Gone By Night

Gone By Night

Troy and Gabriella had been together for at least one year

They were happy with each other

The day Gabriella meets Troy's family is the day that everything changes

Both of their grandpa's have hated each other over something they both consider


What will the 18 year old couple do when their told they can't be together?

Over something that is always two different stories

From two different people

But nothing can help their families

So they just help themselves instead

And are 'Gone By Night' together forever

3 years later

Living together away from their family

Away from the conflict

With everything they could ever want


And a very little something else they love dearly!

Their little baby girl!

After all these years things have changed for their families

After they left

Their families began to realize what they've lost

And want it all back

They haven't heard from the kids since they left 3 years ago

And one faithful day Gabby bumps into her father

He convinces them to do something they had been running away from

Their families

But everything is not a smooth as they'd have liked

Find out all about Troyella's bumpy life in an all new story

By India Heath and my Co. writer R.M

Coming soon to a monitor near you!