Deception n. (di-sep-shuhn)

1. the act of deceiving; the state of being deceived

2. something that deceives or is intended to deceive

3. the use of deceit

4. the fact of being deceived

5. a ruse; a trick


"Excuse me?" Alisha snapped, looking over the match card for the night that Stephanie McMahon had just given her. As she was scanning it, her eyes stopped when she saw the following on the card for the third match:

Alisha Cortez versus Beth Phoenix: Singles match. Winner: Beth Phoenix by pin fall.

"Is there a problem with that?" Stephanie asked with a bitchy tone in her voice, almost as if to warn Alisha that she had control of what did and did not happen in the ring.

"Well, kind of," Alisha retorted back, forgetting that Stephanie was her boss. "I kind of don't want to die or get injured in my first official match in the WWE. Is that a problem?"

Stephanie raised her eyebrows and smirked at Alisha. "Well I hope you do get injured in tonight's match. If you're out of action, then there will definitely be no problem." She turned on her heel and walked away, muttering something about how no one respects her anymore and how most of the new talent will probably be released in a week.

"Is she fucking kidding me?" Alisha said to herself after Stephanie was out of earshot. She crumpled up the night's match card in her fist and tossed it to the ground. She stomped her foot on it and stormed back to the Diva's locker room. "What a little cunt…Who the fuck does she think she is?...She can't just go around talking to people like that…No respect…I hope the tramp gets hit by a car…Her implants are terrible…Jericho was right when he said 'let the boobies hit the floor'…I want to get her pregnant ass in the ring with me…" Alisha muttered as she headed towards her destination, not caring who she passed or who had heard her.

"Let me guess. Stephanie?" a voice asked to her right. Alisha stopped in her tracks to look at the interrupter, turning to see him.

"Yeah, John. How did you know?" Alisha wondered as John stepped out of the shadows near the wall.

"Well, the terms cunt, fuck, implants, Jericho, and pregnant usually all relate to Stephanie," he chuckled. "Besides, I could hear the argument you two were having. She's usually not as bitchy as she was to you. I think it's the hormones from her pregnancy or something."

"I hope you're right," Alisha sighed, faking her sympathy towards Stephanie's situation. Come on, motherfucker. Feel sorry for me…

"Well, what happened with you two? Did you already have a falling out or something? I mean, you really haven't been here that long, and…"

"She wants me to fight Beth Phoenix tonight," Alisha quickly blurted out, then widened her eyes to give off the effect that she didn't mean to let all of that out. She then gasped and covered her mouth, turning around and facing away from John, now faking her embarrassment.

"Already? But this is your first match. Stephanie can't do that to you. How are you going to make a name for yourself if you get trashed in your first match? I'll talk to Vince for you if you'd like," John offered, walking up behind her and putting his arm around her shoulders.

Alisha tensed up, but not on purpose. She wasn't used to such idiocy from men, and by idiocy, she meant the fact that John was so trusting. In all honesty, Alisha knew she wasn't one to trust. In fact, she rarely used the term "honesty" in the same thought as herself.

"No, John, you don't have to," she said, denying his offer. "I mean, I guess I have to do it…Even though it's probably going to hurt really badly…And I might break a bone or get a concussion…Or she'll injure me in my first WWE match just like how Victoria injured her…But really, John, I'll be fine."

"That's it, Alisha. I'm talking to Vince about this," John demanded. "I'll be right back, okay?"

"Oh…Okay…" she sighed, pretending that she didn't think that him talking to Vince was such a good idea, and pretending to wipe a nonexistent tear from her eye. "If it's not too much t—" She was going to say "trouble," but John was already storming down to Vince's office.

Alisha snapped out of her false sadness and smirked to herself. "This is too easy," she whispered.

She heard loud footsteps coming her way, and she turned the emotion back on. Her right hand was over her eyes and her left arm was crossed over her stomach. She felt a gentle hand on her shoulder and she turned around, slowly bringing her hand down from her face.

"It's okay, Alisha. The match has changed. Mickie's fighting her tonight now and you're just going to be at ringside for Mickie. Are you alright now?" John said, smiling at her, his ego fulfilled since he had just played the role of the knight in shining armor.

Or so he thought.

Just as easily as she turned the emotion on, she amplified it. She made herself cry and threw herself into John's arms. "Oh, John, thank you so much," she sobbed. "Really, I don't know how to thank you…"

"I think I can think of something."