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Chapter 1: A Long Day

A short 15-year-old girl with a boyish black-bluish hair cut was running down the hall way. She was running after a 16-year-old girl with brown buns on the sides of her head. The two girls were running down a hall way with lockers to the left of them and doors to the right.

"T-Tenten!" the short girl squeaked as she got closer to said girl.

The brunette skidded to a stop to let her panting friend catch her breath. "Hinata we have to hurry up or we wont make it before the bell rings!" Tenten exclaimed.

"h-hai!" Hinata stuttered as they begin runny through to halls of Konoha high school.

The bell started to ring as the two girls busted through to door to the Math room. The two stood there panting as the rest of the class stared at them.

"Ah, nice of you to join us Ms. Hyuga and Ms. Tenten" the math teacher Kurenai Yuhi said in an annoyed tone.

"But Ms. Yuhi! We made it on the bell so, were not late!" Tenten protested.

"Now I never said you were late" replied Kurenai is a teasing tone "and you know you are allowed to call me Kurenai"

"hai!" replied Tenten with a smile on her face. But Hinata on the other hand was blushing madly from all the stares they were getting.

"Okay, now if you two would sit down, we can begin today's lesson." Kurenai said turning toward the board to right down the homework assignment.

Tenten and Hinata walked over to there seats, and tried to pay attention.


After about ten minutes into the class, Tenten got bored and started to text message people in other classes. Hinata had her cheek on her palm as she try to move her pencil in-between her fingers with out using her thumb.

She was so concentrated on the pencil she didn't notice time go by, and the next thing she knew it was five minutes till the bell rang for lunch.

RRRRRRRRRRIIIIIINNNGGGGGGG!! (that is so bad! I'm sorry T.T)

Hinata and Tenten walked into the lunch room. They walked over to a table that had three blondes, a red head, a guy with a dog in his hood, a fat kid pigging out on chips, a guy with raven hair occupying it and a kid that was sleeping on the floor.

"Hi guys!" Tenten said cheerfully.

But instead of a reply she only got grunts and a few waves. Tenten sat down by one of the blonde girls, while Hinata sat down by the kid with the puppy in his hood.

"hi Hinata!" the over exited dog-person.

""he-he-hello K-Kiba" Hinata said in a whisper to the dog-boy.

"ok so everyone's here right?" asked the blonde that was sitting next to Tenten. Since no one was giving her an answer she looked over to see if everyone was there. "where's Shikamaru?"

Everyone pointed to the boy that was sleeping on the floor. "well, wake him up!" she ordered.

The fat kid went over and kicked Shikamaru in the side.

"mmmmm, alright I'm up" Shikamaru whined. But the fat one wouldn't stop kicking him. " ALRIGHT CHOJI! STOP KICKING ME!" Shikamaru yelled. Wait…yelled? Shikamaru never yelled, that must mean that ether Choji was kicking him really hard, something bad was about to happen, or he was just cranky.

At that exact moment a girl with bubble-gum pink hair ran over to us. "SASUKE-KUN!" she yelled at the top of her lunges.

Anyone could have sworn that the whole group ground.

The pink girl latched her self onto the raven-haired boy. "SASUKE-KUN! SASUKE-KUN!" she repeated.


"yes Sasuke-kun?"

"get.the.hell.off.me." he said trough cringed teeth.

But instead of letting to she just pretended she didn't her him and started pulling him over to her table.

"not so fast Slutra" said a platinum blonde girl to Sakura.

"what'd you call me Ino-pig!?" Sakura yelled letting go of Sasuke and walking over to Ino.

"you herd me SLUTRA! You're a slut! You will open your legs to anyone! You whore!"

"I do not! And at least I'm not a pig like you INO-PIG!"

Basically it went on like that for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile when the two girls were ranting the group went back to what they were doing after Sasuke came back over to the table.

"ok…. moving on" The blonde girl once again started "so I'm having a party at my house on Saturday and I want all of you to come!" she said with a big smile.

"hey Temari?" Ino asked after she and Sakura finished there ranting "are we going to be the only ones there cause then it would be kinda boring."

"no 'cause Kankuto is going to be there plus maybe like half the school" Temari stated with the smile still plastered on her face.

"w-who's Kan-kan-Kankuto?" asked a stuttering Hinata.

"Our brother" the red head said gesturing to him and Temari.

"that's right! Kankuto is mine and Gaara's brother. He's coming here all the way from Suna!" Temari exclaimed happily.

"but isn't Suna like 50,000 miles away from Konoha?" Tenten asked.

"some where are around that" Gaara said in a not-caring tone.

"hey teme" asked the blonde boy

"what do you want dope?"

"I just remembered something….I've been calling you teme so much I for got your name" the blonde stated with a sheepish grin.

"omg" Tenten said with said with an I-cant-believe-he-just-said-that face on.

"N-naru-uto, how c-can y-you forget y-your b-best friend's n-name?" Hinata said in amassment.

"I don't know it just happened" Naruto replied.

"his name is Sasuke Naruto SASUKE!" Ino yelled trying to get it through Naruto's thick skull.

"ok, ok you don't have to yell. Sheesh"

"s-speaking o-of f-forg-getting, w-who has s-science n-next p-period?" asked Hinata.

"Shikamaru and Ino do" replied Temari.

"ya, so you have to help me drag him up to class!" stated Ino.

"o-ok" take a guess on who said it.


"aw!" the whole group ground.

Ino and Hinata walked over to wake up Shikamaru.

"hey Shika, wake up!" yelled Ino as she kicked the sleeping boy.

"I-it's n-not working" Hinata stated the obvious.

"no duh. Um… ok you grab his feet and I'll grab his hands. We will pull him over to the elevator then into class."


Hinata grabbed Shikamaru's feet while Ino grabbed his hands. The tried to pull him up but found out he was extremely heavy, well to them he was.

"he's r-really h-heavy!" Hinata stuttered

"I no that!" Ino yelled.

Ino went over and grabbed one of Shikamaru's feet while Hinata had the other. They started inching there way over to the elevator. They propped him up on the sit of the wall and pushed the up arrow button. AS they were half way to the class room Hinata fell down.

"come on Hina! We are almost there!" Ino yelled.

Hinata shakily got up and started pulling Shikamaru again. They were just a mere five feet from the class room when the bell started to ring. The two started pulling faster to make into the class room before the bell ended. As soon as they stepped foot through the door the bell ended and thy collapsed on the floor.

Huffing for breath Ino managed to say "w-we -huff- made it!-huff-"

"y -huff- ya!" Hinata replied.

As the whole class was staring at them Shikamaru started to wake up.

"eh? What am I doing here? I thought I was in the lunch room?"

"we -huff- had to pull your fat ass all the way here!" Ino screamed.

"oh….thanks" said the lazy boy as he got up and sat in his seat. While Ino help the panting Hinata to hers.

'this is going to be a long day' Hinata though as the class FINALLY started and she started twiddling her pencil once again.

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