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Chapter One – Once Upon a Time

Fairytales are stories with a magical element. They are tales of disbelief and wonder, yarns of fantasy, adventures of heroes and fables of mythical creatures. They are narratives of dashing princes, chivalrous knights, sleeping princesses, powerful wizards and epic battles.

The story I'm about to tell you will have the same things. For the role of the prince, I shall have the prince of Orb who loved a fairy. For the chivalrous knight, I present thee, a wooden puppet that rescued a damsel. A princess who fell for an enemy knight will fulfil the role of the sleeping princess. And finally, I pick, for the wizard, a beast that was tamed by a beauty.

And this is my fairytale.

He walked down the corridor, his footsteps silenced by the plush carpet beneath his feet. Around him, the noblemen and knights bowed their heads as he passed by. On a normal occasion, he would ask for them to cease the formality even though they never obeyed that request.

Beside him, trailing only a few steps behind, Meer walked cheerily whilst humming a tune to herself. She was having difficulty with the long purple dress she chose to wear today so was forced to hitch the skirts up slightly to walk. It didn't spoil her usual bubbly mood though, as can be seen when she made sure she gave everyone they passed, a bright sugary smile.

"Meer," he said gently.

"Father?" she asked skipping the few steps so that she was beside him.

"Please, walk sensibly." He requested.

"Yes, father," she chirped and immediately adopted what she called a 'princess' walk. Her hand folded neatly in front of her dress, her back and shoulders straight and her steps elegantly small and neat. It made her trail even more behind but he was more than happy to wait if it helps her act more like a proper princess.

The guards by the door bowed their heads at him and then reached forward to open the large doors. Light flooded his senses and the eruption of noise was incredible. The crowd grew even louder as they began to cheer and chant.


"Come, Meer."

"Yes, father" she answered, her bright blue eyes dancing with the excitement of being the centre of attention.


Together, they walked out onto the top of the large stairway and the crowd at the bottom cheered even louder.


He smiled and waved at his people. Meer happily mimicked his actions but with much more energy and fervour - the image of a perfectly innocent and cute princess who loves her people.

He raised a hand and the men beside him raised the flags. Instantly the audience grew quiet, eager for the words of their ruler.

"People of ZAFT! Once again, another season has passed us by." He said clearly and loudly, his voice amplified by the magic he channelled into his mouth. Meer smiled and ran her eyes over their audience, obviously not listening to his words at all. He ignored her and continued his speech - carefully summarising the events of the past season and the expectations of the new season.

"Alas, spring is finally with us. A season of growth and youth, and a season of beauty, and most importantly, another season in which we will strive for the future. The Earth Alliance has dragged this war on for so long. Our homes have been challenged again, and again, and our families put in danger more often than we wish. We have fought at our borders many times and will continue to until this war ends and the Earth Alliance surrenders to our country!"

There was an instant blast of insults thrown through the crowd about their enemy.

Durandal raised his arms again and a hush fell over the crowd again with the exception of a few crying infants. "I too, share the same anguish. I too, feel for you. However I have piece of good news for you, my people."

He waved his hand and a dozen soldiers came out from behind him. "I present you, the newest knights of the season! And here," Durandal placed his hand on the shoulder of a young man's shoulder. He was already in the knight's uniform and armour thus making him stand out among all the other soldiers. "I present you, the newest FAITH knight, Sir Athrun Zala!"

The applause was enormous as Meer reached forward and pinned a platinum winged badge on the young man's armour.

"Now, my people, you can let your hearts be at peace. As more knights join the battle, the faster this war will finish and the faster for peace will return to this land."


Once upon a time, there were three kingdoms: Earth Alliance - the land of origins, ZAFT – the land of enhancements and Orb – the land of acceptance.

The Earth Alliance, the land of origins, was where all humans originated from and even now it still contains the largest population of the three kingdoms. However, many years ago a branch of magic users stemmed from the main population and using their abilities, manipulated the human body before it was brought to the world. Thus ZAFT, the kingdom of enhancements was born.

Humans born with the enhancements have heightened abilities and parents were given a choice upon how their child was to look like. However, their magical enhancements made them scorned by those without the changes – the Naturals. Their beliefs were that the body is not an item to be tampered. They disagreed and finally forced the magically changed humans into exile.

Hurt and angry, the exiles formed together and created the kingdom of ZAFT. Quickly building their numbers and shaping a land for themselves, the Coordinators, as they chose to call themselves, fought back against the Naturals.

And that is how the Great War between the two kingdoms started and later created Orb, the land of acceptance. The land where both Coordinators and Naturals are accepted and where humans, wishing for a life without war and do not mind being with the other kind, lived.

"Once upon a time?" A blonde sneered and her maid gasped at the expression. "Once upon a time? I thought this was a history book!"

The maid quickly glanced about, worried that others could see her mistress's outburst. "Princess Cagalli! Please! The others could hear you!"

Cagalli rolled her eyes and started reading the book again. The maid let out a sigh of relief and returned to her stitching. Bored, Cagalli skimmed over the pages and quickly started to flip idly through the book, pausing a few times to looks at the maps and pictures.

"Your highness, should you not be reading?" the maid inquired, "His majesty did mention that further studying of our history could help you in our political affairs."

"I've read it all before," Cagalli said with a wave of her hand. She closed the book with a disappointed sigh. She has read it before but in another history book. The only reason she opened this book in the first place was because it was the only book she could find in the Orb castle library that was not biased and not written in Orb's point of view.

Twirling a strand of ribbon that was woven into her hair, Cagalli tried to find some other form of entertainment. Her eyes wandered outside to the training grounds.


"Yes, your highness?"

"When is my dress fitting?"

"About a half hour's time, your highness." Marie paused her stitching as the princess got up from the window seat. "Your highness, where are you going?"

Cagalli tapped her lower lip thoughtfully then smiled, "out for a walk."

"Princess Cagalli? Your highness? Cag-w-w-wait for me!"

Kira examined the blade presented to him closely. "It's not very balanced."

The soldier in front of him cast him confused looks and Kira smiled before pointing at the blade's hilt. "It's too heavy here. You put too many fancy designs on it. Try to get a blacksmith to look at it."

"Yes, your Highness," the soldier said as he took the sword back.

"Ask Lord Argyle to bring you to the royal forge. They could do something with the weight and if you want decorations on the hilt, ask a metal-mage. They should be able to get you something lighter."

"Yes, your Highness."

"Kira!" A voice at the other end of the training ground shouted and Kira turned to greet his friend with a grin.


"Lord Argyle!" the soldier quickly greeted, bowing his head. The young man waved his formality aside and adjusted his glasses.

"Good that you're here, Sai. Take Mitchell over to the royal forge and get them to look at his sword."

Sai raised an eyebrow over his orange glasses. "Is that an order, your highness?"

The prince laughed, "No, it's a request from a friend."

Sai shrugged. "I was going over there anyway. I just came over to tell you that your soldiers are slacking at the other end."

The young prince frowned and turned to the direction Sai was talking about. "Cagalli…"

Sure enough, his twin sister was at the other end of the courtyard, thrashing soldiers' butts and causing utter mayhem for her maids. For a princess, Cagalli was different. She was brash, confident, loud and very much a tomboy. Another thing that marks her out from other princesses would be her ability to armourize.

A faded rouge shield flashed into view as she blocked a soldier's blow and deftly flipped the soldier over her shoulder so that he crash a few feet behind her.

Kira sighed loudly and walked over.

"Have fun, Kira!" Sai called as he ushered Mitchell away from the training grounds. Mitchell stared at the lord with then shook his surprised thoughts out of his head. It was only normal, he told himself. Due to lack of children being in the higher-class population of Orb, the young Lord Sai Argyle, son of Orb's Minister of Trade, had been friends with the young prince since children and was possibly one of the few that dared utter the prince's name in such an informal manner.

Kira grimaced as another of his soldiers flew into the dirt due to his sister's actions. Thankfully, the soldier had armourized a split second before he landed so he wasn't injured.

He peered at the nearest soldier who was lying on the ground with no intention of getting up - he knew they were better than this for even the weakest soldier present here could be an even match for Cagalli if he tried hard enough.

But as society rules apply, his sister is a princess and all his men would rather lose their pride from being beaten by a girl than hurt the heir of Orb. Cagalli probably knew this too, which might explain her frustration as she fought one soldier after another.

"Cagalli, I think this is enough." Kira said gently from the sidelines as he helped a soldier from the ground.

The princess seemed to notice him for the first time and stopped mid-action. She panted slightly and a maid rushed forward to mop her brow. Cagalli roughly shrugged her away. "I'm bored, Kira. Train with me?"

Her brother shook his head. "No, Cagalli, your maids are waiting. Is it not time for your dress fitting?"

"Eh?" Cagalli glanced up at the clock tower and swore, causing her maids to wince and the men to laugh. "Stupid dress! Why can't I just be a boy?"

The princess rushed away, de-armourizing as she exited the grounds. The rouge armour flashed from her body to leave her in her normal physical appearance. Her poor maids hurried after her with Marie, Cagalli's personal maid, being the only one that could just about keep up with the physically fit princess - being the Cagalli's personal maid includes keeping up with the princess all the time. It was to no wonder that Marie could run faster than the rest.

Kira laughed at his sister's retreating figure. They have always been close and contrary to popular belief; he never envied Cagalli's position as the next ruler of Orb. He knew she will make a great queen and that he was not ruling material. All he really wanted was a simple life and being his sister's trusted right hand man was as simple a life, a prince of his status could obtain.

He looked up at the clouds in the sky floating leisurely by. He felt sorry for his sister sometimes. All the pressure of being the heir and all the political affairs she must attend. So much that she likes to 'escape' the princess role and become just the opposite of an elegant princess - a loud tomboy who fought and played rough with the soldiers in her brother's squadron.

Kira smiled and ordered his men back to work.

Cagalli will become a great queen one day, in her own way. It was never a rule for queens to be elegant creatures anyway.


If Cagalli was to become queen then what of his future? Where will he be? No doubt, the entire kingdom was talking of them already. What, with their eighteenth birthday coming up, it was only natural for others to start wondering whom their future other half will be. Already, Kira was experiencing more love letters and female attention than any men in the kingdom. It was strange and awkward for him since he never really liked attention.

"Your highness! Letter for you!" somebody shouted and a pink envelope was presented to him. His soldiers snickered and Kira frowned at the small hearts that dotted the envelope's borders. He frowned even more as he recognised the slanted girlish handwriting at the front.

Flay Allstar.

He had left his men to practice their defensive routines as he wandered back to his office in the training area's buildings. Kira fingered the rosy pink letter in his hand. Lady Flay Allstar, daughter of the Minister of Trade of the Earth Alliance.

She frequently came to Orb with her father when he needed to discuss trade matters with Orb. Her mother was from a recognized family in Orb and it was only in the recent years that Flay decided to move here temporarily to attend Orb's School of Arts.

Kira slid a nail under the flap of the envelope. He liked Flay. She was pretty, talented in music and dance and was great with people - at least if they were Naturals though she tolerated Coordinators relatively well as long as they were residents of Orb.

She was sweet in her own way and came from a good lineage. He really did like her and this wasn't the first letter she had sent his way.

Kira sank in his seat and leant back so that the back of his chair hit the wall.

But it doesn't feel right. Flay is… he cares for Flay. He really, truly does.

Yet it feels strange - as if there is something missing. It was a silly way of thinking and he'll never share it with anyone since they'll, no doubt, only laugh. Cagalli might understand but then again, she never liked Flay. The two never really got along very well.

He lifted the letter and touched the girlish scrawl of his name. Something was… not here. It was missing. But what?

Carefully he sat forward and held the letter over the desk, over the candle.

Kira watched, as the corners of the pink envelope turn black and caught fire.

The flames quickly ate the little hearts and its tongues soon licked off his name too. He dropped the letter and left it to burn on the stone floor.

He can never have her anyway. She was Sai's fiancée.


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