All this belongs to Stephenie Meyer

All this belongs to Stephenie Meyer

Rosalie apologized to Bella. She had accepted. Bella snuggled closer to me, as her breathing became more even. I held her in my arms brushing my fingers through her deep brown hair, tracing her cheek. In her sleep, she seemed to smile when I touched her.

I watched her sleep, for it was the most peaceful sleep I had ever seen her in. For once, she seemed to be in ecstasy. Her scent rolled off of her, bit it did not affect me. It just simply made her more for me. It was absolutely heaven. I looked out the window then, watching the stars dance in the dark sky of Atlanta.

When ever my mind traveled back to the past seven months, I would lean down and bury my face in her hair. It smelled of roses and lilies. I gently rubbed my hand up and down her arm, for it brought back my reason for living. For what seemed like every second, I kissed her on the forehead. She instinctively held me tighter.

Every time I kissed her, my body seemed to leap with happiness. Buried deep in my body, however, was that annoying guilt that stabbed me in the heart. For one moment, I felt as if I could sleep with her for eternity.

It was ruined when Rose stopped the car.

"Edward, we're here," she said blankly.

I didn't answer, but I did whisper in my love's ear, "I'm sorry," and in an even lower tone, so she could barely even have a chance of hearing, I whispered, "I love you." I kissed her lightly on her head.

She then seemed to stir a little, so I opened the door and carried her to the house, knowing I was about to get a major expulsion from the house by Charlie.