Sonic was

Sonic was running at full speed toward his house. He had a terrible feeling something bad happened.

When he arrived he saw Amy screaming and shouting up at the sky. Oh no.

"Give him back." Amy screamed in rage, throwing her hammer at a large floating egg shaped robot in the sky. Sonic growled seeing the logo on the front of the robot, DR. ROBOTNIK. As he examined further his eyes fell on the limp body of his best friend.

"Tails!" Sonic blasted off at sonic speed into a spin dash getting ready to spin through the robot as if it was paper. The cruel voice of Eggman came out of the robots speaker just as he was about to hit it. "Now!" Eggman yelled.

Sonic saw a flash of orange pushed as a shield in front of the robot. He forced himself to go flying toward the ground, barely landing in a safe position. His heart was racing. His green eyes flashed at the robot with fear. Sonic had almost hit Tails! Eggman was using him as a shield to protect the robot. He must have sent the robot to capture Tails while Eggman was delaying Sonic. Now he was watching from his lab using a camera on the robot probably.

This cruel plan was the only explanation for what had happened, or at least Sonic thought. Eggman laughed evilly through the speakers making Sonics blood boil.

"What do you want Eggman?" Sonic shouted.

Eggman stopped laughing and replied "Humph, you have to get right to the point don't you. Actually, I have two choices for you. What I want is either all 7 chaos emeralds which I know you have, or you give in to me."

Both were terrible. Sonic begin thinking it through his mind. Tails was his best friend, and his little brother he couldn't just let Eggman have him. It would fill him with guilt and put Tails life in danger.

"Sonic, don't do it." Amy said knowing what Sonic was thinking. "What would Tails want if he was conscience?"

Tails would want Sonic to let him go, he would know what would happen. If Sonic gave in who would be there to stop Eggman. If Eggman had all the emeralds he could do something terrible with them.

Sonic looked up at the robot and yelled "Neither."

Eggman laughed and said "Then the fox is mine. And if you try to stop me Tails will pay the price."

With that Eggman turned away leaving Sonic shocked and scared. Tails was sick, and now captured. He would get Tails back. He would do anything to get him back.