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Chapter 9- A Warning

Seymour had an extravagant library filled with books. Many of them had never been touched since he put them there. But today was not a day to read one of them. Seymour was growing more restless every hour. The last video footage he looked at was of Atticus revealing his plan to become the supreme overlord of the magical realms. Seymour had nearly spilled his cup of afternoon tea as he watched the video. That wouldn't have been good. The scarlet suit, purple and red tie, and navy blue shirt he was wearing were all made by a private designer and coasted him a fortune. His purple, velvet-lined gloves were additionally his favorite, and cleaning them without damaging them in a washing machine was a long task. Seymour needed to take his mind off of the issue with his brother. The Iliad was Seymour's all time favorite classic to read. He was seated in his office, pouring over the book and reaching for a plate composed of assorted cheeses and shortbread cookies. He picked out a cube of brie, examined it, and then took a small nibble. Satisfied, he continued to nibble at the cube of cheese as he turned the page. His office phone suddenly rang. He recognized the ring tone, and then waited thirty seconds. The phone rang again. Seymour marked his page and closed the book. He also set down the dessert plate. Someone had used the special phone code he had established if either Lafayette or Dr. Ivan needed to come to his office. Seymour flipped a switch and the wall behind him opened up. The hunched-over Dr. Ivan stepped in. Seymour pressed a button on his intercom.

"Danielle, hold all my calls and visitors." He turned off the phone, locked the door and went to his safe. He pulled out the dossiers he had gotten on the five dragons. He hadn't looked at them since Vulcan handed them to him. "I take it you have something important to share with me?" Dr. Ivan nodded.

"Amongst the shipment of spirit gems your brother sent was a strange book. The language definitely wasn't some sort of ancient draconic language. Although when I ran a scan, it seemed to be remarkably similar to the Latin language." Seymour crossed his left leg over his right and leaned back in his chair. He turned to face the large glass window overlooking the horizon and the sunset.

"Are you suggesting this is a piece of human writing from the lost civilizations of old?" Dr. Ivan nodded. Seymour grabbed his walking stick and stood up. Within the dragon's mouth was now a glowing blue crystal: a smaller spirit gem. "Dr. Ivan I am very well familiar of the stories associated with the times of the lost civilization. Stories of the three legendary swords, tales with devils and demons, they are all old news to me." Dr. Ivan began pacing in front of Seymour, fidgeting with the black rubber gloves on his hands.

"This is a different story! Entirely different, Herr Seymour. It concerns the dark realms of the magical world." Seymour turned around and faced Dr. Ivan. "The story talks of a time in which the dark world was… was populated! Yes… creatures, creatures inhabited it! They, they were strange creatures. Far different, yes far different, from the normal animals that had populated the world. The story tells of times in which these creatures had invaded the lost civilization, only to be pushed back and defeated every time!" Ivan paused, catching his breath. "But, but the peculiar thing, the thing which is very peculiar is the last page. The story just cuts off and the page, the page is red, RED! I did, that is to say I ran several tests on the paper, the paper which may I remind you is thousands of years old, and I managed to confirm it is blood. But the DNA, the base stuff has mutations, mutations I have never seen! Mutations abnormal for a by our standards!" Ivan stroked his chin. "With the right equipment, and the spirit gems as a power source, I can easily create powerful reproductions of these creatures!" Seymour smirked.

"My brother tried to create his own minions using his limited magical powers. That worked out poorly for him. Surely, these creatures are far superior to creatures created from a stupid book." Seymour turned to Ivan. "There are just two other things I want you to do." Seymour handed Ivan a stack of blueprints. "Behold, my technological superweapon. It is a simple computer virus, but can manifest itself in reality. It's a risky experiment, but I'm sure you could create such a program." Ivan nodded. "The second thing: look into those spirit gems. If it is possible to extract the energy out of them do so. I think that by directly fusing that energy with our DNA, we can in a sense fuse our bodies with the angelic energy of those gems. It would make us much stronger than my pathetic brother." Seymour walked over toward his small miniature bar to pour himself a glass of water, when a vortex suddenly opened up in the window behind Seymour's desk.

"Preposterous!" Ivan yelled as a black haired human went flying out of the portal and crashed into the wall. He had a sword speared through his chest. He looked at Seymour with pain filled eyes.

"Help………. Me." He rasped before his eyes shut. Seymour pressed a button and William de Clarke appeared seconds later.

"William, get this man to the medical wing. Tell all of the doctors if anyone so much as tries to do anything to his face, they will be fired and blacklisted." De Clarke nodded and spoke into a walkie-talkie. Two men dressed in gray security outfits appears with a stretcher and loaded the human on to it. Seymour finished pouring his glass of water and sipped it. He walked over to a framed picture of his brother seated on his desk. He dismantled the frame and removed the photograph. He pressed a button and his plasma screen TV appeared. Surely enough, the screen was all static. "Fool…" Seymour hissed as he tossed the photograph into a paper shredder beside his desk. "Ivan, I have one more favor. What is the status of the transfigurator?"

"Herr Vulcan completed it yesterday. We tried it out on a human test subject, a man only calling himself Riff." Ivan stared at the floor. "It was a horrible failure. We lack a way to stabilize Riff's transformation. He has been randomly switching between the form of a dragon and his human form. And he continues to pass out if he spends too long as a dragon. We've quarantined him for further research." Seymour simply smiled and stared at his walking stick.

"Try using a spirit gem fragment to control the magical energy in the dragon form. And use the special nanotech vaccine to control the body of our next test subject." Seymour handed Ivan another picture. Ivan's eyes widened.

"Herr Atticus's daughter? She is too young for such an assignment!" Seymour smirked again.

"First configure the machine to alter her to a 16 year old human, and then transfigure her. The only way to get to that purple dragon is to get inside his head. And Trinity is the perfect girl for that…" He smirked.

"You've named the monster I'm about to create?"

"No, just the human half." Seymour sat down and picked up The Iliad once again.

Spyro hadn't been able to sleep, despite his aching muscles and bones. The images of what he'd done during the eclipse kept flashing through his mind. Finally, he had fallen asleep, only to dream of the suffering he'd caused subconsciously. His mind floated to Gaul, then to his friends and Cynder, and lastly to Dagon. His eyes snapped open. He threw the dark gem at a wall and clutched his now burnt hand in pain. They had finally made it back in the middle of the night. The guardians were overjoyed to see them all return safely, but Spyro wasn't in any mood to talk to any of them. He quickly left and headed off to his room. The door creaked open and he turned around. Lea and Cynder were standing there. "We just came to check on you." Lea whispered. "You were really upset last night. Ignitus was asking all sorts of questions about what happened." She looked away. "We didn't tell him anything about… well, yeah…" Her voice trailed off. Cynder stared at her and Lea got the message. "Right, I'm going to go help rebuild the Pool of Visions with Ash and Drake. Feel better, Spyro." Lea turned and walked away. Cynder now walked up to Spyro and sat down next to him.

"Hey." She whispered.

"Hey." Spyro repeated. Cynder bit her lip, unsure of what to say next.

"Did you sleep okay? I mean, you said you were going to sleep last night." She asked.

"No." Spyro's stern answer caused Cynder to back up a little. She frowned and stared at a wall to her left. Spyro turned around and stared at her.

"Thanks… for, you know… saving my life." Cynder whispered the last part. "Listen, can I talk with you somewhere else?" She asked. Spyro cocked an eye in confusion. "Just follow me, please." She begged. Spyro stood up and stretched. Cynder opened the door and led Spyro out the temple and up a steep hill. After a few minutes, they reached a grassy cliff top overlooking the temple and the Dragon Village. Spyro could see various dragons beginning to get up and go about their daily lives. He saw Terrador and Cyril and a few others trying to reconstruct the temple balcony. Cynder took a deep breath. "My first few weeks here, when it was just the guardians, you, me and Sparx, I used to come up here every night." She paused for a second. "Spyro you have to realize that I was trying to live with people whom I was raised to hate. I was in complete denial of all my dark powers had done. But the nightmares of the pain I had caused so many other people kept popping up. I came up here every night and thought about why I was here and why I was still alive." She turned to face him. "I thought the answer came to me one night. I didn't think any of it at the time, but after everything we've been through, I can't help but think about that one night." She paused again. "As it happened, it had stormed the entire day, and the black clouds were still lingering in the air. I began to think about storms: about their destructive potential, but also about how they were needed. The downpours brought us water, and the fierce winds destroyed old and dead wildlife so new things could grow in their place. I thought about things like that and I began to think 'what if I'm needed like that?'

"Fate is a powerful thing, Spyro. Things happen for a reason and because they need to. Look at me. I was once the queen of darkness, and everything and everyone trembled at the mention of my name. A creature like that shouldn't deserve to live, but I did. And you saved me. Don't you think that if there wasn't a reason, a reason for you or someone else to need me, that I would have met my end in Convexity?" She plucked a small flower from the ground and stared at it. "I've learned to embrace the dark powers I was given, but in a way that they would rebuild and not destroy.

"Spyro, that statue in the Dark Master's fortress, the one that looked like you, it was Malefor. I'm almost entirely certain. The inner sanctum of that fortress told me that it was not Malefor who had driven himself into insanity, but his powers. I think that statue was a warning Spyro; a warning to you. You've been blessed with the same incredible powers of the purple dragon that Malefor had. But at the same time, you have these dark powers; powers which have twice nearly consumed you. Malefor had surrendered to the darkness and suffered because of it. I think he warned you because he didn't want to see something like that happen again. Spyro, you're the strongest dragon I've ever met. If you weren't needed by the creatures that inhabit this world to protect them and give them hope, the darkness would have easily consumed you whether or not I interfered." She looked at Spyro. Tears began to fall down the purple dragon's face. "Spyro, we're in this together, you and I. We'll find a way to control your dark powers, together." She grabbed the dark gem and stared at it. "I think I've even already got a hunch as to how we can do that. So, what do you say?" She extended her paw forward. Spyro looked up, his watery eyes meeting her green ones. He grabbed her paw and Cynder pulled him to his feet. Spyro walked up to Cynder and kissed her on the lips (A/N: No, I don't really know how a dragon is really supposed to kiss, so bear with me). Had this happened three years ago, it probably would have been meaningless to Spyro. But as he kissed her a warm feeling surged through his body; whether it was the rush of hormones or just the pleasure of the moment didn't seem to concern him at the moment. After what seemed like several minutes, he broke the kiss. The black dragoness blushed and nudged him with her front paw.

"That felt… weird." She whispered. And for the first time since before this adventure began, Spyro really smiled.

"I know what you mean. It was… kind of tingly." He remarked. There was a long moment of silence as the two dragons stared at each other.

"Um, do you want to…?" Cynder began. Spyro stared at her. "I was going to say go back to the temple. We've still got a few days left before training." Spyro cocked an eye. "I forgot to tell you. What with all the new dragons, the guardians are having training classes, given to dragons based on age. Don't look so surprised. There are others besides us five. Austin says it's like school back in his world." Spyro rolled his eyes.

"And who's teaching it?" Cynder shrugged.

"Ignitus said the guardians would be rotating classes." Spyro groaned. The thought of spending an entire day with Ignitus or Terrador wasn't awful. But with Volteer or Cyril?! Spyro was going to have to savor these few days.

"What are we going to do?" Cynder smirked. "Uh oh… why do I suddenly feel like I'm Sparx and you're about to…"

Cynder tossed him into the river. Instantly, the red stains and dirt that had clouded his scales were washed off. Spyro thrashed at the surface for a second, before Cynder stepped into the water revealing it only ran up part of her leg. Spyro stood up, blushing from embarrassment. "We're going to teach you to swim. I think you'll like it better once you know how." She smiled playfully at the purple dragon, who groaned again.

"Ah. So here's where you two are." Austin and Ignitus walked out the side entrance to the temple. "We leave you alone for a few minutes and you're already stirring up some trouble, eh?" Austin smirked. "Anyway, I came to ask you guys a question. Seeing as I sort of don't have any way back to the human world, do you know of a way to get me to fit in around here a little more? I keep getting these terrified scares from the other dragons." Austin shrugged. Spyro stood up and spat a mouthful of water into Cynder's face. He whispered to Cynder who nodded.

"We do, but there's one problem. It would cause you lose your entire memory." Spyro turned to the large fire guardian. "Is there any chance you can alter a certain spell that changes dragons to humans to remove the whole 'memory loss' issue?" Ignitus thought to himself for a moment.

"Now that you mention it, I do happen to be familiar with a spell like that. Why do you ask?" Ignitus gave the two dragons a puzzled expression.


"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Austin screamed as Cynder knocked him off the cliff and he landed in the motionless river with a giant splash.

"It looks like Atticus might have been of some use to us." Cynder remarked with a childish grin on her face. Spyro didn't pay her much mind but was instead talking to Ignitus.

"So, you're absolutely sure you don't know how to just completely get rid of the spell?" Spyro asked his mentor for the fifth time since they arrived at the cliff. Ignitus sighed.

"I'm afraid without the spell book I cannot do anything. I know other copies exist, but the only problem is I don't know where." Ignitus paused. "Which reminds me, how did you go about loosing it in the first place?" He asked.

"That was my bad. I had cornered Atticus and he threw it into a volcano." Cynder answered as she walked up to the two dragons. Next to her was a gold dragon with an ocean blue underbelly. "He used it to make some giant lava monster." She finished.

"How do I look?" Austin asked, craning his neck around to look at his hind legs and tail.

"Bright and flashy…" Spyro replied, squinting as the sun's rays bounced off Austin's scale.

"Perfect! I always wanted to be the center of attention!" He happily exclaimed.

"So how was it?" Cynder asked. Austin proceeded to shake some of the water off.

"Cold; why don't you warn me next time I'm about to jump into an ice box!" He exclaimed, shivering. Cynder just smiled.

"Come on, we'll go back to the temple and warm you up."

Back at the temple, Lea and Drake had put the finishing touches on a new Pool of Visions. They were admiring their work when Spyro, Austin, Cynder and Ignitus walked in. "Hey, who's the new dragon?" Drake asked.

"It's me, Austin!" Austin blurted in response. Drake's eyes widened.

"Austin, is that really you? How did you turn into a dragon?"

"It's a funny story. Despite Atticus dying, the charm he put on the river that transformed Dagon was still there. So we just had Ignitus modify it a little…" Cynder answered.

"…and then they shoved me off a cliff face!" Austin gave the black dragoness a sour face. Cynder giggled and rolled her eyes.

"Oh relax, will ya! You were never in any real danger. You have me and Spyro there in case something went wrong."

"Pft! Yeah, that's some great help." Sparx flew into the room. "They were probably just gazing longingly into each other's eyes the entire time." He threw his hand to the side. "What's next, little purple and black hatchlings running around shooting all sort of magic out their faces? I kind of like the sound of 'Uncle Sparx,' don't you?" Sparx buzzed around in front of the two dragons.

"Sparx!" Spyro groaned. Cynder tried to refrain from blushing, but her face still turned a little red.

"Oh. See, see? I know I'm not the only one who saw that!" Sparx buzzed around the room. "The evil psycho she dragon and the mauve one! And stuck in between them is the coolest of all dudes, good old Sparxy!" He exclaimed, joyfully swinging his arm to one side.

"Yeah, a regular batch of weirdos!" Austin exclaimed.

"HEY!" The three yelled and glared at him in response.

"Kidding! Can't you take a good joke?"

"Oh, yeah, real great joke." Spyro exclaimed while Cynder faked laughing. "It was about as good as Sparx's." He remarked.

"Yeah, they're about as good as… HEY!" Sparx turned and put on a sour face for Cynder. "I can't believe it! I go to the very edge of the dark realms with you and almost get my sorry but handed back to me by my own brother and all you two have to say for yourselves is that I have a lousy sense of humor?! If I were just a few feet taller and could spew magic out of my mouth it'd be goodbye Spyro, the mauve one, hello Sparx, savior of the realms! I would fly through the air and deliver my magic-shooting justice to all the people…" The dragons groaned and rolled their eyes as Sparx continued to babble on.

The end!

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