Harry Potter and His Sister

Harry Potter and His Sister


Raven Hufflepuff

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To my reviewers: Thanks and to the reviewer who asked if Forge and Gred know who Angus is no, they were shocked by Raven's being Harry's twin sister. And I don't think Raven is willing to be Draco's girlfriend. I think Draco's cool for a snake but Raven's too smart for Draco. I'm leaning towards Raven being bisexual. Review to answer who I'll get Raven to be their girlfriend.

Chapter Three:

Raven sat in the Potions classroom and she sat in the first row next to her friend Luna Lovegood who was in the fourth year. To most of the Ravensclaw students they made an odd couple. Luna was known to be weird and an airhead yet very smart and Raven was known to be the salt of the earth type and she had loads of common sense and was the second smartest witch in her generation and the first was Hermione Granger, one quarter of the Golden Trio. They made an excellent study of contrasts, too. Both were rather beautiful and both were not aware of it. Raven had flame colored hair and flashing green eyes that changed hues subtly with her moods. Luna had blonde hair and blue eyes. Raven bobbed and weaved like a boxer when she walked and Luna moved like a graceful dancer when she moved. Raven had a dry sense of humor. Luna didn't seem to have a sense of humor.

Professor Serverus Snape came in. He walked towards the blackboard and he began with," Open your books to page 104." Then he turned to face the class and he saw Raven for the first time. He stared at her. "Who are you?" he asked, totally out of character.

"I'm Raven." She said, monotone. She was a Teen Titans fan and she loved the cartoon. She often used TT's Raven's voice to tease her friends and she was teasing Snape, and she loved it.

"Raven what?" Snape asked.

"My family name is Potter."

"You look like your mother. I knew her."

"My brother told me about you, Professor Snape."

"Miss Potter, I don't want to talk about Mr. Potter."

"Yes. He told me you would say that."

A.N.: these few first chapters are supposed to reveal the characters' reactions to Raven. So how am I doing? Snape is totally disarmed by Raven. I LOVE IT!!