Shipping: ArmaniShipping–Steven Stone x Riley x Lucian
Remember: Riley is that dude who looks like Sir Aaron in the games.
A/N: And this pairing would be my OT3, if only I didn't love ComaKari so much. XD This is extremely OoC and stupid. And yes, I know they don't act like that. Hehe.

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The three handsome men walked down the city streets brimming with sheer hotness. Steven Stone, former Hoenn Champion, was up front. The rest of his posse, Lucian and Riley, flanked him from behind.

Lucian adjusted his Dolce&Gabbana glasses while Riley took out his Ralph Lauren wallet. Steven, checking his DKNY watch, made sure his group wasn't late to the dry cleaners.

"You boys have your suits, right?" He asked, lifting up a Fossil carrying bag (currently carrying his spare suit).

His boys nodded in unison.

"Good man." With a snap of his fingers, Steven pushed open the doors to the store. Inside, Sapphire was standing behind the service counter. She smiled at him and bowed her head a little.

"Ah Steven..." She greeted, grinning.

"Yes, hello Sapphire. We're here to have our Giorgio Armani suits dry cleaned."

Sapphire snorted, "Never would have guessed," Sarcasm was all over those words. But he let that slide. "Place 'em here, boys. I think they'll be done in a few hours. I'll put them in top priority."

"Be sure that you do." Lucian said, handing her his suit with extra care. Riley did the same, followed by Steven.

Then, with another snap of his fingers, the posse was off. And Sapphire just shook her head. After relinquishing his role as Champion, Steven had become more...more metro, for lack of a better term. Not that Sapphire really minded–not with all that money coming her way. So she simply shrugged and went back to work.

The sound of Riley's Ecco shoes hitting the pavement was extremely loud. But his friends managed to ignore it, because their (insert fashion & designer shoe here) were also making a helluva lot of noise.

The three men, if they wanted to, could have been fashion models. They were asked to cast in a movie about male models, but the trio respectfully turned the offer down. Besides, they had to train their Pokemon AND look good at the same time. It wasn't all that easy.

They did vogue on occasion, though.

Fingering his expensive rings, Steven stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and turned himself around. His High Fashion senses had started to tingle. And he was right.

Walking towards them--dressed in all black clothes, with an expensive Abercrombie scarf wrapped around her neck--was the Sinnoh Champion, Cynthia.

"Hey guys."

And they responded in unison, "Hello, Champion." And, since Steven was, obviously, the leader, he extended his hand and Cynthia accepted his request, taking his arm.

They began to walk to the nearest restaurant. This had been decided--at that very moment--by texting each other on their LG Prada, iPhone, BlackBerry and enV.

"How are you all doing?"

"Fashionable, as always." Riley said, saying his first words of this whole chapter. He brought a hand up to his neck and touched his 24 karat gold necklace. "I assume the same for you, Cynthia?"

"Of course. I just got some lingerie from Victoria Secret for 500 dollars. And, for a total steal too, I got pantyhose: only 20 bucks. I'm only going to use it once, though."

"Fabulous!" That was Lucian. "And it seems that we have reached our destination."

Their 'destination' being a steakhouse restaurant. Being that they were famous, their waiter (who turned out to be Ruby) sat them down as soon as a table was open.

"What do you four want?" He brought out a pad and stared--long and hard--at Steven.

"I'll have a double cheeseburger."

Riley was next. After little thought, he announced his choice: "Steak, with steak fries and A1 Steak Sauce."

"Mashed potatoes and your finest turkey, please."

"I want some fried chicken." That...that was Lucian.

Ruby nodded, and, after more staring at Steven, walked off without even asking them what they wanted to drink.

"Such a good boy," Cynthia observed. "And I think he has a crush on someone. Hehehe."

"He is a good boy," The steel master looked down at his menu, "It's a shame that his fashion sense isn't as exquisite as our own."

"Yes, yes...such a shame." Riley tilted his head back and focused his eyes on the ceiling. "Hm...after this, do you guys want to go bother Lance?"

The only current Champion of the group beamed, "Oh yes, of course! We have to find him a new wardrobe. Capes are completely out of style."

"And that leather..." Steven scowled.

Lucian raised his hand, "Sorry, my fellows, but I will be unable to attend your Fashion policing. I have a prior engagement with Aaron."

"Quite alright, my boy. You can join us when we see my Wallace. He wants tips about how to do his hair."

"Ah yes, that I will be there for. What, with my superior hair styling skills. That would be fabulous."

Fabulous it would be, indeed. Just like they were.