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Maybe it's easier to be popular if you let out manly bellowing noises like Manfred! GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGHH!! Yush yush, it really attracts the ladies. Just kidding. Don't try it at home, or else you might get arrested. D:


"I see that you are upset, companion of mine." Greg was trying to comfort Manfred, but it was to no avail!

Freddy looked stump. He leaned back in his desk and contorted his face until it looked like a smashed TV that never EVER had a chance to survive make your time. "My life is so meaningless! At least you, dearest friend, have a partner! I myself, have no one. Maya Fey has left me for another! Miles ran off somewhere! Now there is no one I can turn to!"

"Hmm, that does seem like a problem." Greggy pushed up his glasses and looked intelligent for a second.

The door suddenly slid opened and the class fell silent.

"Alright class, first period begins now. Prepare..." Mr. Skye slammed a stack of papers on her desk. "for a Pop Quiz from Hell. I hope you all studied like I told you to on the first day of school."

The class moaned and groaned. How could they remember something she said all the way back then? Even Freddy was in disbelief. This was his best subject though, so he felt at peace.


"Silence von Karma." Lana lashed her whip out at the door, which looked like it was about to cry, if it could.

And so, the test began. Freddy's eyes looked beady as they concentrated on the paper. They were nearly bulging out at this rate. It was quite the terrifying site. Luckily, Mr. Skye was busy writing down her next plans to overthrow the school system, so she didn't notice. Not only was Manfred being scary, but he was also leaking waterfalls of sweat from every every pore of his body. Strangely enough, it smelled of roast tuna, so it was okay. Sort of. Still disturbing though.

When the period finally neared its end, Lana shot up from her desk and gave each student a stare down. "I see all of you are done. If you aren't, then you will be when I collect your test." When collecting the tests, it was true that everyone was done.

Stopping at Manfred's desk, she looked at the puddles in disgust. "von Karma. You will clean up this mess before you leave. Or else." Again, with her scary look.

Of course, Manfred was strong willed, and said, "Of course sir!" He then absorbed all the sweat back into his body like a sponge. Lana couldn't help but cringe.

"...von Karma. You will never sweat this much in my class again, you hear me? If I see that much of a mess again, you will be sent to a hospital."

"Hmph, of course sir." Freddy contorted his face, as if saying, 'Here squirrely, I am a large tree who will devour your preditors.' No one really got the hint though. I'm sure they don't want to.


After school, Freddy went to Greg's place again. That date of his was there again.


All over the floors were potted plants. "What is this all about, old chum?" Freddy was quite confuzzled by the current turn of events.

Greggy pushed up his glasses and finally decided to say something after a bout of silence. "Oh, you know how it is with my girlfriend. She's just expressing herself in my home again."

Manfred replied manlyly, "Hmmm, I see! Let her express herself then!!"

The potted plants began sprouting until the ceiling was making contact with green plant material. "Successsssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed young Ema. "I have created it! A SNACKOO TREEEEE!!!! Now I don't have to be in debt anymore!!! Onii-chan will be soo happy!!"

"Ema-dearest!" cried Gregorz, "If you have to plant snackoo trees, please plant them in the bathroom! The furniture will get wet at this rate!"

Ema turned at his remark and put on a pouty face. "Awww, common!!! It can't hurt to have a couple trees in your living room!!" Obviously she didn't know what the heck she was saying.

"Well, I...I....Argh, I suppose your right honey bunny. The trees can stay. For the time being." Manfred raised his manly eyebrow when hearing Greg say this.

"Reeeeaally!? Wow, you're the best, pudding pie!!" The young science freak was practicely imploding from excitement. If her excitement was edible, starving people in Africa would be fat and happy. With excitement. Along with everyone else. The whole world could become obese! "Since you're such a goood date, I'll make sure to give you glasses for your birthday that can see ultra violet rays!!"

"Why thank you deary."

This whole conversation made Manfred feel lonely to the pelvis. He needed a lover and it could only be someone like...like a little boy! Or Maya. He'd always welcome Maya to come back to him. Hmm....if Maya was a little boy, he'd be the happiest school girl on earth!


Miles enjoyed his new life in a box. It wasn't any box though, it was a CARDBOARD box!! And he got to live with Nick, who was quite the poor little boy! Larry came over sometimes, but he usually spent his normal life being normal at his norma home out in Normalia. Thanks to that Kristoph kid, he was able to afford air conditioning for this cardboard home. It was about three stories hight in cardboard, and had three bathrooms too! The plumbing took a while to install, but with Kristoph, nothing's impossible! He's that amazing!

Cooking a panful of eggs at the moment over the stove, Miles hummed a tune. Nick came in with the morning paper and started reading it at the table while drinking from his cup of banana milkshake. "Oh Edgeworth! I know that song!! Doesn't it go something like this? 'This was a triumph..'"

"Stop it Wright. You know I know that you know we both know that you can't sing. That's why you should'nt. It's terrible."

"Don't be that way Edgeworth! You know practice is everything! I heard that when Maya Fey was a kid, she sang as badly as that kid from Princess Princess!"

"You read that manga?..."

Luckily, the friendly chat was cut short by a sudding opening of the door. It was Larry! And he sure looked distressed!

"Hey guys! This is crazy! I found this in the gutter near your cardboard home!!" He was holding a bundle of joy. Or in a child's point of view (and mine), a bundle of TERROR.

Nick was frozen in place. "OH GOD IT'S A BABY." he whispered.

Miles on the otherhand was thinking something along the lines of, "That baby reminds me of the devil." but decided to remain silent instead of speaking his mind.

"There's only one thing we can do in a time like this..." started Larry, "...we'll illegally adopt it and raise it to become a ninja!" It was evident where he got the idea, seeing as how his shirt had a certain blonde in a disturbingly orange jump suit on it.

And so, the three children were given a gift from the gods. A daughter, which they decided to name Trucy. According to Larry, it meant 'truth seeker,' since Trucy was 'seeker of truth' and 'true seeing' and 'truth seer' etc. Miles scoffed. Luckily, they had enough cardboard in the house to creat a cardboard nursing room with a nice cardboard crib.

Only evil things could come out of this...


Meanwhile, one Ema Skye was planning something. Something big. In Greg's garage. Her own garage wasn't big enough for her plots, seeing as how she doesn't have a garage period. No one really minded her existing there, since it's not like anyone ever goes in the garage or anything. She was so thankful to have such an understanding date!!

She isn't really important though. Freddy, upon arriving at his home, rushed to his room, where he locked the doors and looked up frightening things on the interwebs. Franziska, not wanting to get involved in his terrifying interests, continued her whip practice in the backyard. So far, she managed to kill two birds with that thing. She also caught a fish, but that's a whole different story.

Manfred, after satisfied with his interwebbing, searched through his closet until finding the perfect outfit. He slipped on the tight skirt and even got out some spiked undergarments from somewhere...After becoming 'pretty,' he applied makeup to his face and brushed out his 'fantabulous' hair. "Mmmm, I'm a killer!" he murmered 'seductively.' Too bad his targets would only be more scarred from this getup.

Finishing up, Freddy opened the door and began pacing down the hall in his tall shoes with the pointy heels. Franziska looked up from her whip practice and shrieked. Pretending to not have seen anything, she began chanting some spells that she heard could erase recent memories.

Manfred quickened his pace and started swinging his arms in an insane manner. Dashing down the street faster than a cheeta, he raced around, slapping random bystanders with his long chains of justice. "MMMMMmMHHUUUHUHUHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAHAHHAAAA!!!" Finally he has gone insane! Or has he?

WOOOSH he went. WHAM went the bystanders, toppling over from his chains. And then, a target is seen ahead! With his ultra pedo senses, Manfred detected the young boy from miles away and started charging towards him. Said boy was trying to stop his hair from sticking up funny. Everyone at school kept telling him that his hair looked liked the devil's horns! How silly of them! Though said boy certianly did have an evil haircut there...

WWUUUUZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Chains come by and bind the poor boy! "AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!" He cries!! Twin demon horns swaying with the wind!!

"Your mine now boy!" said Freddy, winking at his captive while running really fast along the streets. The boy, tied in chains that were kept mid air due to being dragged behind by the super quick Freddy, shuddered at the feeling of wink. He then started thinking why he hadn't written a will before hand.

Poor boy. While being kidnapped, there was a witness though! Young pretty boy with accent stands dramatically in wind! "He's only in 3rd grade, ja!? Why is he kidnapped at such an early aaage!??" DUN DUUUNNNNN!


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