Hot Shot's girl: Hey guys well you wanted a sequel and well I hope you like it 'cause no one really gave me any ideas as to how to do this and so I thought 'Out-side-the-box' this is going to be a wee bit different. You'll see what I mean later on. Well enjoy, I'm sure some people have thought of this, or possibly close to this, before so yea :)

Maggie Madsen left sector 7 for good this time. She told them all they wanted to know, even though it was no business of theirs as to what a relationship she had with the deceased Jazz. She had confessed her deep feelings to the world for them to have 'everything' on record. Why even bother? Sector 7 was about to be terminated and put away into storage.

Heh, good riddance. Maggie could think of nothing better for the organization than to be put down for good. She hoped she'd never have to run into those guys as long as she lived. Now she just wanted to live the rest of her life and perhaps die of old age . . . if not sooner.

After about a week or so her car that she had bought had been fixed, but now she didn't want anything to do with the car and took to riding taxis the rest of her life. Her behavior became strange to some of her closest friends. Only Glen knew why she acted so. She went on through her life as if sleep-walking through it.

She was as one dead to everything and all else. She worked and went home afterwards becoming something like a hermit, or hermitess. She didn't enjoy much now that she used to and this had upset many of her friends that knew the old Maggie and wanted her back. No one really understood Maggie's pain as this strange behavior occurred.

She woke up in as if still in a dream, she went to work and got paid for her job, she went home in taxis, and then when night came she cried herself to sleep and let her tears stain her cheeks and dry to cause her pain when she awoke in the morning. No one understood much about Maggie Madsen after her strange encounter with the 'aliens' as was rumored. No one knew about her quick and close relationship with a certain one. No one knew why she cried for something that 'supposedly' never happened.

She didn't do many things she once did. She was as one dead and feared she'd never get over her broken heart less she die. It had been a week and a half now and how she ached. How could they just expect her to go back to her normal life after what happened to her happened to her? It just wasn't right.

She's never had her heart broken like this before. Why, oh why did she feel so horrible deep down inside? At nights, when she cried herself to sleep, she had hoped to never wake up and settle her unrested heart once and for all, but then . . . she woke up to morning like always. She was never the one to commit suicide, but she was thinking of it all the time.

If she did not then her heart would do the job for her as it fell to pieces a little more every day that she lived like this. Glen, who used to make her smile all the time, had even given up on trying to do so. Nothing could settle her broken heart, now he feared, but death. Little did he know that he had feared right.

Maggie knew her heart will living with it since the day she was conceived. It wanted to die and bring her some rest from this human feeling called sadness. She wanted so badly to get better and move on, but she couldn't. Her heart only fell to more pieces as she tried to push Jazz away from her memory.

It longed for him again. It longed for his smile, his laugh, his touch . . . his kiss. Tears came back to Maggie's eyes as she lay on her bed in the dark thinking of this. Her heart's wishing would go in vain till one day . . . it would give up knowing it was never going to get its longings 'cause he's never coming back. It would finally break one-too-many times.

Maggie buried her head in her pillow and wept aloud. Oh how she ached. Oh how she missed Jazz . . . her Jazz. After about an hour or regular crying to get herself to fall asleep she did, only to have aching dreams about him.

To die . . . was something she now longed with every passion to do, but she couldn't. She remembered all these movies and books about people dying because of love, a broken heart. Why couldn't she just do the same? Perhaps it wasn't real, after all it was just fiction, well some of them. To die . . . yes, she wanted this.

One less thing to think about if she did. She didn't have to think about to live if death occurred, but apparently 'someone' up there wanted her to still live and so every day she had woken up she cursed the heavens that she lived to see another day. Oh God why couldn't He let her die when she wanted it so badly? What more was there to live for?

She'd probably never know now would she? Maggie just bowed her head and sighed. She got up and went to work and soon came back home to just sit down and think of so many things in the silence and loneliness. This was all she felt after Mission city.

The thoughts of his last seconds alive always rushed through her mind like a raging river and ever she wanted them to stop torturing her so, but they wouldn't. She would have seen a physiologist but she would have had to tell her whole story again and she was NOT going to do so. She couldn't relive the memories again even though she did every night as she slept. Not when it was already killing her.

Soon, after sitting silent starring into nothing large and strong tears came to Maggie's eyes and her heart sank so low she couldn't breathe. She tried wiping them away, but decided to not even bother when they were replaced with new ones just as she wiped away the old. The sun was setting and so Maggie got up and ran to her room falling on her bed weeping like always trying to go to sleep, wanting to go to sleep. She wasn't though, not yet.

She cried till the sun went down and was seen no more. Soon she fell asleep and as the same stars came out to great the darkness a new star came to do the same. The star grew brighter and brighter, but then again it was smaller than a star and it only grew brighter to the things it neared. It was a strange orb of light.

It moved slowly and very wearily through the skies. It came lower and lower just passing through things in its weary journey to find rest and peace. It couldn't find any though as it had traveled through time and space to find it. Its resting place, where all had gone before it so many times, had been destroyed and so it looked and looked for something to substitute it, but found nothing again.

Strange forces had crept around it as it came to this lonesome planet called earth. It had recognized it and so looked for rest here, finding, again . . . nothing. It floated around like in a dream. No rest for its weary life.

It had to rest somewhere or else it would wander through time and space for all eternity. It went everywhere on the planet and found nothing. As it wandered around once more for no reason it had just wandered on a strange feeling it remembered and so came through into a building that was overlaid in darkness. It was quite alive at this time, but to one place, one room, it wasn't.

It crept in and there found silence and more darkness. Its light, the only light lighting things in the cold and lonesome place. It passed silently and ghostly through the smaller rooms till it came to the darkest and most lonesome. Not that it was empty, but the one in there made the whole room erupt in sadness a sadness that it knew.

It swayed tiredly and softly over the form that lay on the bed grasping a pillow for dear life and stained cheeks with a substance called tears, which it was quite familiar with in past memory. It passed over her face softly brushing her cheek with its burning light that had dried up her stained tear. She seemed not to wake as it did this and so brushed softly and gently down her neck and chest, down her whole body. After it had came down the side of her whole body she turned and groaned in her sleep from the feeling.

Maggie tossed and turned till she was on the other side of her body laying in bed. She sighed and opened her eyes seeing she was still laying in darkness. Da--! She thought, it was still night. Now it would take her more tears and forever to fall asleep again.

Maggie had caught a glimpse of a light lower on her body. It wasn't a great light, but it was something. It was fading as well and so once she slowly cast her eyes down to see what it was it had already faded. She had wondered what it was or if it was just something to do with her imagination.

And so just as soon as she let her eyes close again they began to scrunch up as this sudden pain washed over her. It was something like a burning in her stomach and it was hot, like someone had just lit the insides of her on fire!

"OW!" cried Maggie in one sharp yelp as she sat up on the side of her bed and gripped her stomach.

She was now afraid as to what it was. Had she really forced her body to quit on her with her constant sadness? She never pictured the end to be or even feel like this. She wanted to stand up, but then again was too afraid.

The burning pain had passed through her in seconds and caused her to gasp in relief. Never again did she want to feel that again. She closed her eyes and softly rubbed her stomach where it had erupted at first. She sat there in the darkness just being silent till something else happened.

Soon another feeling crept over her, but this time it wasn't the burning pain. This feeling was very strange to her, but it was so powerful that she had fallen back and gasped in surprise.

What is going on?! Her mind screamed lifting her head up.

Once she had done so her eyes only met the blackness of darkness and soon another feeling like the returned and caused her to go limp. She was now afraid as to what it was. She never thought she would be afraid of anything after all she had wished, for death and all, but apparently she was wrong. It did it again and this time she groaned out in fear.

"Stop it!" she muttered to herself before crying out rather loudly. "Stop it!!"

The feeling had applied to her wish and had stopped. Her breathing was very heavy as if she had just run around her room a hundred times. Beads of sweat crept down all skin and eyes of fear opened to look all around. No one but her was in the room and so what could have caused that?

She tried to make sense of it, but couldn't. She sat up and just gasped trying to catch her breath. She took the back of her hand and wiped the sweat from her brow. She didn't know what had just happened, but what she felt inside was so strange and fearful.

She was scared now and so rushed to her bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She had looked like she ran around her room a hundred times. Her hair was stranded in sweat and so she could think of nothing else to do than take a shower, but she had a sudden urge to take a cold one and help her body cool down from the sudden heat it experienced. So she did just that.

As she took one she just let herself soak recalling that strange incident a few moments ago. She remembered the strange feelings. The one that felt like someone had lit her on fire from the inside and then the other ones that were the same, but kept coming back to her. That was what made her out of breath and took most of her energy away.

If she was crazy she would have thought those feelings to be similar to . . . well she didn't know for sure seeing how she knew nothing of 'those' kind of feelings. She's heard some of her friends speak about them, but she now believed those feelings to be much more intense than what all her friends ever spoke of. Her body still felt like it was one fire as the cold water poured out. She wrapped her arms around herself and just shivered, not from the cold water but from the remembrance of the strange feelings.

She couldn't explain what it was and doubt she ever could. Fear soon crept over her at what it was, but she never did go to the doctor to ask. She was even too afraid for that. She was afraid of the outcome like some sort of sickness even though death is what she had always wanted.

She decided to pass it off as nothing, truly, deep inside, hoping it was nothing. As the day passed like any other normal day Maggie began to start to think and even dream of Jazz more. She didn't know why but she wanted it all to stop. She couldn't stand to let her heart have this much punishment any longer.

She tried shoving it out of her mind, but nothing subsided. These thoughts were different though. She was constantly thinking of him. She used to yes, but those thoughts were always on his death and these new ones . . . were happier like his smile and his laugh and his touch and his addictive personality. She couldn't stand letting her heart think of so much happiness it just wasn't right.

The whole day was like that and then the next day and the next day after that. She was so confused as to what was going on and now she was on the edge of emotionally breaking down. She knew it could happen any minute and was afraid of what would become of her afterwards. She was going insane, she could feel it and by now she didn't want to end up in the mental house.

Exactly a week after that 'day' and exact second Maggie woke up in the night and gripped her stomach. It didn't ach or feel strange like before, but it churned and turned inside her. She shot out of bed and rushed as fast as she could to the bathroom falling right down on her knees in front of the toilet and threw up like she never had before. She hadn't done this in a long time and had forgotten how horrible it was to vomit.

She griped the toilet seat and just choked away glad she had her hair up when she went to bed. After she had finished she still felt sick to her stomach as if she were about to throw up again, but she never did. She took in a deep sigh and shook this strange incident off one more time. She went back to bed and tried to get to sleep but hardly could, the next day she felt horrible and so tired. She was very tempted not to that day.

The week after though she felt horrible the whole week and it began to show even at her work. People were now more concerned for here fearing she was some sort of disease. They kept telling her to go to the doctor, but she just told them that if she were to die then she was to die. She wondered why people didn't just give up on her.

As a month passed Maggie began to feel better, as in not throwing up her guts, but her thoughts were still the same. Of him. She wanted it all to stop, they didn't though and soon this strange feeling occurred in Maggie as she began to change herself. Oh how she was scared as to what was happening to her or what had happened to her.

She wanted to find out, yes, but wanted to find out alone and by herself. After about another week later she finally noticed some things about herself that she have heard of that were side effects to. She was now sore afraid and would almost die if she wasn't for sure what was wrong with her. Her journey to find out her problem though only led her to more insanity.

"No, no, no, no!" gasped Maggie seeing everything so clearly as she held the test in her hands and looked at the results.

It was impossible! How could this be?! She had went through three already. All saying the same thing, positive. She threw the one in her hand across the room and cupped her head only crying out in sadness once again.

"NO!!" she cried soon falling to her knees her energy draining.

She sat there for a long while just wallowing away. This was just all too much for her to comprehend. It wasn't right she had done nothing wrong. Nothing wrong.

"What is happening to me?!" she gagged wrapping her arms around herself.

She still did not go to the doctors, not out of fear, but out of knowing that they also would have no explanation for this strange happening. She could only think of one organization, but they had been gone for a long while now. She had then wondered if it was just something caused by the aliens' radiation readings because her car had malfunctioned and a couple of other things . . . perhaps it was the same with humans? She tried to think optimistic but no matter what all she tried to put in her mind they kept crossing him again.

"Leave me alone!!" she cried alone at nights. "Plehease!"

But they wouldn't stop and soon now she felt as if a part of him lived inside her, later on that thought changing to him living inside her as if he wasn't dead. It pained her so much to think of this, but it was all she could think about at the moment and it wouldn't stop. She had quit going to work and hardly left her apartment. By the time Glen at noticed he came over and had asked her what was wrong.

"Maggie what is going on with you?" he asked coming up to her as she sat alone looking outside her window. "You need to move on with your life you can't-"

Glen froze as Maggie turned to him. The look on her face was that of sadness and weariness. She was so tired and of so many things, but mostly love. Glen could tell she hardly got a wink of sleep and so was now ever more concerned for his friend.

She also looked pale and sick and Glen had wondered if she was killing herself by acting this way. He would do anything for her, but not bring her down any more than she was right now.

"Glen," she gasped wiping her mouth and closing her painfully burning eyes from no sleep. "I need you to find Simmons."

"Maggie why?" asked Glen coming to her concerned she was just going to fall over dead.

"I just do!" she said a bit loudly, but got dizzy and almost fell over.

Glen caught her but she just shoved him away And stood up straight holding herself. Glen didn't want to put her in any more misery than she already was and so complied with her and said-

"Alright Maggie, I'll do it for you."

After finding out where he lived and such he told Maggie and she swiftly wrote it down as if to go and see him. She was going to do just that. Glen though decided to go with her against her wishes to make sure she didn't hurt herself along the way. It had been about two months since she had been this way, this miserable, more miserable way.

Glen was ever concerned for her health seeing it drop a little more each day and how pale and saddened she began to get it pained him ever to have a friend this low and a breath away from sheer death. One they had reached their old 'friend's' Simmons' house she became as one insane.

"Ms. Madsen, and her friend, what brings you to my humble home?" smiled Simmons as he motioned his hand for them to enter.

Maggie entered right away looking around frantically wondering if anyone else was there. Glen had just followed and let Maggie do all the explaining since it was her in the first place that wanted to see him. Once Simmons looked at her she said-

"I need you to get sector 7 back up and run a test!"

"Well, uh, what kind of test?" asked Simmons looking at Glen with wondering eyes as to why she looked so . . . unhealthy.

"Just a test!" she said almost shouting.

"Now, now, calm down Maggie," motioned Simmons with his hands. "If I could I'd bring sector 7 back up, but apparently Keller has given us orders from the President himself for it to be shut down. It's been down for months Maggie."

"I know, but you need . . . I need this test!" she gasped closing her eyes trying to fight back the natural tears.

"I can't do that unless something VERY important occurred and the autobots let us do so along with the President," said Simmons crossing his arms. "Is there something you're not telling me Maggie?"

Her breathing began to get faster and faster as if she was nervous of something. She looked as if she was about to have a heart-attack as her eyes fluttered from Glen to Simmons so quickly.

"Maybe we would come back later when Maggie's feeling better," said Glen taking her arm and carefully making his way out the door.

"No Glen!" cried Maggie jolting back.

All looked at her as tears began to fall and stain her red cheeks that burned with fear and sadness. Her lips trembled as she shot it out-

"It's Jazz alright!!"

Her legs shook and both men were afraid she was about to faint and for what reason they were about to find out. She wrapped her arms around herself once and then let them go saying-

"He's here! He's alive!!"

That was it. Simmons had seen enough of this to know what was going one. She was obviously traumatized by the 'bot's death and so, the past months of constantly morning, has finally gone insane.

"Now, now Maggie, we know how much you cared about him and how much you want to believe that he's-"

"You think I'm insane!" cried Maggie her eyes widened as her hand rested on her abbs.

"Well that wasn't my first suspicion, but-" started Simmons but was cut off by Maggie crying out.

"I KNOW he's still alive!" she gagged out. "Before he died he told me things I didn't understand, but now . . . the more I think about it the more I'm beginning to understand!"

Glen looked at Simmons wondering if they should rush her straight to the hospital before she hurt herself, but Simmons just raised his hand signaling for him to 'wait'. Glen shook his head slowly and turned his attention once again to Maggie, still fearing if they should take her now.

"Before," cried Maggie with strong tears. "Before I always dreamed of his death and now . . . these past two months I've been dreaming of life when I shouldn't be. My go- he's inside me!!"

"Maggie, you're not well," started Simmons with his hands raised to the crazed women. "You might need to get some help for what you are experiencing."

"What I'm experiancing?" started Maggie cocking her head to the side a bit. "What I'm experiancing?! How the he-- do you know what I'M EXPERIANCING?!"

"Glen," warned Simmons as he moved a little away from her getting ready to just tackle her and take her to get some help.

Glen shook his head and backed away the same. Maggie noticed this and looked at Glen crying-

"You too?! You don't believe me?!"

"Maggie you don't know what you're talking about. You need some help. After all you are a little distraught right?" chuckled Glen nervously as he readied to fight to get his friend to some help.

"I haven't been right ever since he died," cried Maggie lowering her arms to her sides and gazing at the ground. "I miss him so much . . . but now . . . I want him to go away. He's been haunting me for so long now!"

"What . . . you . . . saw him?" asked Glen wondering now about Maggie's craziness.

"Yes," gasped Maggie. "I saw him. I saw his spark. It had vanished from his body the moment he died and ascended in the air. I thought he went to robot heaven, but then again . . . I think it was destroyed."

"We're still listening Maggie," said Simmons still cautious around her.

"The allspark . . . that is what he was rambling about when he died. Their sparks go there to rest . . . to rest. He'll wander because it was destroyed so soon."

Glen and Simmons gazed at each other and shrugged their shoulders seeing how see was crazy for speaking like this. They turned their attention back to the distraught women as she finished saying-

"He never found rest, but he did in me and that's why he came back."

"So what . . . are you possessed?" asked Simmons.

"Yes!" gasped Maggie her lips swollen from her tears and sadness. "He's in me! I can feel him, right here."

It was then she placed her hand on her stomach. Glen and Simmons expecting her to place it on her heart saying that she'll never forget him, but once she placed her hand on her belly it gave them the strangest idea that she was pregnant.

"So what you're . . . literally carrying him, inside you?" asked Glen trying to get the idea.

"Like you're pregnant?" asked Simmons going along to what Glen was trying to figure out.

"I didn't want to believe it I swear," cried Maggie as more tears rushed down her face dropping to Simmons' floor. "I couldn't possibly be. I'm still . . . I didn't . . . but it's HIM, I know it. I took the tests three times and they all said I was . . . I need to know for sure though. That's why I need a test from sector 7 because no one will understand me if I . . . if I go to us normal people! I want my mind at rest whether I am or whether I'm not!"

"I see," said Simmons thinking of this. "And how did you . . . conceive if you think you are?"

"I don't know," cried Maggie shaking her head and swaying as she fell to her knees and cried on the floor. "I was sleeping when I saw a light. It was fading and when I opened my eyes it had already faded. He came inside me to rest I just know it now. After that I felt like my insides were on fire it was so hot. When it ended I felt something else, but it didn't hurt. It was a strange new feeling to me and I wanted it to stop. It came on me a couple of times before it stopped and I was out of breath and sweating like rain. A week after that, the EXACT time, I felt sick to my stomach and threw up like never before but I wasn't sick and so I thought . . . I thought . . . oh go-!!"

Maggie's face then turned pale and both men knew exactly what was to come. Maggie gripped her mouth and Simmons grabbed her arms and took her straight to the bathroom where she could do her business. Glen just walked hastely in circles as he heard Maggie's vomiting sounds. He didn't know what to do and ever he wanted to help her.

After it was over Simmons came up to him and spoke to him saying-

"So what do you think Glen?"

"W-what do you think Simmons?!" asked Glen motioning his arm out in the direction he took her. "What more convincing do you need. I'm starting to think strange things are becoming normal around here, and to Maggie!"

"Yea, I'm starting to believe her myself," said Simmons shaking his head. "I'm going to make a few calls while you go help her out with whatever she needs."

And so Simmons walked away and Glen came to where Maggie was. She was completely exhausted next to the toilet. She would have fallen asleep right there, but she couldn't unless she knew for sure that her fears were either for nothing or for real. She was that determined.

After a few phone calls to a lot of important and high people Simmons had the old sector 7 specialists back and ready by the time they heard the first ring. They came over to his house and carefully took Maggie to a place where she could be tested to the fullest. He had also got in touch with the autobots telling them about Maggie's little spaz and found they were very interested into what exactly was going on with her. As they were transported to the facility where they once used to be taking all sorts of tests on all sorts of subjects.

"Well, what'd the 'bots say?" asked Glen as he waited for some results and Maggie to get done with her tests.

"Well they said something like the allspark was their heaven as she said and that they've never heard of a spark behaving like so, but aren't too sure they doubt it," said Simmons.

"And?" asked Glen.

"And they're on their way," said Simmons walking inside feeling like his old self once again.

Simmons came in the room where Maggie was getting tested and was quite surprised to see the little bump on her, normally, well kept stomach. He wondered more and more if what she was saying was true. One of the doctors readied the reading and the sonogram to see if indeed something was there. Before anything happened Simmons got a call the autobots had arrived and so he left her for a minute to greet them.

"Ah, Optimus Prime and the autobots," he smiled see them transform before them and stand up. "That really never does get old."

"Simmons," shook Optimus acknowledging him.

"Where's Jazz?!" asked Ironhide in a hast to see if their old comrade still lived.

"Now, now we don't know if what Maggie says is true, but we'll see," said Simmons as he turned and guided them inside where they met Glen and other sector 7 people from mainframe.

The autobots them looked in the glass room Maggie was in getting tested and waited for the results of the sonogram. The doctor turned on the screen so all could see what lie there most people held their breaths in truly thinking she carried some alien robot inside her. All the autobots waited patiently to see something, anything inside. It had only been a moment that the screen had been flicked on when, into clear veiw, came a form.

It was a strange form that only certain ones recognized. It was Jazz's form. All couldn't believe that it was true and many doubted the screen they watched, but once they saw his small arm move just a bit and his head turn away from view all knew that this was him. Jazz was there . . . alive!

"Jazz!" gasped Ironhide not believing his optics that wanted to badly to cry for his lost comrade he thought was dead and never coming back.

Now, for the first time in a long time Maggie smiled. Her lips trembled from the truth. She was right and now no one was going to call her crazy again. He was there, right before her eyes. Alive . . . inside her.

She still had so many questions as to 'How?' but she held it off as happiness suddenly came over her at the fact that he was still alive. She couldn't explain how happy she was, but compared to all expecting mothers she thought she was the happiest and no one was ever going to feel what she was feeling right now because she had thought no longer to see him . . . hope. Maggie reached out her arm and touched the screen next to her that held Jazz's very small image. She softly caressed it and whimpered as his head turned back around and she saw his once familiar face.

She didn't care how wrong this was or dangerous for a organic human to be carrying a transforming robot child she was just so happy to see his face again that tears of joy fell down and for once in her life she wasn't scared and tired. As she held her hand to the screen her other came up to her face to wipe away the tears that were inevitable and kept coming. She then turned her head to look and see the autobots crouched over looking at her on the other side of the large glass room. She just smiled a bit and gave off a cry that she couldn't hold in turning back to her little baby.

She knew that this wasn't going to be explained for a while and so she stuck to starring at him till weariness took over her and much needed rest occurred. The autobots were still a bit clueless as to how this happened even though Ratchet wanted to be one of Maggie's doctors since a transformer was involved. All tried to make sense of this, but none ever saw this happen before. All they could think about was one thing.

"Optimus, what's wrong?" asked Ironhide seeing his solem face. "Why aren't you happy? that is Jazz!"

"I am Ironhide I am, but . . . what about the other five sparks that were dispersed in the fight?" asked Optimus seeming grave. "Are they too to find women bearers?"

"You have a point," said Ironhide bowing his head.

"What if they have already entered the female humans?" asked Bumblebee.

"Or have yet to?" suggested Ironhide now understanding the importance of this situation.

"Hmm, we need to find them, all of them," said Optimus. "Perhaps some sparks have yet to enter, but if they have already . . ."

"We'll need to get sector 7 on that right away," said Ironhide. "I'm sure they'll be able to find out something."

"We'll need to work fast as well men," said Optimus. "After what I'm been told Maggie has been with Jazz for about two months now. That would give plenty of time for the other five sparks to enter women."

"Let's see there's Blackout, Bonecrusher, Frenzy, Barricade, and-" started Ironhide.

"Megatron," said Optimus sternly. "If the decepticons find out about this then they'll try and find the women and take them. They'll force them to have the sparklings only to bring back their best warriors."

"But won't human females die if they naturally have a sparkling like that?" asked Bumblebee.

"Yes," sighed Optimus. "That is why we need to find them and protect them until they arrive in this world. For cybertron, and earth."

"And the poor women who have to carry them," said Ironhide turning to look once more to see Maggie so happy carrying someone she cared so much about. "Look at her . . . she's so happy. I doubt when we find and update the other women on their situation they won't be too happy."

"Unless they know who we are," said Optimus.

"Prime?" asked Ironhide seeing the thought in his optics.

"Ironhide Maggie said Jazz 'chose' her. He knew her and so chose her," said Optimus.

"Sir, are you saying that the sparks may enter women they know?" asked Bumblebee.

"Or someone who they've come into contact with," said Optimus.

"There aren't that many women are there?" asked Ironhide. "That should make the search a whole lot easier."

"I should warn Sam about this," said Bumblebee transforming and speeding off.

Optimus was now ever concerned and Ironhide could see it.

"Sir?" came Ironhide. "What do you want us to do?"

"Find those females," he said plainly.

Hot Shot's girl: I told you it was different. I wonder if you can guess whose gonna be next ;D But anyways just giving you this one chp as I go finish up Angel Of Steel since it's not supposed to be long either and will have NO sequels :) Well hope you liked it and will enjoy the chps to come till then bye :)