Of All Memories, a Harry Potter fanfic by French_Shark

Chapter Five: Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle

They were back in the Headmaster's office again.

"Hey, Harry, remember when Scabbers bit Goyle's finger?"

"He what?!" Hermione asked.

"It's true. And then, he went right back to sleep!" Harry added.

"Wanna see?" Ron said, heading back over to the Pensieve.

"Oh, why not? I'm up to anything that humiliates Malfoy and those two right now." Hermione said.

So Ron raised his wand to his temple and extracted the memory. Once the memory dropped into the depths of the bowl, the liquid-gas contents swirled around to show a ripple image of Malfoy, with Crabbe and Goyle on each side of him.

"Well, here goes nothing." Harry said, dunking his head in.

Ron and Hermione glanced at each other for a split second before dunking their own heads in.

Ron was just talking Harry through the finer points of Quidditch when the compartment door slid open yet again, but it wasn't Neville the toadless boy, or Hermione Granger this time.

Three boys entered.

"Is it just me, or do they not look ridiculously funny?" Hermione asked, stifling a small giggle.

"They do look pretty odd, now that you mention it…" Harry admitted, glancing at the 11-year-old threesome.

"Is it true?" the middle one said. "They're saying all down the train that Harry Potter's in this compartment. So it's you, is it?"

"Yes," said Harry. He was looking at the other boys.

"Oh, this is Crabbe and this is Goyle," said the pale boy carelessly, apparently noticing where Harry and Ron were looking. "And my name's Malfoy, Draco Malfoy."

Ron gave a slight cough, which had been hiding a snigger. Draco looked at him.

"Think my name's funny, do you? No need to ask who you are. My father told me all the Weasleys have red hair, freckles, and more children than they can afford."

He turned to Harry." You'll soon find out some wizarding families are much better than others, Potter."

"Too bad he didn't realize that yours was better than his," said Harry, looking in Ron's direction,"just imagine—me and Malfoy?"

And then he, Ron, and Hermione burst out laughing.

"I'd be more careful if I were you, Potter," he said slowly. "Unless you're a bit politer you'll go the same way as your parents."

"Ooh, we're so scared…" Ron teased the memory.

"Haha—that was actually pretty good!" Hermione giggled.

Both Harry and Ron had stood up.

"Oh, Hermione, this is it!" Ron squealed.

"Say that again," Ron said, his face as red as his hair.

"Oh, you're going to fight us, are you?" Malfoy sneered.

"Unless you get out now." said Harry.

"But we don't feel like leaving, do we, boys? We've eaten all our food and you still seem to have some."

Goyle reached toward the Chocolate Frogs next to Ron—Ron lept forward, but before he'd so much as touched Goyle, Goyle let out a horrible yell.

Scabbers the rat was hanging of his finger, sharp little teeth sunk deep into Goyle's knuckle—

"Oh, my gosh!" Hermione gasped, going into histerics.

--Crabbe and Malfoy backed away as Goyle swung Scabbers round and round, howling.

"Wait for it…!" Ron whispered.

When Scabbers finally flew off and hit the window, all three of them disappeared at once. Perhaps they thought there were more rats lurking among the sweets, or perhaps they'd heard footsteps, because a second later, Hermione Granger had come in.

"Oh, I remember now!" the present Hermione gasped over her scolding eleven-year-old self, "He'd gone back to—"

She was interrupted by Ron quickly putting his hand over her mouth.


"…Don't believe it—he's gone back to sleep."

Hermione burst out laughing as they were pulled back to the present.