Chapter 1:Mystery Girl

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"Guys, I don't know maybe I should just head back to the dorms." I started turning around.

"Oh no, you don't." Kate said grabbing me along with Sarah and yanking me back towards the door.

"Kayla." Sarah started. "Just relax we'll be with you." She finished guiding me through the now opened door thanks to Kate.

"But I-" I tried. I'd been nervous about meeting these particular guys since I began talking with Kate and Sarah when I transferred in a week ago.

"No, no buts!" Kate said giving me a shove forward, so I had no choice but to enter the bar called Nicky's. As soon as I did the music almost knocked me off my feet. "You ready?" Kate asked her hands on my shoulders. I nodded nervously.

"Relax; you're only meeting four guys." Sarah said.

"Yeah but I'll more then likely mess something up." I groaned knowing how klutzy I was.

"C'mon Kayla." Kate grabbed my arm and dragged me to a table with some guys. Wait, scratch that not just some guys, but some hot guys. I thought. Actually two of them are taken, by Sarah and Kate of course. "Guys this is Kayla." Kate started. "And Kayla this is Caleb, Pouge, Tyler and Re—"She said stopping mid-word so suddenly.

"Where's Reid?" she asked taking a seat next to Pouge with a kiss to him.

"Where else?" asked Tyler, brown hair, medium build, and pretty blue eyes. Nodding to a pool table the other two chuckled. My eyes moved to Caleb, who Sarah greeted with a quick kiss, Crop-cut dark brown hair; brown eyes. Then Pouge Shoulder length dirty blonde hair, with a mischievous spark in his hypnotizing brown eyes. "I had to take a break. We'd been beating their asses since we got here, but you know Reid..." Tyler trailed off.

"So speaking of pool," Tyler started.

"Are you any good?" he finished looking at me as I took a seat between the empty seat and Kate. I nodded "Yeah, I used to play a lot at my old house, but as of now my tables in a box at the new house." I explained thinking of my parents stressful move here.

"Good 'cuz someone needs to beat Reid tonight. He need to be knocked him off his pedestal that he's on tonight." Caleb laughed. I finally looked over at the pool tables.

There was this gorgeous blonde medium build dressed in jeans and a too long white undershirt with a navy blue long-sleeved over shirt. "Ok." I said shrugging as I got up and started to make my way over to the tables. Only to be stopped by a guy with curly brown hair framing his face with equally brown eyes.
"Hi, I'm Aaron." He introduced. "I was hoping I could buy you a drink." He offered. I tried to get around him but that wasn't working to well.

"Um. Not at the moment." I replied.

"C'mon I insist, then after maybe we could go back to my dorm." He finished. Was this jerk off insinuating I was a whore? I started to reply but someone beat me to it. "You just don't get it do you Aaron?" came a voice I could fall asleep listening to in my ear. Reid. I thought upon glancing up. "We'll settle this now, huh?" Reid started with an air of Confidence. His killer blue eyes turned on me. I could get lost in those. I thought carefully looking up.

"Do you want to sleep with Aaron here?" Reid asked me.

I quickly shook my head back and forth.

"There everyone's happy." You should've asked that question about yourself. I thought as Aaron shoved Reid.

"What the fuck, dude!" Exclaimed a rather angry looking Tyler. He other three guys were there at Reid's side in an instant.

"Stay the hell out of this." Aaron seethed.

"Leave it alone, Bordy" Pouge advised Aaron's friend. At least I'm guessing that considering he came up from behind Aaron.

"We don't want any trouble." Caleb said in a calmed voice yet laced with an underlying threat.

"Then leave this between Garwin and I." Aaron snapped.

"Oh, yeah What did he do that was so bad, huh? What keep you from taking me 'back to your dorm' Sorry to break it to you, but I wasn't headed there anyway." I cut in before anyone else could. I could tell Aaron was a little taken aback by my attitude, but I didn't care, and with that he walked off.

"Well then..." Came a comment. It was Reid.

I turned slowly around.

"I never got to get your name?" He stated.

"Uh." I started. "I never gave it to you." I finished with a small smirk.

"I'm-." He began, but I beat him to the punch.

"Reid. Yeah I've heard." I said with a chuckle.

"Have you?" He asked interested now, wearing a dazzling smile.

"Yeah um. I ha-ad originally came over here to ask you if you'd mind getting beat at pool." I asked with some confidence.

He laughed. "No, I don't mind that is if someone can beat me." He walked over to a table and started to rack'em. Hey, this way I could check him while he leans over to take his shots. I thought. As if reading my mind he leaned over to set up the game. "You want to break." he called over his shoulder. I smirked and answered "sure."

So after all these years, and me looking through this story and literally cringing at how terrible it is, I've decided to revamp some- if not most of it. There's a point in the chapters where you can see in my 14 year old mind it clicked on how to properly set up the paragraphs and wording. So... yeah. Thanks again for the re-reads and for those that haven't read it. Thanks for giving it a shot.

Much love,