Chapter One: I refuse – (Present)

"Blood… Everywhere I look… There's no escaping it…"

Opening her light-green eyes, Ciel was met by unimaginable pain. Spots danced before her eyes. Faintly was she aware of her surroundings and that she was laying on the ground. Soft laughter came to her ears. She tried to stand, only to find that she couldn't even move.

"Is this how my life is going to end?" she asked herself saddly.

A black mist appeared and began to rise and take shape right before her eyes.

"Everything happens for a reason, so what's the reason behind this change of events?" she asked herself.

Slowly she forced her arm to move. Reaching out she searched for a weapon of some kind. Instead of a weapon she found an eye patch. It was hers and had been for many years, ever since her left eye was blinded by a vampire. She stared for a minute at the elegant, silver runes that were carved into it. The strap had broken and so she let it fall from her hands. It wasn't going to be of any use to her.

"Why so afraid, Hunter? How very… uncharacteristic."

Ciel looked back to where she had seen the mist. Where mist had been now stood a man. Short, black hair framed a young, teenage face. He wore all black, much like she did, and had yellow, cat-slit eyes. The yellow eyes, as every hunter knows, are a sign of vampirism.

"Poor girl. I pity you. You've come so far and yet you're still so far away" the vampire taunted with a smirk that Ciel wished she could smack off of his face.

"Shut up, Solomon… I'm not finished quite yet…" Ciel told him.

He laughed, a low, mocking sound that seemed to annoy Ciel to no end.

"Perhaps you aren't but I am" Solomon told her.

The vampire walked up to Ciel and knelt beside the her, looking and inwardly laughing at her injured form.

"Look at you. Injured from head-to-toe. Perhaps I should just end your suffering" he told her with another annoying smirk.

Solomon was right. Ciel hated it when he was right. Blood pooled around her from a deep gash in her right side. As the blood left her body so did her stregth. She had many wounds but none of them were as serious as the one on her side. Her vision was tinted red with blood that ran from her right eye, making the whole world seem tainted with blood. Ciel couldn't even force her legs to move. They were most likely broken.

"Just leave me alone…" she told him softly, closing her eyes, waiting for death to embrace her.

Solomon laughed that same mocking laughter.

"What if I offered you eternal life?" he asked, smiling.

"I refuse…" she told him, barely above a whisper.

"How about--"

"I said that I refuse you stupid, good-for-nothing, dim-witted twit!" she told him, nearly shouting.

Solomon growled in anger and stood up, glaring at the helpless girl on the ground before him.

"Then you'll just have to die!" he yelled in anger.

His already long nails grew into even longer claws, measuring at about an inch.

Ciel closed her eyes, not wanting to see the strike that would surely end her existence. They say that one's life flashes before their eyes when they're about to die, like a kaleidoscope. Ciel didn't see that rumored kaleidoscope of death. She didn't see anything to ease the fear that welled up inside her. She heard the wind whistling as Solomon brought his clawed hand down to meet her helpless form.

Then there was pain… a terrible, burning pain...

Chapter One - End