1Beaches and Birthdays

A/N: Decided to do a VirgilxZeke oneshot since people liked my first one so much.

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It was his birthday, August 12, and hardly no-one remember. Well, nobody but his parents, that is. His mother tried to get him to go outside and have fun with his friends. "How about if you go outside and go hang out with Charlie and Virgil?" she asked him. " Nope." he simply said. There was a reason why didn't want to see the blond in the first place.

Ever since he met Virgil, he's had it bad for him. From thinking about him through the day to having certain dreams about him, he couldn't let ho of him. It's why he's always distant from Virgil. Not mention his love was with Stephanie.

Zeke walked out of his house, finally taking his mother's advice about going outside. Walking to the beach, which was near, he thought about his feelings of the blond, and why he had pushed him away in the past. Sighing, he sat down, ignoring the fact that he was going to have sand all over him later.

After staying there for a while, got up and took off his sneakers and socks. Walking into the water, he enjoyed the feeling of the cool liquid on his feet, relieving him of the scorching heat. He had always loved the water, and was enjoying the wonderful silence when he saw a familiar figure coming towards him.

"Hey Zeke." Virgil said, smiling. "Oh, hey. Aren't you supposed to be with Mr. Einstein today watching a special on how the Earth was made?" he said sarcastically. He wasn't particularly fond at people ruining his peace, but since it was him, he let it go. "Uh, no. He decided to go somewhere with his mom. Apparently, they went to look at samples of mpss at some museum somewhere." Virgil said. "Well, what about Stephanie? I'm sure you wouldn't want to waste a Saturday with her."said Zeke, narrowing his eyes.

He wasn't sure why he was so anxious to get rid of him today. Maybe because his hair was slightly messed up and he looked so damn adorable. It took all of him just to not kiss him right there. "I wanted to be with you. It's your birthday today, right?" Virgil said, looking hurt. Damnit. He didn't mean to hurt him. "Wait. You remembered my birthday?" Zeke said, surprised.

"Yeah. I wanted to give you something, but I didn't know until know. Can I test it out first? I'm not sure if you like it." Virgil said, a bit nervous. "Uh, sure. Go ahead." he said, a bit confused. He felt his face go red when the blond's lips landed on his. After a few second's of shock, he eagerly began to kiss back. Finally, after all this time, he finally got him. Virgil softly pulled back. "Do you like it?" he said, a bit breathless. "I love it." said Zeke, smirking. He brought his lips back to Virgil's, wanting more of those soft lips he only felt in his dreams.

And that was when Zeke realized that beaches and birthdays were his favorite conbination.

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