A/N: This is a little piece of poetry I'd written in a friend's notebook awhile back when the words came to me in a flash. She came to me recently saying she finally found it and gave it back. I wasn't sure what I was trying to say when I'd written it, but now I understand myself. Hopefully someone else does too. 100 words.

Fanfiction used to have a poetry section, did they not? All of the links say it's been outdated. Anyway, enjoy.

Drink, Indulge, Savor

It is a simple satisfaction that draws poisonous breath into even the most witless
and demeaning life. It is a power that flows through the body as the restless
heart beats its existence into darkness. It is a force with such a strength,
it leaves the appraised love, lust and hate in a bleak shadow of shame.
The soul kneels in submission, hoping to absorb the mighty
providence it supplies. The world and humans of all
kind have little significance compared, yet it
can't be without them. Thirst is the effect,
quenched is the aftermath.
And you too shall be powerful.

-Allison Enigma