AN: Well, I've certainly taken a very long break

AN: Well, I've certainly taken a very long break. And found a new love… Twilight!! I read so many awesome Bella-already-a-vampire-who-doesn't-know-Edward stories, and decided that there weren't enough of them, so I decided to make my own! Here we go…

Starlight Crossings


Five pairs of gold eyes gazed determinedly in opposite directions; the pale faces set with inscrutable expressions.

"Five more minutes," said a tiny girl with spiky black hair. Neither person indicated they had heard her. Seconds ticked by, a terse atmosphere hung over the table. Five minutes too soon, the cafeteria doors opened.

Six more of the same, beautiful, golden- eyed people glided into the cafeteria, looking as though they belonged somewhere less ordinary. They glanced around the room, instantly the five who had known of their arrival.

"Definitely vampires" said the pixie- like girl. She smiled slightly, as if inviting them to sit. The six proclaimed vampires gracefully loped to the table and noiselessly sat down.

"Hello," said one of the newcomers, a small redhead, "I'm Kayla Stratford. Introduce yourselves guys," she said to the rest of the group.

The tense atmosphere instantly lifted, and all the table's occupants relaxed from their rigid positions.

"Kyle Stratford," another redhead raised his hand in greeting, "I'm Kayla's twin"

"Arielle Parker," a black haired girl grinned, "Dating- well for school purposes- Kyle"

"Anthony Parker," a blonde smiled, "married to Kayla. She really should start using Parker, except that normally people don't get married in high school."

"I'm Riley Poole," said a tall brunette, "adopted for technical purposes. Still keep my own name, think it sounds better than Riley Parker."

"Isabella Parker," said another brunette softly, "I prefer Bella though"

"How about all of you?" asked Kayla.

"Alice Cullen," said the pixie girl happily, "It's so nice to meet you."

"Jasper Hale," said a tall, leonine, blonde, "I'm married to this little ball of excitement here," he added affectionately, pulling Alice close.

"Okay Jasper, none of your lovey- dovey stuff here!" said a large, muscled, brunette, "I'm Emmett Cullen."

"Rosalie Hale," a breathtaking blonde who looked like she belonged on the runway smiled, "I'm married to this fool here," she nudged Emmett, who faked being hurt.

All eyes turned to the table's last, bronze-haired occupant, who smiled, "Edward Cullen, pleasure to meet you." His eyes lingered on Bella for a moment.

"So, Carlisle and Esme would like to meet you," began Emmett, "He said that you should come over tonight for a little vampire soiree" He was interrupted by Rosalie.

"-What he means is, Carlisle and Esme would like all of you over, so we can chat," said Rosalie, "We have never met another vegetarian family who lives the exact same lifestyle as ours, other than the Denali clan, and none of them go to school."

"You can come over at ten, of course, if it isn't too late," Emmet's eyes twinkled with an inside joke.

"No, we'll be there at ten," said Anthony, understanding the joke, "And I must agree, it is exciting to have another family around. I was getting bored of these folks here. Other than Kayla of course," he added hastily as he caught the redhead's glare.

Alice was bouncing up and down in her seat with excitement, "Do any of you like shopping?" she asked brightly.

"I do," said Arielle, "Me and Kayla always have to drag Bella though…"

"And make me try everything too," groaned Bella as Alice and Rosalie laughed.

"um… much as I'd like to stay here chatting, can we go please?" asked Riley, "All the chattering about us is annoying me. I presume you Cullens weren't very social?"

"No, not much" said Jasper with a laugh.

"Yes, everyone is wondering," said Edward, "Why exactly the Cullens, who have never talked to anyone in two years are suddenly laughing with the newcomers, who, strangely enough, look exactly like them."

"Can you read minds too?" asked Riley interestedly, "Because that's my power."

"Can you read Edward's mind?" asked Emmett, "That would be so cool! No one has ever read Edward's mind before, it would be nice for him to see how it feels."

"Same with Riley," added Anthony, "Gets highly annoying."

"I can read his mind," said Edward, "Riley can read mine too. It's funny, having your thoughts being reflected at you. And I didn't ask for this you know," he directed at Emmett.

"Doesn't mean it's not annoying," grumbled Emmett, "The bell's going to ring in two minutes. Does anyone have English with me?"

"I have English next" said Anthony, "You're a senior here, right?"

"Yes" replied Emmett, "Looks like I'm with you"

"I have History with Arielle and Kyle," said Alice, "And Rosalie has Chemistry with Kayla from what I can see. And then… oh, Jasper and Riley are alone in Spanish and Physics, but then both of you have Government. And Bella and Edward have Biology next," she finished matter- of- factly.

The new vampires stared at her in disbelief, then, "How did you do that?" asked Kyle in awe.

"I can see the future," said Alice, "And little things like this do come in helpful, don't you think?" she stood, pulling him and Arielle up and dancing out of the cafeteria.

"Well, I guess we'd better get going," said Emmett, standing up, "that teacher is an old bat, I warn you man." He loped just as gracefully as Alice out of the cafeteria along with Anthony.

"See you after school," said Kayla, as she walked out with Rosalie.

Riley and Jasper stood up as well, mumbling a "see you later" as they went their separate ways.

"Let's go to Bio," said Edward, smiling at Bella, "You can be my lab partner, I don't have one."

"Thanks," said Bella as they walked out into the hallway, "Even though I've been to High school about six times, I still am nervous, It's ridiculous, really"

"Only six? How old are you?"

"About thirty years," said Bella, "I was seventeen when I was changed"

"That's young," said an impresses Edward, "You have very good control."

"Thank you. John and Elena have trained us well."

They took a seat at a lab table, as a teacher came in wheeling an ancient TV and VCR set.

"Movie day," groaned Bella, "I hate movie days"

"Why?" asked Edward.

"Very boring," said Bella, resting her head sideways on her arms and looking up at him, "Besides, I've seen every movie they could possibly show for educational purposes and I bet you've seen even more."

Edward chuckled, "I suppose I have."

The credits began rolling as the lights were switched off. Edward noticed that he paid more attention to Bella than he did to the movie. She seemed to be in a trance, staring at the screen as though not really seeing it. A strand of hair fell in her eyes and she attempted to blow it out of her face. He impulsively reached his hand out and tucked the strand behind her ear. She stared up at him questioningly.

"I can't read your mind," he said abruptly.

"What?" she said loudly, startled. Heads turned around the classroom and the teacher cast them a disapproving look.

"I can't read you mind," Edward repeated, lowering his head to her level.

"Good," she said fervently.

"Why?" he asked, "what have you been thinking about… that you don't want me to know?" he finished teasingly.

Bella looked like she was about to blush if she could have, "You will never know" she whispered, "That's how the rest of us feel all the time you know."

"I haven't felt that way for a while," said Edward.

"Ms. Parker! Mr. Cullen!" admonished the teacher, "I would appreciate it if you watched the movie in silence."

"Sorry sir" they said in unison as Edward sat up. Bella resumed staring blankly at the screen, as Edward continued to stare at her unnoticed, the movie completely forgotten.


AN: There. How was it? I think I'm getting rid of my habit of putting so many breaks in the story. Anyway, if you hate it, try to criticize constructively, please. I would love feedback, and reviews are always awesome!!