when his darling little sister asked if the maid changed the air freshener.

"No, I didn't. Why?" the maid has answered over her cooking.

"My room smells of…" Nunnally started and Lelouch inched closer with curiosity as she tried to think of an answer.

"It's smells of C.C.-san"

Oh no…


And there goes Lelouch's book bag across the dinner table and straight for the floor as the prince dashed out of the room faster than the speed of light shouting, "It's fine, Nunnally. I'll handle it!"

To which his dear sister's only reply was, "handle what?"

Lelouch jumped through the doorway before it was even open halfway and slammed at the button in vain for it to close again.

He could just about hear Nunnally trying to wheel herself back down the hall after him out of curiosity when the door finally closed.

"Onii-sama?" Nunnally asked through the door, "What are you doing?"

"I'm getting rid of the smell for you." Lelouch partially lied. Partial because getting rid of C.C. is indeed get rid of the source of the smell.

He could just about imagine Nunnally's puzzled frown through the door and let out a breath of relief as the sound of her wheelchair moving away from the room finally came.

"C.C.!" He hissed as he moved about the room trying to find a hint of the witch's green hair.

"Oy!" He hissed louder as he fling open his sister's closet only to wince at the sight of the amount of girly-ness in the cupboard - frills, laces, ribbons, dressed, silk, sashes and pink cardigans – all too much for his masculine eyes to take all in one go. Gulping he started flicking the clothes aside hoping to find a green-haired witch lying curled up in there somewhere.

"This isn't funny anymore, C.C.!" Lelouch commented before adding, "I really should stop buying Nunnally dresses!"

"Did you say something, Onii-sama?" Nunnally's voice said out of nowhere and Lelouch yelped in surprise. When did she get back in front of the door again?

"Nothing, I didn't say…"

Suddenly there were rustling behind him and something clamped onto his leg like a monster dragging its victim down into its den.

Nunnally jumped as her brother emit a scream (that was bordering on girly) from her room, followed by a loud thump which she guessed was Lelouch collapsing onto her floor.

"Onii-sama, are you all right?" Nunnally asked worriedly and wondered if her wheelchair could be used to ram the door down. Perhaps if she propelled herself down the hall and gather up speed… It might destroy her chair, but anything for her brother's safety.

"Onii-sama?" She tried again and still no answer came. She started wheeling backwards down the hall. It's Nunnally versus Door, Round One. Battle St….

"I'm fine, Nunnally!" Lelouch's voice rang out and his sister let out a sigh of relief before inwardly frowning at losing the chance of acting heroic.

"But you screamed, Onii-sama!" She commented worriedly.

"I was just startled…. By a cockroach." Lelouch answered smoothly and charmingly asked her to help Sayako-san prepare dinner claiming he enjoys the meal much more when he knows his dear little sister helped.

Inwardly huffing and outwardly sighing in obedience, Nunnally silently wheeled away to the kitchen where she doubt she could do much to help with dinner especially when the stoves and countertops are shoulder height.

C.C. stared at the boy in front of her with a frown, "I am not a cockroach."

She crossed her arms over her chest and silently wished Cheese-Kun was here for her to hug.

Lelouch frowned at her. Since he had tried and tested the hard way of ordering her around doesn't work, maybe the soft way would.

"You're not, but your ability to exist no matter the amount of abuse inflicted upon you makes you similar to one." He said softly, thus making the witch wonder if he meant it as an insult or compliment. His hand reached over and gently brushed off a fluff of dust on her head whilst she schooled her face to remain emotionless.

"What were you doing in my sister's room? Under her bed as well." He asked, his fingers running through strands of her hair. She had to admit, it felt nice and she's willing to bet that many girls would be turning to mush at this point.

But C.C. wasn't any normal girl.

Nope. Normal girls would blush and lean into the boy's hand. But C.C.? C.C. would lean over, pluck the boy's cell phone from his pockets and sit back to dial a number.

Confused, Lelouch could only stare as the phone was answered and C.C. started talking.

"I would like an extra large pepperoni pizza with…"

"C.C.! You haven't answered my question and you are not getting any pizza!" Lelouch growled loudly. Ditch the soft approach, the stupid girl's too frustrating to waste his patience on.


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