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WARNING: Mature themes ahead: sexuality and rape, also death of a character.




Cloud ran in a haste, not exactly knowing where he was going; but he didn't need to, he could actually feel the danger as he approached the last door on the corridor. He kicked the door open and found that his worst fear were true.

Tifa laid on the bed naked and bounded to the steel frame of the bed, her mouth was covered by tape; right above her was Squall, his member still deep in her, he was looking him straight in the eyes "Welcome friend, care to join?" he smiled sincerely. Rinoa chose to arrive at that moment "Ah! You brought your girlfriend… good, good, now we all can start an orgy" those where the last sentences he pronounced before a fist collided with his face, breaking his nose. He retreated in pain, clutching his nose and cursing. Yet a word barely escaped his mouth when another iron fist collided against his ribs, pushing through the ribcage and into one of his lungs, making him collapse.

Cloud turned to Tifa and broke her free; he then took off his shirt and helped her put it on. "Everything is fine now babe, I'm here now". Still shaking, she threw herself into his chest and let out the tears she had been holding up until then.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't move… I'm so sorry…" she apologized in between sobs, braking her man's hearth.

"It's all right dear, I wasn't your fault" he soothed while his warm hands caressed her back. "Everything is fine now"

"Watch out!" Rinoa shouted from the doorway; the swordsman turned around to find Squall raising his gunblade against him, his eyes were blood-shot.

Without so much as a grunt, the blond man single-handedly unsheathed one of his swords and blocked the attack; he used his previous movement to push the gunblade into the ceiling and landed a powerful blow with the flat side of his sword on the other's head. "Be silent" he bellowed, promptly returning to soothing his girlfriend.

In a short period of time, the whole FF8 crew was on the corridor watching the scene with non-believing wide eyes.

"Rinoa, what the hell in going on!?" shouted Quistis and gasping once she looked at the scene inside Squall's room. It wasn't hard to guess what had happen with the commander's limp and naked body slumped against a wall, and the new comer male hugging and saying kind words to her mate. "Damn it Squall, what have you done?" she croaked at the verge of tears "Irvine quickly, bring me a blanket. Zell, you get this disgusting bastard out here" she ordered while pointing at her former commander.

Zell was rooted to his spot; During their previous fight, he had gained a hell lot of respect for the raven-haired woman that was tough enough to face and beat him at his own game… the fact she was now sobbing and trembling like a leaf ignited his hate. "You bastard!" he shouted landing a clean kick in Squall's gut "I should kill you for this!" he landed another kick, now to his former mate's groin; grabbing Squall by the hair he pulled him out of the room.

Ten seconds later Irvine got back with a bundle of warm blankets with Selphie on his heels. She was about to ask what had happened, when Rinoa got to her and whispered "Squall raped Tifa".

"That bastard!" the petit girl roared marching out to meet Zell while picking her nuchaku along the way.

"I'm really sorry Tifa" Rinoa sobbed from the doorway "I should have known"

"Yes you should have" Cloud snapped "Now get out of here before I kick you out!" the girl jumped in fright: Cloud's eyes were shimmering with hate.

"Come dear, we need to get you to the infirmary" said Quistis gently patting the other girl's back.

"Show me the way, I'll take her" the warrior lifted his girlfriend bridal-style and followed the other woman.

"Cloud..." Tifa whispered into his neck "thank you for saving me" she said and fell asleep.

"No problem, love"


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