This is just a test, because I need to get the Stress of work & life out of my system. I got the idea from another author that got the idea first (his/her name tag is "Animelover100"). It's a Crossover of FF8 & FF7. This be my tribute to his/her story, since I loved the plot, but not so much the redaction (I'm really picky with it).

Also, to prevent confusion I'll be changing the name of the fic, ok?

Ok. Let's see how this works.





It had been no more than six months since Cloud and friends had saved the world once again from the clutches of the revived Sephiroth, through Kadaj's intervention.

Tifa & Cloud had decided to close the bar and move back to Niflheim, receiving Shinra's mansion as thanks from Rufus for the whole incident. There they had stayed with Vincent for a while, until he was chased away by a very hyperactive brunette that claimed to 'feel for him' as she had so shamelessly pour out during the goodbye party they had had at the bar. Surely Yuffie had been drunk enough to lose all inhibitions (not that she needed much anyway).

And so, the poor ex-Turk had fled from the petit woman who had kept pushing him for an answer ever since.

As thing turned out, Tifa and Cloud had spent the last two months in each other's company, since Marlene and Denzel where mostly at school.

Tifa sighed. She couldn't believe that she was such a coward. Sure, she had helped to save the world twice already, but for the love of Gaia, she couldn't tell the man beside her, her true feelings for him. She risked a glance at Cloud who in that moment was fixing the front door, he was so focused in his own work that never noticed her glance. The swordsman kept a small smile pasted on his face, and Tifa knew it was sincere. It had took him more than 5 years to learn to let go and actually enjoy life without kicking himself every day for what he had done in the past. As time went bye, he regained the charm he always had as a child, and as a product of that, he started smiling more often. Not two weeks ago, she had felt herself falling headfirst for him again when Cloud roared in laughter with one of Marlene and Denzel' antics.

His sole smile was enough to melt her insides.

She sighed again.

"You ok there, Tifa?" she came back to reality when cloud called her; he had finally turned to her and was staring back as heat burned in her cheeks.

"Ah… umm… yes, perfectly!" she chided, trying to cover up for her mistake.

"Ok…" he mumbled not believing her. "Hey, what is that?" Cloud pointed to a shiny dot in the ground. As Tifa turned to see what he meant, she came across a strange object on the ground beside her.

The object was silvery and shined as sun light hit on the surface. It was a lion shaped pendant, hanging on a pretty simple silver chain; Cloud walked and crouched by her side, taking the chain in a firm grip. "what could this be?" he asked

"A pendant no doubt. But what is it doing here?" she glanced at the pendant and stood up when her friend did.

"Do you think it's Denzel's?"Cloud asked. Tifa's brows furrowed in confusion 'she had never seen in on her adopted son's possession

"Well it surely isn't Marelene's"

Right at that moment, they both heard Denzel's and Marlene's screaming "Tifa! Cloud! We're back". Both kids smiled when crossing the path to the house, running right at their foster parents. Cloud took the pendant in his hand, ready to shovel it in his pocket and ask Denzel about it later. Only he had no time.

As soon as his fingers crept around the pendant, he was engulfed in a potent light that made all in the garden close their eyes, to avoid being blinded by the bright light. The last he knew was that his beloved friend Tifa shouted his name in fright "CLOUD!!" then all went black.

Both kids and Tifa saw powerlessly as Cloud was surrounded by a light emitted by the pendant and disappeared an instant later. "CLOUD!!" Tifa shouted running to here the love of her life had been, only to grab the pendant out of the air as it fell. After an equally bright flash, Tifa was gone.