Wow my first story LOL it is kind of random but I have been thinking of a story like this for a long time. R&R

It was a regular morning when a blue speedy hedgehog known as Sonic wake up to the light of the bright sun. The first thing he did was put his shoes and socks on. Next was breakfast. He always had something like pancakes, but today he wanted to eat cereal. He had to get out of their fast so he didn't have time for pancakes. He ate it as fast as he could (which was fast) and rushed out the door.

Today he was seeing all his friends at the park. It would be nice to relax and have fun for a while. The other day Eggman had launched a thousand robots at them the other day and everyone was ready for a day off.

It had only taken him about 2 minutes to get to the park. Once there he saw all his friends.

Amy a hedgehog like him except she was pink, had short hair and wore a red dress. She

was Sonics self proclaimed girlfriend, because of this she chased him a lot. Sonic didn't mind too much, though it was a little annoying.

Knuckles the red hot tempered echidna was also his friend. He had long quills unlike Sonics which were straight and stuck out far.

Cream the Rabbit, a sweet little girl with long bunny ears and a orange dress with her small chao Cheese. She wasn't exactly a best friend with Sonic but was his friend known the less.

Then there was Tails. He was a yellow two tailed fox. He was Sonics one and only best friend and little brother. Sonic had been his friend as long as he could remember.

"Hey guys." Sonic said cheerfully.

"Hi Sonic" Amy responded sweetly.

"So got ant ideas of what we should do."

"I thought we could play soccer." Knuckles said holding up a soccer ball.

Everyone agreed. As they were playing Sonic noticed that Tails was moving pretty slow today. Sonic eventually decided to ask Tails if he was okay. He said "Hey guys hold up."

Everyone stopped. Cream asked "What's wrong Sonic."

Sonic didn't answer he just walked over to Tails. "Hey kiddo, you alright?"

Tails nodded though Sonic could tell something was wrong. Sonic put his hand o to Tails head to see if he had a temperature. He took it off in an instant and said "Wow! Your burning up lil bro. We need to take you home." The fox shook his head. "Its okay I'll go home and you guys play without me." Sonic shook his head. "I'll take you to my house and we should all probably go home and relax anyway."

Tails didn't say anything, instead he just fainted. Sonics heart rushed into panic. He had to get the kid inside. He was probably worse from the sun anyway. He rushed home as fast as he could. He hoped the fox would be.