Rin: Right, so this is gonna be my first songfic

Rin: Right, so this is gonna be my first songfic. I hope you all like it. I love the band, so yeah.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or The lyrics that belong to Ryan Key and Yellowcard.

So I'm left wondering

There is so much left I wish I could say to you

Silence I keep

For fear os breaking myself down and maybe getting through

Getting through to you

Naruto sprinted, hopping from tree to tree, chasing after a certain person. That person was Sasuke. He panted heavily, coming to a halt as he saw Sasuke standing there on top of that statue.

"Sasuke!" Naruto screamed. The young Uchiha turned, the curse mark covering his body with the strange black marks. Naruto couldn't stop himself, he leaped at the boy, fist raised in anger.

For Pete's sake

Let's see straight

Clench your fists up in rage

Hurts to know

We could throw

All this time away


The trip to the land of Waves. Training. Fighting each other.

"Shut up dobe," the Uchiha sighed, "I wonder how you ever made it through school."

"Damn you teme," shouted Naruto, "One day I'll take you!"

End Flashback.

Let's try and work it out

Please don't be angry anymore I'm on your side

I don't want to fight

Put this hate aside

Get back to a place where you and I could still be friends

Naruto knew why Sasuke was doing this. He was doing it for revenge, to restore the clan that his brother had murdered. Naruto thought that maybe, just maybe, Sasuke could just put aside his hate and try to live his own life, instead of the life that Itachi had planned out for him n the beginning. Going to Orochimaru was just well, Naruto couldn't find a word for it. Naruto hated how Sasuke told him that he spared his life on a whim, a whim which made him decide that Sasuke would not obtain the Mangekyo Sharingan the same way his brother had.

The mission was a failure and all Naruto could do was punch the wall in anger. He was quite irate, at Sasuke, for being a traitor, but ultimately at himself, for not being able to convince him to stay.

You want it, you need it

And all the answers you're racing to find out

They might outrun you in the end

Naruto cried that night. He couldn't explain why, but something inside him just exploded. Sasuke, one of his best friends, was probably gone forever now. Naruto decided that night. He would bring back Sasuke, even if he had beaten him to a bloody pulp. He didn't decide this for Sakura, not because she loved him and Naruto would do anything for her, no, because Naruto was doing this for Sasuke and for himself. The guilt would do him in sooner or later.

Rin: -sigh- Well, that was my FIRST SONGFIC, I just happened to randomly listen to the song and I was like. O.O "This could go good with Naruto and Sasuke!"

Anyways, I know that some of the things I wrote might be wrong, so I apologize for that. I'm only reading the Shippuden part of Naruto, a.k.a any part with Gaara in it. –cough-

Well, I'll get back to my other Naruto one now…