Very Ladylike

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Chapter 7: Giving it a try

Wataru flushed, by the inquisitive gaze Kazuki turned on him. He just didn't understand but he always felt so child-like around him, so weak.

"Talk," Kazuki repeated coolly, "about what exactly."

Wataru bowed his head, rubbing it gently. He didn't even know how to begin, and here he was calling him out like this.

"Wwell...I," he began to stutter, flushing even darker.

Kazuki rolled his eyes and turned around, walking away from Wataru.

"When you get your thoughts together, come back and tell me," Kazuki called back, giving Wataru a backwards wave.

"Wait. Just wait, stupid," Wataru yelled, closing his eyes tightly.

He didn't want to see Kazuki's harsh gaze. He would rather talk to him, without even having to look at him at all.

"Just wait," he said meekly, crumpling to the ground.

Kazuki paused, staring at Wataru's hunched form. He was curious despite the fact, that the conversation was going nowhere. Just what did Wataru want from him, just what did Wataru want to tell him.

"Fine, okay, I'm not going anywhere, but speak your mind. I don't intend to be late for class."

Wataru still said nothing, but patted the empty space next to him.

Kazuki complied, sliding down gracefully beside him. His back hit the metal fence, with an almost inaudible thump.

Wataru closed his eyes, inhaling deeply; he could smell the other's scent. It was sweet, but not overly so like the last time they were this close, he smelt just as god.

Wataru didn't expect Kazuki to wrap his arm around his shoulder.

"What are you doing," he questioned, shrugging his arm off.

Kazuki didn't reply, but only pulled Wataru even closer to his body.

Wataru was about to protest, greatly, but Kazuki held his finger to his lips, gesturing for him to be silent.

They sat there for awhile, not talking at all. It was a comfortable silence, and Wataru appreciated this greatly, it gave him time to think of what he wanted to tell him.

Wataru, unconsciously, began to relax deeper into Kazuki's side, reveling in the warmth the other's body had to provide.

Kazuki noticed this and just smiled his hold on Wataru's waist tightened. He began to use his thumb to rub into Wataru's hip bone; his lips nestled into the crown of his head.

'This feels so nice. He's so warm,' Wataru thought breathlessly.

The feel of his hands on his waist, and his smell, was sending Wataru's senses to hyper-drive. With all the senses and touches whirling into one, he felt lost, dazed, and overwhelmed.

He sighed, nuzzling his nose into his side.

"So what did you want to tell me," Kazuki murmured into his scalp.

His breath made his scalp tingle, and Wataru shuddered softly, thrilled.

He pulled back from Kazuki, reluctantly, "There are rumors going around."

"Oh," Kazuki replied, arching one eyebrow, "About what?"

"Well," Wataru started, darting his eyes at the trees below, "about us?"

"Really," Kazuki answered, stroking his chin thoughtfully, "details, please."

Then as if someone had switched the lights to off, Wataru shoved Kazuki away.

Kazuki hissed in pain, reeling back painfully.

"What was that for," he cried out, clutching his shoulder tightly.

"For...for being you," he finally said.

"What? For being me," his confusion apparent in his almond gold eyes, as he stared at Wataru with hurt. Things had been going so great, and now this.

"Because you just have to be Mr. Popular, your fan girls all gave me the evil eye, then spurting about how much they hate me, for stealing you away."

When Wataru finished his little rant, he covered his mouth quickly. His eyes widen in shock, and he quickly turned away.

'You didn't hear the last part. You didn't hear the last part,' he chanted in his mind, shaking his head rapidly, but luck wasn't on his side.

"You stole me away," Kazuki teased, loving the flush that spread on Wataru's cheek.

He stood up, moving closer to the younger boy, and leaned down close to his ear.

"You stole me away," he repeated again.

"I made a mistake," Wataru mumbled, pushing the boy away, "I didn't mean it like that."

"Oh," Kazuki repeated, "Like that? What do you mean?"

"You know."

"No, I don't. Please explain."

Wataru glared at him darkly, but Kazuki only leered at him, his arms crossed, his fingers tapping a steady beat on his forearm.

"I'm waiting, Wataru."

"Fine," Wataru huffed, holding his palm up to stop him, "What I meant was, if we were in a relationship. They were accusing me of becoming your lover...or..." he trailed off, choosing to turn away and not see Kazuki's reaction.

"Almost as if you were my boyfriend," Kazuki finished.

Wataru just nodded his head, not trusting himself to turn around much less reply.

"Well, aren't we together?"

Wataru's breathe hitched, 'They were in a relationship?'

"Since when," he voiced out his opinion.

"Since I first saw you, I knew it had to be you."

Wataru tilted his head back, in thought.

"Wait a minute, when we met you thought I was a girl."

Kazuki snickered, "it's not my fault you look so girly from the back."

Kazuki continued to snicker even when Wataru hit him across his chest.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," he chanted, as he held his hand up, signaling for him to stop.

"But even if you weren't a girl, I would still want you."

"So," Wataru began again slowly, "you like me?"

Kazuki nodded his head, affirming Wataru's question.

"Damn, now I can't deny this, when the girls ask again," Wataru mumbled to himself.

"So what now," he asked again, staring deep into Kazuki's eyes.

"We're officially in a relationship."

Wataru stared at him, but saw nothing but sincerity in his eyes. Kazuki truly meant what he said.

"I'll...I'll like that."

He shyly stretched out his hand, knowing that Kazuki's hand would be stretched out as well, and he grasped it tightly. Just holding hands made Wataru flush, he wasn't prepared for what Kazuki actually had in mine.

Kazuki leaned forward, his bangs brushing Wataru's cheek, and Wataru giggled slightly into his shoulder. Wataru peered up from underneath the curly fringe of his eyelashes, and saw Kazuki's mouth zoning in close to his own.

Very softly like in a dream trance he closed his own eyes, leaning forward to meet Kazuki.

Their lips touched softly, hesitantly, but they connected nonetheless. Kazuki's hands slipped to cup the back of Wataru's neck, pulling him in deeper, and his tongue slipping in to his moist cavern.

Breathless pants that escaped from Wataru filled his ears with music. He smirked into the kiss, when Wataru wrapped his own arm around his waist, wanting this as much as he did.

Kazuki pulled back, noting the flush face of Wataru's cheek, and the innocent way he gazed up at him, with utter adoration.

"I love you, Wataru Fuji."

There he finally said what he had always dreamed about telling the younger boy. He was waiting for a slap, and Wataru to stand up yelling, "Jerk, don't mess with my feelings like that," but surprisingly nothing happened.

He gazed at him, his eyes opening slowly, and he saw the most beautiful smile in the world.

"You mean it," Wataru whispered softly, his heart begging for this to be true.

"Yeah, I do."

Wataru shot forward, wrapping his arms tightly around Kazuki's waist.

"I love you just as much really I do, I love you so much!"

The two boys didn't return back to class, choosing to celebrate their love on the rooftop.

"You know something," Wataru mumbled, running his hand through Kazuki's hair slowly.


"I never got to prove I was the manliest guy around."

"Wataru, you aren't manly, you're beautiful."

Kazuki kissed his pout away, pulling the younger one closer.

"Besides, if you were manly, I would be too scared to ask you out."

He snickered to himself, when the image appeared in his head, not bothering to move out of the way, when Wataru smacked him across the back.

'Thanks a lot Yumi for the advice.'

Her words echoing loudly threw his head, 'Just confess, Dammit! Kami, boys are so stupid!'

Kazuki pulled his new boyfriend close and laid there, finally content with everything in the world.

So this is it. It has been a long journey and it has come to an end. Please ask any question and in the next chapter all your answers will be a special guest! Thank you guys so much, and I love you a lot. : )