My hundredth fanfiction. I am so freaking excited right now, it's ridiculous... so I thought the theme of this oneshot was appropriate. Now, send me lots of reviews so you can be a part of my 100th fic celebration!

"Lady Glinda, I laid a dress out for you. It's on your bed." The maid smiled but said, "You should hurry, we're already late."

Glinda the Good Witch nodded. "Thank you, dearie," she said tiredly, running a hand over her blonde curls. As she walked toward her bed, she noticed a wand sitting on her desk. It was not the ornate one she normally carried (that one did not actually function. The only thing she had ever managed to accomplish with it was smacking herself upside the head). It was a simple, plain training wand. On a whim she picked it up.

She felt a tingle shoot down her back. She looked down at the plain dress she was wearing, much more practical than the gowns she war in public. She thought of another time, years ago. She had only tried the spell once, and it hadn't worked then.

She flicked the wand at herself, saying the word: "Ballgown" quietly enough so the maid wouldn't notice if she failed. But she didn't. The plain creme dress she had been wearing transformed itself into an elaborate pink dress with puffed sleeves and a wide skirt.

That was when she started to laugh, so hard she almost cried. She had done it! What would Madame Morrible say to her now? Morrible, who had never believed in her. Morrible who had thought she would never be able to accomplish anything with her magic.

But she had. She had made something plain into something beautiful.

Achievement was never sweeter.