About two weeks ago we saw "A Pretty Good Day" the episode when Amy's stalker was killed. Last night I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking abou tEric. Once I had written this down I finally relaxed. I know it's really short. Enjoy. I'd love your feedback.

Title: Judging Eric

Show: Judging Amy

Status: Complete

Protect. Defend. Shield. Keep safe. Look after.
He loved them and the only thing he allowed to enter his mind was that at all costs, he must keep the three of them safe.
Eric Black skulked around Maxine Gray's house. Keeping watch out the window's as he moved from room to room. It was cold. He kept a blanket tightly wrapped around his shoulders and continued moving in circles long after Maxine and Amy went to bed. Lauren had fallen asleep hours before her mother even considered laying down.
Eric felt as if something wasn't quite right as he stood by the second story window, over-looking the back yard. He couldn't really see anything out of the ordinary, but then again, Jason was acustomed to staying in the shadows, being just out of sight. If he didn't want to be caught out he wasn't going to be.
Just to be sure, Eric descended the stairs and moved to the kitchen.
That's when he saw the dark figure on the lawn.
And this was were things started to get fuzzy. He could remember tearing the door open, but strangley he didn't hear the alarm - which he had watched Maxine set earlier that night.
Jason was waiting, that much he knew. As if he'd known Eric would be there, Jason stood in the middle of the lawn waiting for a showdown.
It had snowed that night and Eric wasn't wearing shoes, but he didn't feel a thing as he ran towards the thing that had been causing so much terror for the Gray's. For his family.
And that was it. Everything went blank until he heard Amy's blood curdling scream and watched the realisation dawn on Maxine's face. Suddenly this woman who had cared for him longer than anyone else had bothered, looked as if she didn't know him at all. That she would never trust him again.
As he watched her, other things slowly came back into focus. The cold, sticky snow, tainted with Jason's blood, the wind whipping at his bare arms as he stood motionless over the body of Judge Amy Gray's tormentor, stalker. And the heavy knife still in his hand. The weapon used to kill Jason Lobdel.
Protect. Defend. Shield. Keep safe. Look after.
All he had wanted to do was make that boy disapear and let them all get back to their lives. He loved them and he didn't want them to suffer.
He loved them and he wanted them to be happy. But this wouldn't make them happy.
All he had suceeded in doing was, simply ruining his life by cutting short that of another.
Eric Black was not a hero. He was just a boy, attempting to protect the people he loved. But who would protect them from him?

I love Eric. I don't beleive he did it on purpose and I'm not really sure where this came from because I don't think he is dangerous. I just know that he wanted them to be safe. He wanted it to be over. And now it is.