Cybertron seemed to grow more colder by the year. Starscream couldn't believe the sparklings they took grow at an unbelievable rate. Well their mothers were human so it made sense they grew at a human rate. It was a lot easier to care for them like so and so he didn't mind.

He didn't care to watch them anyways. That was no job for the leader of the Decepticons. Those were for his men. Shockwave seemed to like to watch them. He was fascinated how they came back to life because the allspark was destroyed.

He was fascinated how a human femme could hold a metal sparkling whose weight could have killed her. He did many tests, but Starscream made sure he stayed away from their motherboards so not to spark any memories. Shockwave was careful not to do so, but if he could bring back their memory he would. Yes Starscream was a fierce leader and swore not to be like Megatron, but look at him now . . . he was just like him.

Megatron was Starscream's. Starscream taught him all he knew just like Megatron did him when he was sparked. Starscream liked having the young Megatron at his side all the time. He liked having him wait on him hand and knee like him.

It was, in a way, payback for all the times Megatron did this to him. At that Shockwave saw he was just like Megatron. So did the others like Thundercracker, Skywarp, Soundwave, Rumble, and the ever loving Jetfire who was the most unique Decepticon. The sparklings loved him and most of all Megatron for he was the kindest to him.

Jetfire was only a Decepticon because of his best friend Starscream. His spark was certainly not Decepticon, nor was his programming and the only reason he killed other transformers and Autobots was to protect his friends from being killed themselves. Having sparklings around he absolutely loved. He was their guardian in a way.

He was large enough to protect them from any threat though they had none yet. The Autobots still on Cybertron had not made any move to stir up the frozen war. They had began shipping soldiers to Earth to aid the other 'bots they had on there. Starscream didn't mind it at all. Once the sparklings were old enough and strong enough he'd bring them to earth to go find the last piece . . . Barricade.

He smiled at that as he sat on Megatron's old throne. Yes Barricade was the last of the Decepticon sparklings he needed to have a true 'reunion'. Then the Autobots were in for it. He knew very well the Autobots had taken him in and trained him and tamed him into one of them, but that can be easily reversed. He had often wondered how Barricade was doing or what kind of an Autobot he had become.

He laughed to himself thinking about ole Barricade becoming something he swore he'd never. Thanks to his 'mommy' though she made sure he'd be a good boy, but then again no mother can go without that bad boy of theirs. Yes she'd cry her eyes out seeing him like this. Seeing the true side of her little sparkling.

It was inevitable though. He was going to come back to the Decepticons whether anyone liked it or not. No matter how hard the Autobots try Barricade will be theirs once again. Just like the other ones.

Megatron sat next to his lord Starscream and watched in wonder why he was so happy all of the sudden with his thoughts. He cocked his head to the side and dared ask-

"Lord Starscream, why are you so happy with your thoughts?"

Starscream's red optics fell on the young 'bot and his smile vanished. Megatron wondered if he'd get scolded for interrupting his master's thoughts. Yes he has been hit before by Starscream, but not for nonsense like this. Failing to follow out his orders or training was when he'd get hit by Starscream, that was one way Starscream succeeded in not being like Megatron.

"Because Megatron," said Starscream shifting in his seat and looking down at the mech who sat by his side. "Do you remember me telling you you had another Decepticon brother on earth."

"Yes sir I do," said Megatron shaking his head.

Starscream paused for a moment just smiling. He'd never get stop enjoying Megatron call him sir. He then continued-

"Well you see he is becoming of right age to where we can go see him again and ask him to join our ranks," said Starscream not telling the young 'bot that he had no intention of 'asking Barricade anything. Some forcing and damage would to him some good to change his mind.

"I see," said Megatron shaking his head. "Will he be happy to see us?"

"Probably not," said Starscream leaning back in his throne letting the darkness cover his upper body so all that was seen was his red optics.

"Why sir?" asked Megatron.

"Because the Autobots took him and brainwashed him. He thinks he's one of them," said Starscream.

"Will you remind him he's not?" asked Megatron.

"Oh indeed I will," said Starscream with a smirk knowing exactly what he'll do to 'remind' him.

After Starscream said that Jetfire comes walking in and once he walks through the throne room doors a smile comes to Megatron's face. Starscream saw this and didn't like his pupil smiling. He wanted him to show no emotion just as he was expected from Megatron. He glanced at Jetfire who gave a little wave to Megatron and then bowed and said-

"Lord Starscream, it is time for me to take Megatron and Blackout on their aerial lessons."

"Oh, then be off with him, but bring him back to me afterwards," said Starscream pointing a sharp finger at him.

"I always do sir," bowed Jetfire as he turned and waited for Megatron to join his side.

Megatron got up and trotted over to Jetfire and joined his side. Just as he had Jetfire gave a quick glance to him and then walked off with him like every day. Once they got outside Jetfire quickly grabbed Megatron's neck in his arm and rubbed his other fist into his head.

"How ya doin' Megs!" he said with a playful smile.

Megatron just laughed as he tried to get out of the large one's embrace. Jetfire might have been larger than most Decepticons like Starscream, but Megatron found it funny how he was catching up near that height.

"I'm just fine Jetfire!" he said chuckling as he broke free of his grasp.

"Starscream been harsh on ya?" he asked as he placed his fists on his hips.

"As usual," said Megatron with another chuckle.

At that they both let out a laugh. Just in time to catch Blackout coming up to them with his dark arms crossed.

"What is so funny?" he asked.

"Nothing Blackout," sighed Jetfire. "Just the usual life of Megatron."

"Heh, heh, funny," said Blackout with sarcasm. "Now can we just get this over with I have more important things to do."

"Same ole Blackout," sighed Jetfire.

"What's that supposed to mean Jetfire?" asked Megatron.

"Oh . . . you'll find out sooner or later Megatron," said Jetfire. "Now transform and take to the skies."

They did as they were told and once they were done Jetfire brought Megatron back to Starscream, but once he had Starscream wished Megatron away to speak with Jetfire.

"How are the other sparklings doing Jetfire?" asked Starscream.

"The Constructicons, which you created by the peices of Devastator's spark, are doing fine and are still praticing combining as a group to become ole Devastator, might I add was a good iead from your part," said Jetfire.

"Yea, yea, what about the others?!" asked Starscream in a little haste.

"Frenzy is doing just fine with Rumble and Soundwave, and Blackout is well Blackout, his twin though is adjusting very well with the Constructicons," said Jetfire.

"And Megatron?" asked Starscream.

"He's doing fine as well, you saw him just a moment ago. Why are you asking me all these-" started Jetfire but was cut off as Starscream turned to him and spoke.

"It's Barricade!"

"What? What do you mean?" asked Jetfire backing up a little.

"I have Decepticons on Earth just like the Autobots, but not that many," said Starscream. "I heard . . . one saw him and he is well."

"So do you think . . . it is time?" asked Jetfire.

"Yes, I shall take the young ones with me and you shal lead the others," said Starscream turning around.

"But . . . but, they're not ready," said Jetfire.

"Yes they are!" spat Starscream. "Do NOT question my orders again!!"

" . . . yes sir," said Jetfire with a bow as he left.

"Man it's the cops!" cried Jason seeing a police car cruise in closer. "Get in Daniel!"

Daniel took one quick glance of the police car and knew exactly who it was. He hoped in Jason's Porsche 928 and sped off with him. Jason took the sharpest turns to lose the cop, but found it was to no avail. Jason had never gone to jail before and didn't plan on doing so.

His eyes were so big as he turned another turn saying-

"Man who is this guy?! Does 'e got something against us?! He doesn't give up!!"

"Actually . . . that's my brother," said Daniel flicking his eyes down.

"That's your . . . that's your brother?!" chocked Jason. "Man why didn't you tell me you had a bro in the force?!"

"I didn't think we'd ever run into him," said Daniel twiddling his fingers. "LOOK OUT!!"

Daniel held onto his seat as Jason came crashing through dumpers and garbage cans as he sped down a ally way. Jason pivoted quickly thinking of the best way to lose him, but Barricade did just as good as one sort of like the one he did when he was a Decepticon chasing Bumblebee through the old warehouse.

"Man he's got some moves!" said Jason with wide eyes seeing him.

"Yea . . . he does," sighed Daniel sinking his seat knowing Barricade was gonna hound on him.

Then once they got out of the ally way Jason drove right under abridge where no one really goes, but he knew the best short cuts through there to get to places. Once there though he lost control of his car and it ended up swirving hard to the left ending up facing the oncoming cop. It swerved so hard the door opened and the boys were knocked out of it. Jason and Daniel fell on each other confused, but Daniel wondering.

Then, in a flash, Jason's car shifted and changed into a transformer. Jason and Daniel looked at the transformer in shock.

"What the fu-" started Jason, but heard Barricade's loud protective voice come as he sped towards them.

"DANIEL, JASON, STAY DOWN!!" he cried as he drove up to the transformer and in a flash transformed himself and pushed off from his right arm to kick that 'bot upside its jaw.

"Your brother's a freakin' robot?!" squealed Jason his voice higher than normal.

"It's . . . a long story," said Daniel scratching the back of his head. "MOVE!!"

At that Daniel grabbed Jason and pulled him out of the way as Barricade wrestled with the unknown transformer. Soon the boys watched as Barricade took out his twin maces and swung them at him hitting him in the gut and then the face causing him to fall down on his back. Barricade jumped on him and began punching his face in fearing he would have hurt his little brother, but just as he landed a third punch the 'bot began to laugh. Barricade was confused by this and so stopped what he was doing as the 'bot touched his loose jaw from the hard punches.

"Heh, heh," he laughed with a smile. "I guess you didn't recognize me Barricade."

"Huh?!" gasped Barricade his optics wide and mind in confusion.

"It's me," the 'bot smiled. "You're old friend Dead End. We've been looking for you."

It was then Barricade jumped up off him and backed away. Daniel was confused and so said-

"What are you waiting for?! Beat his face in!"

Barricade glanced at Daniel and so did Dead End. He then looked at Barricade and smiled saying-

"Oh . . . I see."

He took a step forward closer to Barricade, but Barricade only moved in front of Daniel and Jason in a protection stance. Dead End could plainly see this. He cocked his head to the side and said-

"When they said you've changed they really meant it didn't they?"

"Who are you and what do you want?!" shouted Barricade making sure he was well enough capable to protect the boys if necessary.

"Why . . . you," he chuckled as he turned to his comlink. "Lord Starscream, I've found him."

He then turned it off and smiled at Barricade just for a moment. He sighed and said-

"Are you ready to get some company?"

"What did you do?!" asked Barricade his fear showing.

"You really don't remember anything do you?" Dead End asked.

Barricade knew what was coming so he turned to Daniel and Jason and said-

"Daniel, Jason, I need you to RUN and don't stop till you're safe!"

"No, I'm not leaving you!" said Daniel with determination.

"You better do as he says kid," said Dead End looking at the small thing.

"Daniel go!" said Barricade.

"But-"Started Daniel.

"GO!!" shouted Barricade.

At that Daniel and Jason turned and ran as fast and as far as they could. Daniel though did not run to his parents and tell them what was going on. He ran strait to Jazz.