The fires spread across the forest heading straight for civilisation, but no matter how fierce the fire fighting teams fought it still took control and destroyed the evacuated town. They called back to the rocks and watched as their homes were destroyed in one of the worst fires in they had seen in their lifetime.

Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, a great destructive earthquake left thousands dead and hundreds trapped or injured with rescue teams working around the clock to try and save everyone that they could, putting their own lives at risk while rescue calls and appeals went out.

This continued around the world, terrible accidents or severe weather destroyed homes, families and lifestyles around the world and one thing kept going through their minds.

Where were their heroes? Where were the Thunderbirds?

Unknown to the world population, the Thunderbirds craft lay forgotten and abandoned on Tracy Island. Locked securely inside of their hangers, waiting for their pilots to come and let them free into the air once more but that was never to be.

Nearly a year had passed since anyone had been to the tropical island in the middle of the pacific ocean, they had left the island after shutting the business down for a few days while attending their late grandmothers funeral.

Grandma Tracy had been battling several illnesses, they weren't able to find out which one killed her but it left the Tracy family grief stricken but tried to fight on knowing that she wouldn't have wanted them to give up what they were doing.

Thunderbird Five was put on automatic, the first time since operation begun and John brought down so they could all attend.

Flying back from the funeral, the private jet started to show engine failure making them land. They lost control and disappeared into a growing storm, reports had soon flown into the news rooms across the planet saying that the multi-billionaire, his sons and close friends had all disappeared or died in a terrible plane accident shortly after leaving their grandmother's funeral.

Lady Penelope started wearing memorial colours for the family that had opened their arms to accept her, but never gave up in trying to find them and was able to start organising groups around the world to try and help where and when they can with the funds they were able to raise.

With the Tracy's missing or presumed dead, the Thunderbird craft was forgotten on the island, just left to gather dust while around the world people fought to keep that dream alive that someday they would fly again.