Shipping: RecolorShipping–Ash's Hoenn hat x Ash's Sinnoh hat

A/N: There's no real need for an A/N, but anyway, long story short: Me and my friend were looking at the Incomplete Shipper's list and discussed/LOL'd/cried over some of the pairings we saw. So, me being unoriginal, decided to make a fanfic featuring some of the Shippings on the list. They're going to be drabble sized (exactly 100-500), no more, no less. Enjoy, don't enjoy, I don't care, just review. Hehe. This is mainly for lulz, though some may be serious/angsty/dramatic, etc.

Apparently the designers were getting lazy.

Hoenn Hat lay in front of the phone monitor, musing to himself. Oh, how he longed to lay on Ash's soft yet spike-ily painful black hair. How he longed to be molested by various monkey Pokemon; how he longed to have that puffy, yellow electric mouse on him again.

Hoenn Hat growled to himself: damn Sinnoh Hat! If it wasn't for her and her better-than-green color, he would be the one on his trainer's head.

"I feel your pain, Hoenn Hat." Called Kanto Hat a few feet away, laying in a messy pile of Ash's clothes. "I was in five seasons–five seasons. Then Ash decided to go up and replace me." It sighed and shook its...its body. "We had some good times, Ash and me..."

Hoenn Hat ignored the old fool because Hoenn Hat didn't give a shit. He was busy getting ready for his weekly talking over the phone.

As if on cue, the monitor flashed on and a mess of black and blue filled the screen.

"Hey bitch," Came a high-pitched voice from the other end. There sat Sinnoh Hat; chances were that she was at a Pokemon Center. "I see you're well. It's fun over here; in fact, just a few minutes ago, Ash tripped and I fell right under that chick Dawn's minidress. Pretty hot, I tell you."

Hoenn Hat began to visibly shake–it was just like Sinnoh Hat to rub in shit like that. Well, he had an exciting story to tell her too. "I want to break up with you."

"What? When were we even going out?"

"That's besides the point. I can't stand you putting me down on a daily basis."

"We only talk once a week."

"It hurts, and I sometimes feel like ending my life."

"Hell, do it, I don't care. All you have to do is jump inside a washing machine."

"We're finished."

Just when Sinnoh Hat was about to say something, a purple-haired boy came up to the screen and bitch-slapped her away. Just when Hoenn Hat was about to laugh at her, Mr. Mime waddled into the room and shoved him into a wash basket.

"Well, that sucks." Kanto Shoes mumbled to herself.

"Hm, but he did want to end his life, remember?" Hoenn Gloves reminded.

"I'm going to miss their weekly rants, though..." Kanto Pajamas sighed.