Yeah, that's what this is. You read correctly. I will say now that he will not appear for a while. All stories need a back story. Word.

And with that, I leave you with my final words. "Hey, Santino, it's a-me, Cody Rhodes." Sorry about that…I found that funny.

Perfect adj. (pur-fikt)

1. entirely without any flaws, defects or shortcomings

2. accurate, exact, or correct in every detail

3. pure or unmixed

Vince's office.

It was a rather daunting place, and a place that few people ever wanted to find themselves in. Sure, sometimes good news was shared behind those doors, but it was a rare occasion…

…especially with Vince's current expression.

"Do you want the good news or the bad news?" Vince asked, pushing his reading glasses further up his nose and opening an envelope that was sealed and placed on his desk.

"There's good news?" Alisha questioned, scratching an itch in her brunette hair.

"Is there not supposed to be good news? Jesus, I'm not some anti-happiness jerk from another planet, Alisha. What kind of brainwashing has everyone put you through?" he said, squinting at the Diva in front of him.

"None, sir," Alisha quickly replied shaking off the comment she had just made. "So you were saying?"

"Just a moment," Vince mumbled. He opened up his e-mail account on his computer and typed up a quick response. After he finished, he removed his reading glasses and folded his hands together on top of the mahogany surface, looking Alisha in the eye. "Alright, so the good news is that the writers have finally found something for you that you haven't done yet. The bad news is that you're leaving RAW."

Alisha's eyes instantly widened. "Leaving RAW? You mean going to SmackDown?"

"Yes, that is correct. You're basically useless in ECW right now, so SmackDown is our only option. But since you are leaving RAW, that also means that you are leaving…" Vince trailed off, raising his eyebrows.

The corners of Alisha's mouth almost flickered into a smile, but she quickly held them down. "I'm going to have to leave him, aren't I?"

"That, Alisha, is entirely up to you. There is no rule that intra-roster relationships cannot exist here in the WWE. I do have to warn you that they are very difficult with the separate schedules. Do whatever it is that you think is the best for the both of you," Vince explained with a kind smile.

"Thank you, Mr. McMahon," Alisha nodded, leaving the office.

"John, I have some bad news…John, we need to talk…John…" Alisha mumbled to herself, pacing back and forth outside the door of the Superstar's locker room. She was waiting for John to finish getting ready to leave.

"Ready to go?" John asked as he exited the room, throwing his arm around Alisha.

"Uh, John? Can you like, not be a gentleman for like three seconds?" Alisha asked, roughly shaking his arm off of her.

"What are you talking about?" John asked in shock. Never had a woman tell him to stop being a nice guy.

"Why do you have to be so fucking perfect, John? I hate it! It disgusts me! It's a good fucking thing that I'm going to SmackDown now. I don't have to deal with your bullshit anymore. You know what? We're done," Alisha said, turning around and not so accidentally smacking John with her duffel bag on the way.

No, she didn't like John Cena. She didn't even want to be around him. Breaking up with him was something she had wanted to do for a while.

But how do you think she got all of the title shots and special attention from Vince.

That's right. She was using John Cena to get her way, and he was oblivious to it.

A/N: Short start up chapter, as usual. The next couple of chapters will be flashbacks of Alisha using John and stuff…then she's off to SmackDown. Sweet.