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Rose stretched, reaching her arms above her head until they touched the headboard of her bed. Grumbling incoherently from being roused from her slumber, she shuffled onto her side to snuggle back into the soft pillows that lay beneath her head.

Not getting up today...nope I'm not! I don't care if a Dalek appears any second now, I'm not budging!

Smiling sleepily to herself, Rose allowed the familiar wave of sleep to slowly wash over her, lulling her into a warm world full of dreams that contained no hint of impending doom within the deep reaches of space, no life of death situations, no panic or fear, just warmth and pleasant thoughts. As she felt the wave rock towards said warm world, a loud noise reached her ears and a frown creased her face. Dismissing it, Rose focused on drifting off again when a similar sound echoed throughout her room as her bedroom door crashed open.

''Well!'' A familiar voice called loudly. ''Never known Rose Tyler to ignore a sound which could only mean that the Doctor is up to something!''

Ohh great.

Rose mumbled something at him before turning over on her bed, allowing her eyes to remain shut as she turned her back to the Doctor. Tucking the covers tightly around herself, she willed him to leave her, just for a few more hours, just so she could stay buried in her cosy bed.

Of course, the Doctor would never allow such a thing.

Rose groaned again as she felt the mattress sink with his weight, meaning that he was now sitting beside her. She raised her arm slightly to throw a lazy slap at his leg which she suspected was in close proximity to her, but caught nothing but air. His soft chuckle danced past her ears as he poked her gently on the shoulder.

''Ahh if only our most fearsome and dangerous enemies could see this; Dame Rose Tyler, Defender of the Earth, all snuggled up in bed, completely defenceless.''

Defenceless? Ha!

Growling slightly, Rose cracked open one eye to peer at the Doctor who sat beside her, grinning brightly.

''Somehow Doctor, I don't think you would be saying that if you know the tragedy that befalls the man that wakes a women from her slumber.''

He laughed again. ''Oh dear me, do tell, what is this so called tragedy that will befall me?''

A second later there was a shriek of pain from the Doctor as Rose sank her nails into his leg, before grinning sleepily.

''That, my dear Doctor, is the tragedy.''

He frowned at her, rubbing his leg as she smiled innocently at him before burying herself under the covers once more with her head barely visible. The Doctor continued to stroke the place where she had pinched him but a smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. Leaning closer to his companion, he placed his lips next to her ear, allowing his breath to trickle down her neck.

''You know, my infinite knowledge of you humans has led me to believe that you tend to be excited when it reaches a certain day, one in which you get to celebrate because that certain day is dedicated just to you...''

Rose felt a shiver shoot down her spine as his words tickled her skin, caressing the sensitive shell of her ear. A smirk crept across the Doctor's face; oh how he loved to tease his young human companion. Rose dared to draw in a shaky breath before tilting her head back to look at him properly, determined to not let him see the effect he had on her by simply breathing.

''And what exactly is this certain day your infinite knowledge has informed you of?''

The Doctor regarded her for a moment, a soft smile upon his face. Rose looked back at him, a drowsy grin dancing across her delicate face, her golden hair framing her features gently like a heavenly glow. He really was lucky, and not for the fact that he had the ability to change every cell in his body to save himself from dying, or the fact that he possessed a ship that could take him anywhere and everywhere with a few pulls of a lever and a slap of several buttons.

The Doctor was lucky, because of the young woman that lay next to him, a sight so innocent and pure that he couldn't help but smile as he looked at her. For so many years, more than he even dared to count he had been on his own, occasionally meeting the odd acquaintance or faraway friend that he would possibly meet again in some turn and twist of events but even then, he was still always on his own.

Until the day he met Rose.

His Rose. His ever loyal, ever loving friend. Without even realizing it, she had saved him. Not from the most fearsome and terrifying creatures that littered the universe, but from himself. From his own loneliness that could swallow him whole at any moment in time before he had met her; before she had rescued him. Looking at her now, secure and snug under the thick covers of her bed, she didn't look capable of hurting a fly. Yet, the Doctor knew otherwise. His Rose has stared death in the face so many times without backing down and was still able to smile at him every night, still able to press a kiss to his cheek before she disappeared to sleep.

For the simple fact she still wanted to stay with him and still cared for him despite the way he threw them across the universe, stretched the fabric of time to confusing lengths and dragged her into adventures that could lead to certain death, he was extremely lucky.

A hand danced in front of his eyes and he blinked quickly before grinning at Rose sheepishly, knowing that once again she had caught him in one of his drifting thoughts, that usually consisted of nothing but her.

She smiled up at him. ''You were saying, Doctor?''

The proud, teasing grin snaked its way back across his lips so slowly that Rose had to laugh at the way his face lit up with mischief.

''Well, my dear Rose, as I was saying! My infinite knowledge has led me to the conclusion that you humans enjoy a certain day, a personal day that causes great excitement and celebrations to occur.''

Rose scrunched her nose in thought for a moment. ''You mean, you have come to the conclusion that humans really enjoy their birthdays?''

The Doctor beamed at her. ''Exactly!''

A bemused look crossed Rose's face as she cocked her head to one size, her eyes silently enquiring him, urging him to explain the direction of their conversation.

He reached out a hand and gently cupped her cheek, lightly grazing the pad of his thumb across the soft skin. His grin stretched wider, allowing creases to form in the corners of his twinkling eyes.

''Happy birthday Rose.''

The Doctor chuckled as Rose stared at him incredulously for a moment before shooting upright, brown eyes wide and mouth gaping.

''It's my birthday?''

A look of playful disbelief decorated his face as he continued to laugh softly. ''Rose Tyler! You forgot your own birthday! You are officially twenty one years old today!''

Instead of a burst of excitement followed by hysterical screaming, like the Doctor expected, Rose simply continued to stare at him, with nothing more than a look of surprise etched upon her face.

Frowning slightly, the Doctor frowned before raising his hand to her forehead, pushing her tousled back as his palm rested against her skin.

''Are you feeling alright? You don't seem too excited...I thought you would have been giggling and shrieking and demanding presents by this point.''

As though snapping out of a daze, Rose blinked rapidly and smiled gently. ''You remembered my birthday?''

Dropping his hand to her shoulder to give an affectionate squeeze, the Doctor cocked his head to one side in slight disbelief at her question. ''As if I could forget your birthday Rose, couldn't forget anything about you, even if I tried.''

Rose felt tears tickle her eyes as she looked at the tender expression on his face and listened to the softness of his words. Suddenly shy, she ducked her head to avoid his gaze. He chuckled softly before brushing his fingertips gently and quickly across her chin.

''Well, c'mon Rose! The birthday girl isn't supposed to stay in bed all day...unless there is some new earth concept that has avoided my knowledge...'' He stopped and Rose smiled as his brow furrowed slightly and his eyes became dark with thought. ''Nah, not possible!'' He grinned manically at her before leaping off the bed, full of boundless energy as always.

Rose groaned but allowed him to pull her from the bed and wrap her fluffy pink dressing gown around her. He smiled at her gently.

''You always remind me of a giant marshmallow when you wear that.''

Rose blinked at him before grinning, her tongue making its usual appearance between her teeth.

''You calling me fat?''

The Doctor's face dropped from a look of excitement to one of pure horror and slight confusion at the question she had thrown at him. Rose giggled inwardly at his discomfort, watching as he raised a hand to rub the back of his neck in embarrassment.

''No! I was not calling you fat at all! I just meant you look all soft and a marshmallow...and that's a good thing! Because I'm quite fond of marshmallows, they're all sweet and fluffy and generally you...and...You're gonna slap me now aren't you?''

Rose burst out laughing as the Doctor stepped back slightly for fear of receiving a slap to the face. She stepped forward and gazed up at him, grinning at the terrified expression that hung on his face.

''Doctor, I was only teasing. It's a very nice thing to say, and it's good to know you're so enthusiastic about marshmallows.''

The Doctor almost seemed to collapse with relief before throwing her a look of mock-annoyance.

''Rose Tyler, you're going to give me a double heart attack one of these days!''

Rose smiled sweetly at him, and the Doctor could do nothing but smile back at her, loosing himself in her honey-like eyes.

'' I get presents?''

The Doctor allowed his mouth to stretch into a huge grin as he reached down and simply took her hand, before leading her out of the room.

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