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"Glitch? Which way did Az say it was?" God she needed to sleep. She swayed exhausted in the dark corridor that was somewhere in the depths of the Tower. This was crazy, she'd killed the witch less than an hour ago and she was already doing something else that was utterly stupid. Shouldn't there be, like, a time limit to this kind of idiocy? Apparently not.

Glitch was looking at a nearby empty prison cell with interest. "Glitch!" Not that she wanted to mess with his obviously carefree moment but they kinda needed to get the medical supplies Az had mentioned before she freaked out at the thought of what they were needed for. It had taken both of her real parents to get her sister to calm down enough to breath, then the moment she had caught sight of 'her baby sister' she had burst into tears. Az had started crying inconsolably about how she'd killed her and the only thing that seemed to help was her absence. So she left in search of those elusive medical supplies desperately trying to forget the heart-shattering look on her sister's face.

By the time she left her family the only other person in the room was the Queen's former advisor. She had no clue where Raw, Cain, and Toto had run off to but they were gone and, well, at least Glitch knew how to fight if they ran into trouble. She had yet to see the wounded but she wasn't so idealistic that she thought there wouldn't be any. She seen the rebel camp earlier that day, they were sorely lacking in the supply department. Except now she was pretty sure they were lost and she knew they would need this stuff as soon as possible.

As she looked up and down the rusty corridor Glitch stopped next to her. "Why do you look so sad, Doll?"

She pushed a tangled bunch of hair behind her ear. "We need to find the medical supplies Az was talking about. The wounded were being brought in when we headed down here. Do you remember?" She glanced tiredly up into deep brown eyes. She saw him focus on the question and process it. She waited as patiently as could knowing that pushing Glitch would only…make him glitch. Then he gave her an optimistic smile and turned left trotting quickly toward another joining hallway. He made a sharp right then stopped directly in front of a thick metal door.

"Here we are!" He said brightly. She snorted at him shaking her head. Only Glitch could have half a brain, forget what they were doing, and still manage to find what she'd been looking for. Then he frowned slightly pointing at the handle. "Looks like its locked."

That was an understatement. A large steel bar was over the door and secured in place by a weird looking padlock. She cursed quietly wishing Az had mentioned the fact that they would need a key. "We should go back to your sister and get the key from her." She wondered if being connected to his brain had knocked some of Glitch's circuits back in order because that was about the most logical thing she'd ever heard come out of his mouth. Still that didn't make her feel any better about the situation.

"We don't have time!" She screeched frustrated. "By the time we do that and get back who knows how many people could bleed to death!" She looked desperately up and down the hall as if a key would magically dance over to them. "Damn it!" She slammed her palms against the door the stress of the day finally catching up with her. Glitch jumped in surprise at her outburst but before she could apologize her hands flared bright white. The door let out a muffled boom and cracked down the middle the metal splitting in a jagged line between the places where her hands rested.

She stepped back alarmed by what she had done yanking her hands back to her chest as she trembled from the magic drain. She wasn't sure she'd ever get used to the feeling of being wrung dry. It didn't feel normal and her head started to pound painfully. The remains of the door fell to the ground with a resounding crash leaving the lock securely on the wall. Glitch patted her on the back with an encouraging smile. "You solved that problem. Come on let's get what we came here for." He moved past her then hesitated in the doorway. "What did we come here for again?"

"Medical supplies." She responded faintly.

Glitch snapped his fingers. "That's right! For the wounded!" He sauntered in flicking on a light switch as he went. She stared at the remains of the door and jumped when he called to her. "Are you coming?" She nodded absently trailing after him. He had already found two rucksacks and was filling them with bandages and ointments. Reaching to the nearest shelf she started to help carefully setting glass bottles inside the nearest pack. Unsure of what they contained, being neither a healer or familiar with Outer Zone medicines, she simply grabbed everything she could get her hands on. Once they had filled both large sacks full Glitch began to load up two boxes.

By the time the exited the room it was nearly bare and she could feel her already abused arms screaming at her from the strain of carrying the loaded box. She began to retrace their steps hoping she didn't make a wrong turn on their way back up to the main hall. Three flights of stairs latter and she thought cutting her arms off would be less painful than carrying this damn box any farther. She was just about to call for a short break when three Longcoats ran around a corner to their left.

She immediately dropped the box and shrugged out of the knapsack as she shouted a warning to her gangly friend. "Longcoats!"

Glitch dropped his box and let the sack he had placed on top of it hit the ground. The Longcoats paused momentarily then charged at them. Glitch leapt in front of her tripping the front-runner immediately and flat handing the second soldier in the face effectively breaking his nose. As the advisor spun around to kick the third man the first rolled to his feet intent on taking down his adversary from behind. Acting on instinct she threw herself at the man knocking them both across the hall and through into a wooden door which burst inward on impact.

They landed hard and she flipped over him skidding across the cluttered room and hitting the side of her neck on something cool and rusted. She heard a number of things crash to the ground but the dim light made it nearly impossible to see. Seeing the Longcoat struggling up she searched the ground frantically and her fingers wrapped around something metallic. Adrenaline pumping she swung it at him as hard as she could as he leaned toward her with a snarl. It connected with his head with a sickening splat and the Longcoat fell to the ground.

She sat up scrambling back toward the open door. As she tried to stand she felt her hand and foot slip in something sticky and warm and she fought back a wave of nausea. "DG!" Glitch's worried voice cut through her panic and she tripped away from the body and back into the hallway. Glitch caught her as bolted out of the room. "Where's the last one?" He pushed her behind him immediately going into a fighting stance.

She spotted the other two soldiers unconscious on the ground and went toward the supplies as she talked. "He's not getting up anytime soon, Glitch. Come on we need to go." She was impressed with how steady her voice was. He had turned to look at her then focused on the bloody metal bar she dropped next to the supplies as she struggled back into the knapsack. His eyes flicked back to the room as he walked back to his own box. "Doll… You're covered in blood." The happiness that normally pervaded his voice was gone.

Unable to meet his eyes she picked up the box and started walking. "Nothing I can do about that now." She was trying not to panic because now was not the time. In fact she hadn't had time to panic since she landed here and was getting somewhat used to bottling things up. Glitch made a soft sound as he caught up to her but she quickened her pace her eyes darting every direction in search of anymore danger. Five minutes later and they heard voices up ahead.

Lugging the box up one last flight of stairs they emerged at a side entrance of the main hall where the wounded were being treated. She silently thanked every holy thing she had ever heard of and began searching the room for signs of Raw. Glitch seemed to have forgotten what they were doing because he was humming happily under his breath as he held their stolen booty.

Before she spotted her furry companion she was accosted by a young woman with chestnut hair. "What do you have?" The young woman's voice was authoritive and she met her hazel eyes evenly liking the younger woman immediately. Her cloths were battered and had light splatters of blood on them.

"Are you the medic?" She knew she'd seen this woman in camp but for the life of her couldn't remember her name. She wasn't even sure they'd been introduced in the whirlwind of activity the camp had been in the hour she'd been there.

"Yes, I'm Anna." The woman was looking her up and down as if she were some sort of alien species. She was too tired to care and her head was starting to feel like it was about to explode.

"We found the medical supplies. Where should we put them?" Anna pointed wordlessly toward some nearby cots looking dumbstruck by her good luck. Walking over she set the supplies down carefully and Anna began to rummage through Glitch's box before it touched the marble floors. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

The medic glanced up at her briefly before returning to the glass vile she had been inspecting. "Not unless you've been trained as a healer."

"No." She said slightly discouraged. "I did take a first aid course though."

"A what?" Anna didn't even look at her this time as she began to quickly sort through different colored liquids.

By this point Glitch had wandered off and she found herself willing to do almost anything to not have to think about what was happening. She was tired, her head hurt, she had just killed two people in the last hour, and the longer she was away from Cain the more anxious she was becoming. Three days ago she would have slapped herself for such a thought but they'd been through too much and she felt completely out of place here. The only thing that had her anchored to any form of sanity was his unruffled presence.

But he wasn't here and she had no idea when he was going to get back. "I can't stitch or anything but I can bandage minor cuts and wrap up sprains." Anna raised a skeptical eyebrow and she rolled her eyes at the young woman her temper fraying. "Do you think you can heal all these people by yourself? I can at least figure out what's wrong with them while your busy and try to keep them from bleeding out!"

Anna stood up pointing a finger at her chest. "Fine. But if you get in the way I'm not going to keep my mouth shut just because you're the princess."

"Good, if you did you'd be the worst doctor in history." Anna relaxed at that and she nodded apparently pleased by her answer.

She pointed over to the front entrance. "See those men over there?" When she jerked her head the medic continued. "Figure out which ones I need to look at first and if you can get the ones that aren't about to die over there." She indicated the back of the hall. "Once you've sorted them take care of the fighter's you can and stop whatever bleeding that might be going on while they wait to see me. Can you do that?"

"Yeah, I can do that." She took off her jacket and tossed it next to one of the boxes thinking that getting anymore blood on it was a bad idea. Besides it was bulky and would only get in the way.

"Good, hurry, I'll be over as soon as I find what I need." With that Anna bent back over the supplies and began to organize them rapidly. She turned away and hustled over to the injured men and women that needed to be looked at. She spent the next several hours doing what she could to help the rebel fighters. Two hours in and Anna had pulled her away from bandaging minor wounds and started using her as an assistant. It was gruesome work and she decided she didn't want to become a surgeon ever. However she held her tongue and her stomach until they were done.

Anna was wrapping a bandage around the last man's arm watching the wound intently. "Thank you for your help. You should go rest."

She opened her mouth to protest but before she could get anything out a large hand wrapped around upper arm. She twisted away startled her head rearing up when the hand didn't loosen its grip on her. Her eyes came up to Cain's tired face and she relaxed immediately. "Come on, Kid. I've been looking for you." His eyes swept over the hall. "We need to get you back up to your parents."

She stood up shakily and walked back over to where her jacket was. Before she could get it Cain had snatched it up and used his free hand to guide her to a nearby hallway. As they left the wounded and walked into the musty hallway she was suddenly very aware of the fact that she smelled like blood. She glanced down at her hands and her head throbbed and her stomach heaved in response. Oh crap. "Cain…"

"What's the matter, DG?" There was no hint of annoyance but the exhaustion she heard in his voice made her feel guilty for breaking the silence. But she couldn't help it.

"I'm going to be sick. Is there a place more private than the hallway I could throw up in?"

His ice blue eyes darted to her and took in her face and posture quickly. Without a word he moved them toward a nearby set of rooms and opened the door for her. She practically ran into the bare room thankful that at least no one other than the Tin Man was going to see this. She caught her hair in one hand and lost her stomach in the far corner of the room as Cain found the light switch. Wonderful, because he couldn't let her throw up in the dark, you know where it was private?

"Kiddo?" She straightened gasping for air as his worried voice cut across the room. The soft sound of his boots suddenly sounded like a drum line to her pounding head.

Despite herself she let out a ragged laugh as she pushed herself away from the wall. She rather thought she sounded a bit manic truth be told. She felt the Tin Man wrap his arm back around her and pull her against him and she struggled. "Let go! I'm going to get you all bloody!"

He tightened his grip lifting her off the ground as he got her away from the corner she'd been sick in. As soon as they were on the opposite side of the room he spun her around so her face was pressed against his chest. Feeling trapped and helpless, two things she wasn't accustomed to, she pushed against him with her elbows trying not to touch him with her blood soaked hands. "Hush, DG." She heard and felt his voice drop to a lower octave than it usually was as he soothed her. One of his arms left her back and began to stroke her tangled hair and suddenly all the fight just went out of her.

She chocked on a sob unwilling to let herself cry in front of him again. She could cry when she was clean and by herself. However she couldn't stop her body from trembling. "Sorry, I'm sorry!" She wasn't even sure what she was apologizing for, for everything she supposed.

Cain grunted pressing her face against the crook of his neck. "It's alright. I've got you, breath, Darlin." He continued to run his hand through her hair until her breathing returned to normal and her heart rate evened out. Once she was calm and standing limply against him he gently tipped her head back. His eyes were soft and so inviting for a second then suddenly he zeroed in on her neck. His thumb came up and traced the bruise that had been forming since she had been slammed into that unknown object during the fight. He hadn't been able to see it earlier because her hair had been hiding it.

"What happened?" His voice clearly indicated that she should not lie about this. She looked down at his vest biting her lip. He was going to be so angry when he found out she'd gone and run off without him.

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