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Chapter Thirty – Drip, drip drop when the sky is cloudy

"Shinn, we should go back. We waited here for a week," Rey announced almost irritably as he watched the raven-haired boy paced the inside of their bedroom. Even Luna, who had been an avid admirer of Sir Zala, was starting to become gloomy on this mission.

"We could wait a few more days," insisted Shinn. "He's only two days late in reporting to us."

Rey frowned deeply, he was a stickler to rules and was highly displeased that Shinn insisted they wait for Zala when it was rather obvious to them that he was not going to appear. The blond appealed to Luna for help, "Lunamaria, try to reason with him."

Luna, who was busy repairing a rip in her spare shirt, peered up and paused her sewing with a sigh, "Maybe we can wait another day. It's not like Sir Zala to miss scheduled dates like these. I'm sure something must be holding him back or…"

Since she had difficulty voicing her words, Rey finished the sentence for her, "He could be caught, imprisoned and dead. Our stay here is not safe anymore."

Shinn thought for a while then shook his head and stubbornly insisted on prolonging their stay for another day before forcefully 'winning' the argument by escaping the room.

Rey groaned and ran a hand through his hair whilst Luna gave him a weak smile, "One more day couldn't hurt us that much, can it?"

Shinn huffed outside, shivering at the misty rain and wondering if it would ruin his dramatic exit too much if he went back inside to fetch his jacket.

He could not believe that he actually nearly begged to stay just for Athrun. Stupid Zala! What kind of knight is he? Being late in reporting back. Hmph, why was he a knight and not Shinn?

He was so focused on grumbling that he almost failed to see the girl in front of him. "Stellar!"

The blonde blinked up at him, hair wet from the rain and water dripping from her bangs.

"What are you doing without a coat?" he asked, noticing her shivering shoulders. He reached forward and clamp onto her arm before pulling her out of the misty rain and into a sheltered doorway of a nearby house. "It's cold out here, you fool."

Then to his horror, she shrieked and fought desperately to wrench her arm free from him. "Let Stellar go!" she wailed, hands scratching the air and nearly clawing his face.

"What's wrong?" he managed to asked in between her screaming before she lashed out with her legs and kicked him in the knee. Reflexively, Shinn dropped hold of her hand to nurse his limb.

"What is wrong with you, girl?" he cried and tried to catch hold of her again. She was too nimble for him and slipped out of his hold. "Stellar! Oh, curses. Wait up!"

He chased her down the street but she was surprisingly fast so the only way he caught up with her in the end was because she rounded a corner too sharply and ended up slipping and falling into the mud.

"Stellar!" he gasped, trying to help her up but she turned to him with wide horrified eyes.

"Leave Stellar alone. Stellar doesn't know you," she whimpered, dragging herself backwards through the mud in attempt to put as much distance between them as possible.

"What are you talking about? I'm Shinn, remember?"

"Shinn?" she whimpered with her hand raised so that her knuckles brushing her lips uncertainly.

Just when he thought she remembered him, she threw a clump of mud in his face and ran.

"Stellar!" another voice shouted.

"Auel! Sting!" the blonde shouted back and dove in the latter's arms.

Auel wrinkled his nose in distaste at the state of Stellar's clothes and took a step away from the two, "What happened to you? Why are you all muddy?"

"A stranger was chasing after Stellar!" the girl cried and shrieked when Shinn came over, wiping mud angrily off his face.

"Sting, was it? What's wrong with her? She can't remember me and she threw mud at me."

The two boys stared at each other then finally Auel asked, "Who are you?"

"I'm…" Shinn started then what they asked hit him like a hammer. They didn't know who he is? But they were the ones he met when he returned Stellar last time, weren't they? He could understand if they don't remember his name but he figured they at least recognise his face. After all, how many young men in this world run around saving idiots from duck ponds?

"Do you know him, Sting?"

Sting furrowed his brows then unpeeled Stellar from his clothes, grimacing at the mud that's now covering his shirt. "I've never seen him before."

"I'm Shinn… do you not remember m-" his sentence was cut off when he spotted Athrun, tired and soaking wet (obviously from flying through rain) stumbling round the corner of the street.

"Athrun!" he started to yell but then remembered about the mysterious trio he was talking to. He turned around, hoping to say something that could jog their memory but they were gone, halfway down the street and leaving behind a confused coordinator to stare at their backs.

Both Luna and Rey stared when Athrun came through the door and Shinn fought to hold down a smug grin – who was right now, Za Burrel?

"Athrun!" Luna gasped then stood up, slightly confused as to what she was suppose to do. Salute? Clap him on the shoulder and scold him for making them worry? Poke him to see if he's real?

Rey merely stood up and started looking through their belongings to see if there was any spare clothes Athrun could change into.

"We need to go," Athrun said wearily, accepting the towel Shinn threw at him and started to rub his hair dry.

"Now?" asked Rey, handing the taller male a change of clothes.

"I've been discovered," explained the knight and if the others found it strange that he blatantly left out the detail of exactly who discovered him, they didn't show it. "This isn't a safe place to stay anymore."

The other boys nodded and Luna took it upon herself to go downstairs to arrange a quick departure of the inn. She paused on the stairway and walked back.

"Athrun, can you still fly?"

"I've been flying for thirty hours straight, I think I can continue for a little while longer…"

Luna frowned. "I think you should rest."

"We can't do that!" Shinn protested but Rey surprisingly agreed with their female member.

"Luna is right. A few hours rest would do you good, Sir Zala and perhaps a meal. It wouldn't do any harm especially with the weather like this," Rey pointed out whilst drawing aside the curtains of the window he was standing beside.

The sky was grey and dark whilst raindrops pelted diagonally against the glass of the window.

Rey pull a forced grin. "I don't know about you but I don't quite fancy flying and getting struck by lightning..."

Durandal leant back in his seat, settling his head against the headrest tiredly whilst Meer narrate for the third (or possibly the fourth? He wasn't really keeping track) time how the intruder appeared in her room and what he did.

"I am the fairy of Clyne, aren't I, father?" Meer asked, worriedly wringing the ends of her sleeves, desperate for him to agree with her.

"Of course, Meer," he answered and she sighed in relief. He smiled gently and picked up her red Haro which has rolled across the desk towards him. If the girl wanted to cling to the silly illusion that she truly is the fairy of Clyne then let her. True, he did create her to resemble the fairy but ultimately it seemed like this experiment of his was a failure. No matter how closely he made her to be like the fairy, she was not the fairy.

He rolled the Haro from one hand to another. It squeaked and flapped it's ears energetically whilst he sank even further into his chair. No matter how great his powers were, he still couldn't create a being like a Clyne.

He smiled wearily and Meer, now having ran out of things to prattle about, watched nervously from her seat. If he can't create a being like a Clyne then the only way his plan could go on is if he found a Clyne, yes?

"Tell me about this boy again, Meer," he asked, setting the Haro down and rolling it towards her.

She shifted uncomfortably in her seat. "He said I'm not the fairy,"

"And why was he looking for the fairy? Did he tell you?"

"No," answered Meer, feeling even more uncomfortable now that she knew she disappointed her father in giving him the answer he so wanted.

"It matters not," he laughed softly and dismissed the princess with a wave of his hand.

A boy who is seeking the fairy. How… interesting…

Stellar blinked her eyes wearily as she hugged her blanket around her shoulders and slipped into the bedroom next door.

"Auel?" she asked the darkness around her but the boy was sound asleep in the bed to her right. She tiptoed to his bedside and touched his shoulder, nudging him softly. "Auel? Stellar had a nightmare."

The boy grumbled something in his sleep then simply rolled over and ignored her. She turned and tried Sting instead. "Sting? Can Stellar sleep with you?"

Sting grunted and pressed his face into his pillow. "What's wrong with your own bed?"

"Stellar had a nightmare," she whispered as if that was reason enough for him to scoot over and make space for him.

"Go back to bed, Stellar," the green-haired boy yawned and fell back into dreamland once more.

Hugging her blanket around her, she bit her lip and wondered if Sting would be angry if she forcefully pushed him aside to make room for her. Should she try Auel again? It's raining and she doesn't want to be alone in her bedroom, hearing the raindrops patter against her window. At least the flashes in the sky and rumbling thunder was gone now…

Quietly, she tiptoed over to Auel. "Auel, can Stellar sleep with you?"

She heard a noise and was going ask Auel to repeat what he said but realised the noise wasn't from the boy at all.

"Sting?" she tried but it wasn't Sting either so she tried the only other name she remembered. "Neo?"

There was the noise again.

Where was it coming from? Oh! The window.

She nuzzled the curtains aside with her nose and peeked outside, spotting two strangers outside wearing thick hooded long coats. Curious and confident she was safe as long as she was in the same house as Neo, she pressed her nose against the window pane and watched.

They were talking about something, almost fighting but she couldn't quite hear their words.

"…this way!"

"… rain is muddling up your sense of direct…"

"..don't be… back of my hand…"

"Matters not… we're all heading to…"

"…dreadful weather…"


Suddenly one of the figures threw the hood of his cloak back and Stellar was surprised to see the black-haired boy from earlier that day.

"Put it back on!"

"Can't see with it… stop fussing…"

Who was the boy? How does he know Stellar? Should she tell Neo that he's outside?

"Auel?" she whispered, reaching over and tugging on the edge of his blanket. "That boy is outside."

"Stop fussing, Luna! I'm not going to die from a little rain."

Her hand froze. Die? She turned back and stared down at the two figures with horrified eyes. Die? Did he say 'die'? Who is going to die? The boy?

"Your voice is too loud, Shinn."

Die? Shinn? He's called Shinn? Shinn is going to die?

"I get it. Dying is scary. Yes. Now please calm down!"

"Who said that?" she whispered aloud, suddenly feeling a pain in her head. "Stellar's head hurts. Is Stellar going to die?"




"It's okay. I'll save you! You won't die! I'll swim and save you!"





"Why are you talking in Stellar's head? Who said that?" she whimpered and beside her, Auel started to stir in his bed.

He lifted his head groggily, hair messy and eyes barely open. "What are you crying about, you idiot?"

"What is wrong with you, girl?"

"Nothing is wrong with Stellar. Stellar is healthy. Stellar doesn't want to die," she sputtered out as she held her head tight between her hands. Maybe if she pressed hard enough, it'll stop trying to explode?

"I'm Shinn."

"Shinn?" she tried, testing the name's sound as it rolled off her tongue. "Shinn? Shinn. Shinn? Shinn?"







"It's okay. I'll save you! You won't die! I'll swim and save you!"

Auel was definitely awake now and he reached out of his bed and poked her in the arm. "Stellar, what are you crying abou-"

"Stellar must protect Shinn!" the blonde suddenly cried and with a flash, black armour appeared on her body.


CRAAAASH and Stellar in Gaia armour just leapt through the window.


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